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  1. Today
  2. Does anyone know when Year of the Pig King event end? I want to know how much time I have left to get the skins :?

  3. Yesterday
  4. Today is the 3 year anniversary of my cat Tidbits death.

    1. zergologist


      Today was also the day i went to the dentist. 

  5. I'd gladly pay for the DS soundtrack a second time if it means I can listen to Hamlet anywhere and everywhere.

    why is it so good, guhhh

  6. Last week
  7. Why do people quote someone and then erase it all just to type



    in it?

    That's stupid, because the quote becomes useless. I know that quoting whole big post is bad but you can just quote several sentences that you comment on.

    Stupid thing.



    1. Mobbstar


      Took me a while to realise what you mean, but yeah, it's dumb. In some older forums you needed to do that to notify that person, but nowadays most people just do it because writing half a line of extra text to indicate that you're replying to something is too effortous and ugly.

    2. DragonMage156


      Or there is no words in the postand the forum nukes the picture resize option ;u;

  8. Day 49503...
    there still has been no updates to DST....

  9. Why do Wilson in concepts and when Klei does animations looks somewhat angry?

  10. If you would like to know 


    I see the "Friends Playing" sign as a catcoon with extra large ears


    1. watermelen671
    2. zergologist


      nope. Just commonly saw that as a catcoon

  11. Soooo,.... you remember Minecraft? That amazing game where you could do everything and anything, with no plot or characters, a simple playground for the imagination to run free.


    Well, the Minecraft movie is a thing. Like, and actual, official, big budget, cinematic feature film. It has directors, producers, cast, plot summary, ect, and is set to release this year.


    We deserve global warming.

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    2. Donke60


      I mean there's also a sonic trailer an Fnaf by blumhouse

      also Mario

      so adding minecraft to the list when just a year before we were blessed with a half-baked Ratchet an clank reboot with a tie in movie


    3. Raspberry Shake

      Raspberry Shake

      The shocking thing is, it releases in 96 days, and we have NO INFO whatsoever apart from a short plot summary, which constantly changes depending on what source you get it from.

    4. Donke60


      An before it becomes a meta comentary of the lawless nature of minecraft an comforming a story around it..

  12. @x0VERSUS1y I completely embarrassed myself in front of A Chad today.

    I went to Best Buy and this complete and utter 10/10 6’5 dark-haired tanned Chad walked in the aisle I was in. I immediately tripped over nothing but luckily caught myself so I didn’t fall and pretended it didn’t happen. I felt like I was in the presence of a Demi-god. I started trying to change the way I was standing so I didn’t look stupid in front of him. I even found myself squinting to look a little cooler. Then he dropped one of his items and I damn near FLEW to pick it up for him. He said “thanks man” and I did the goofiest smile. I walked away quickly out of shame and tripped again, but I fell this time. I walked out of the store and sat in my car shaking in embarrassment. I hate myself, I hate my life, I hate everything.

    1. x0VERSUS1y


      Oh the fresh smell of cuckoldry early in the morning.. mmmmm! It certainly warrants a milky meatzballs soup to the soy-boy wittol there, at table 69. Bon appetito! *SLURP!*

    2. JohnWatson
  13. 02ecc506621f476bb43316a15ae24d5c.png

    Started working on an "RPG" to do in Discord. Might as well put this language to use?

  14. Holy crap! It's been so long! So so so so sorry for now logging on before now.

    An update with my art; I've been improving so much!



    Just looking at my old stuff from here amazes me.

    I will say I'm probably not going to be logging on here anymore, though. I'm not active with Don't Starve anymore, though I am loving Hot Lava. I've kind of moved on to other things. I just wanted to upd8 you guys so you wouldn't worry. I've matured so much since I signed up, I almost feel as if I don't fit anymore if that makes sense.

    Thanks for making my stay here so pleasant! My journey here will always be incredible to me. I'll always remember my times here, no matter how brief.

    -- WeizenSchrei, Final Transmission.

  15. image.png.55ff2a4b1179d2f6b02c56c8a2b54765.png

    Could somebody please explain how this obvious fact made it onto IGN as a "theory"?

    1. Donke60


      Game theory/10

    2. Raspberry Shake

      Raspberry Shake

      And, because half the entire ******* world is missing, we can assume this is in the age when half the entire ******* world was missing! Diet coke.

      But that's just a theory.... a game theory.

  16. How did I learn and kinda deeply understand this SQL stuff in 3.5 hours, yet struggled for 6 weeks to understand even a lick of it.

    1. Dannyelling


      Maybe I just had to apply this stuff to a real life thing...? Not just pgadmin4, but like... actually using it in a program.

    2. Mobbstar


      Wait, you're telling me you studied something technical for six weeks and not once tried practical application? Jesus, who gives assignments like that?! Every teacher knows that explanation is followed by demonstration, which is followed by student projects, which is followed by individual explanation

    3. DragonMage156


      It's a learning process.

  17. OK



  18. Happy day-after valentines day.

    My love life more pathetic than Charlie Brown's, at least he has a love interest.

  19. It's a holiday. You know what that means.


    You get to hear from your favorite irrelevant dead guy.


    This feels familiar, somehow...

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Happy Bonentine's!

  20. I might just drop out of college. I can't keep dealing with the fact that literally SQL ruined my career.


    I went from Dean's List to failing. I'm like... kinda choking on my emotions while typing this.

    This stuff has blown a hole in my GPA. It ruined my mental health. Hell, my physical and neurological health was hit during this in which I suffered a grand mal/almost a stroke and had to be in the hospital and then was barred from classes for a week due to my health and the risk of seizing in the classroom. 

    I don't want to continue at this school. I think I just need to take the L. As for my plans after college? I dunno. I got frontend experience now at least.

    1. nome


      Note: nobody at Klei is good at SQL. I have to do SQL as part of my job (all the good analytics stuff uses SQL sadly) and I still suck at it. Don't let one frustrating language ruin everything for you.

    2. Dannyelling


      @nome You're right. I do see my teacher struggle with it too, even. 


      Today's the final for SQL, and I'm praying I can get a good mark.

  21. It only took me 4325365 years but I finally finished this mod. Thank you @Mobbstar for helping with the final piece that was killing me

    Anita, Private Eye.

  22. God I hate school.

    I could be externally bleeding out in the middle of class and they'd still make me stay in class because of the stupid attendance policy.

    Heck, I could probably catch and transmit ebola to half the school, because the school is always too hot, the hallways too cramped, and ebola has a 24 day incubation period, which means I should stay in self-imposed quarantine until symptoms may or may not show.

    But here's the real kicker, if I miss 18 classes, I automatically fail the class and lose the credit.

    Literal monkeys running our school board, I swear.

    1. Squeegee


      Here's the reason: School Boards can get paid depending on how many students are attending, so they will seat as many students in their classes as legally possible at any given time. That's why it's getting harder to get dismissed from school. Pretty corrupt imo.

      This is one of the many reasons I'm doing my pre-reqs online for college.

    2. watermelen671


      Ah, well I guess I would be forced to stay home if I was suspected to have ebola.



      maybe...probably not.


      Also, I'm in a public school, so if that were the case as soon as the funding deadline would pass they wouldn't give a rat's behind whether we attended or not.

      But it's not...they care all year round.


      Also we have a class limit of ~32, and I've actually yet to see a class that goes over 22. Maybe it's just me...



  23. Earlier
  24. I'm at season two of Legend of the Galactic Heroes and the Freedom Alliance's champion Yang reminds me of Wilba's view on power. She doesn't want power but freedom to travel wherever. Seeing her call the palace her home and prison is really heartbreaking.

    I joked about the gameplay of Malfalfa pushing Wilba into a wall childabuse, but I really wonder...:wilsondisappointed:

    1. TurtleKitty


      Oh no . . . . OH NO. :frown-new: Poor Wilba. 

  25. tumblr_pluj9gES7o1wvxiqb_250.jpg.fb5c936 lolwutm6?

    1. crystal_clodet


      eye gots some pic off tumblr m7

  26. 120px-Wendy_Portrait.png?version=8893b59120px-Waxwell_Portrait.png?version=3f5f5


    1. minespatch


      Oh yeah:


    2. DragonMage156


      Hair is annoying sometimes, I feel her ^^;

  27. Been out of the loop, didn't know they removed Warbucks from the game. Shame.

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Yeah, it was a bummer...

    2. Mobbstar


      They had to remove him after they got copyright-struck by a coffee shop.

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