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  1. Today
  2. Did someone seriously hack my paypal to funnel $200 in vBucks for Fortnite?! And paypal just let that happen?? God I hate these big name studios creating a culture where things like this happen.


    Like this reeks "Free vBucks website on the deep web" vibes.

  3. Yesterday
  4. vlcsnap-2018-12-11-22h02m58s858.thumb.png.49062c3a19466435a19b45fe967b2c51.png

    Why does the mayor look angry here?:wilson_shocked:

    I mean, the farmer just wants a guard, what could be wrong about that?5bfe2c4bc698b_Arielthoncdiscord.png.5510791e124c2132fa82ba92b8d32585.png

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    2. TurtleKitty


      Yeah. Considering the time period basis for Hamlet {and Gorge} it is likely anyone in a position of power is selfish and classist. They refer to the worker pigs which do not own shops as chattel, either as an insult to them not being middle class traders or as an inference that by birth they were enslaved to work. 

      I didn't think Wilson died in the trailer, no trumpet noise of death. Just the idol being knocked away and stolen. But he would definitely remember ill of Truffleston either way. 

    3. Angel_Octoling


      I'm not 100% sure Mr. Mayor here is really upset, he just looks tired, or it could be the short frames he's in doing their magic, but it seems like the Farmer is buying land/a house rather than a Guard, but I'm not certain. His eyebrows are pointed inward in an angry manner, and I guess It's just instinct to run away from threats, as seen in the video after he picks up the idol, (Last I checked he never actually say Wilson, just heard him scream?) thus him running with the idol.

      I really want Mr. Mayor to be good story wise, He's got to be the best Mayor.

    4. TurtleKitty


      So he's just a grumpy, tired mayor that left someone for dead while taking a relic? :3

  5. Last week
  6. 2 hours ago, Russian Philin said:


    That penglet looks like they're trying to hide in their trauma.:wilson_ecstatic:

    1. TurtleKitty


      Hello Dark Sword, my old friend. 
      The littlest penguin longs to hold you again. 

  7. I've died to ruin traps in hamlet four times in a row.

    can you chill hamlet?

    1. DragonMage156


      It's a hard knock life (sorry I love that meme XD)

  8. image.thumb.png.33a9200e680a66083a604cf398c70652.png


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    2. watermelen671


      At least you can like your own videos and comments.

    3. DragonMage156


      Oh interesting >u<

    4. Pab10Suarez


      lmao i want to ignore myself now, we need that

  9. As it would turn out, courtesy or @New Weap Solly, I do have an evil doppleganger trying to murder everyone I love. Behold it's terrifying exterior


    Fergie Ferg is after me.

  10. When somebody (un?)ironically calls themselves a nazi, but they don't even know what socialism/nationalism means. 

    Too bad our man Nazies have a bad reputation because of someone certain clever guy named Adolf. Still accept that I'm a racist homophobic imbecile tho. 


  11. I completely forgot about the Twitch drops!

    And now I've missed the the Thermal Strength measurer(???)


    1. watermelen671


      I did too...but that was more because my mum's computer couldn't run Twitch streams, and my computer was still getting fixed. 


    2. zergologist


      I am still going to put on a few more hours of twitch in the background to get that umbrella. Still, sorry for your losses

      Have aAh.thumb.png.32a4c497afca207a97fa4a224453e42f.png

    3. watermelen671
  12. Spooky.

    1. Raspberry  Milk

      Raspberry Milk

      Noticed that on a server today. Then I was telling a newbie how to not die, and got K.O'd by a tentacle while typing. The irony is not lost on me.

    2. DragonMage156


      ^ Me but in Forge. Curse my slow typing ^^;

  13. So, I saw that somebody had made a mod that gives DST SW content. Now, normally I would just play Island Adventures, but I wanted to give this one a shot. So, I came to the conclusion that it was a buggy mess that made a wonderful Jesus simulator.


    1. Raspberry  Milk

      Raspberry Milk

      No, it's my evil doppleganger from dimension 78Z that has set out to muder everyone I love. Feel free to friend it if you want, it'll play with you when it has the time.

  14. I feel like a knock-off of @Klei-Bot

    1. TurtleKitty


      You are superior to Kleibot. :adoration:

  15. I accidentally ended up killing myself due to the fact that I rang an old bell inside of a building...and Bigfoot actually spawned in, and just straight up Goomba stomped me. :cower:

  16. Earlier
  17. On 11/27/2018 at 10:40 AM, ansuman said:



    These look so cool! Steampunk piggy and a mad-max piggy!

    1. GiddyGuy



      These look so cool! Steampunk piggy and a mad-max piggy!

      Where all I see is a tribal piggy and a steampunk piggy?

    2. minespatch


      Yup, that's why I quoted from the thread. You can click the arrow on the quote to check out where these images came from.

    3. DragonMage156


      Looks pretty cool.

  18. My classmate and I made 2048 for a class project. It still needs a "you lost" function. There is a win function. but yeah we made it look 1 bit. I'm gonna add more design to it to make it look like an actual console screen.

    So yeah this is 2048

    1. Mobbstar


      bug: moving towards a direction counts as turn even if nothing actually moved

      I dig the retro look

    2. Dannyelling


      @Mobbstar oh shoot thanks. I dunno when we'll be done with testing functions but when we are, I'll look into that!

  19. I'm really looking forward to seeing Shank on PS3 once again and on PS4. Until then I bought and played Shank and Shank 2 on Steam. Will play them both again sometime. Still working on other projects. And I even have a WIP drawing of Shank. In my opinion there wouldn't be much to update if it made its way to PS4. Framerate and sound. And you're done. Oh and if someone can draw Shank dressed like Santa. That would make my day.

  20. image.thumb.png.c1c85b9a56e436177cc55d2e130bf267.pngFinally scanned this, planning on putting this on my next print sheet for future refs. Charlie would look great in that maid uniform and the Starvers as the hitchhiking ghosts. Might use the locked character casket design for my drawing.:wilson_smile:

  21. Yo, I finally realised what Wigfrid's tiara-thing reminded me of.



    1. DragonMage156


      Seems legit >u<

  22. When do the servers end for the Forge? I never updated my game and I'm wondering if new quests will be posted midnight. 

    1. Raspberry  Milk

      Raspberry Milk

      ...... How exactly did you manage th-no, not even asking.

  23. ok

    1. I just opened the Status thing here and was greeted with this immediately. And only this. I froze. 6c7837e85e7d56752b0b8cac4b7dcef2.png
    2. On this episode of "I teach a bot how to cook"image.png.7d774d1d4323371a64b5fbc653b74bd2.png  
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    2. nome


      WHERE?!?! *hides*

    3. DragonMage156
    4. Dannyelling


      Aww shoot he's gone again

  24. This had me in tears.


    1. watermelen671



      Look up World War II France. You'll understand then.


    2. DragonMage156
    3. watermelen671
  25. Let's hear it for @minespatch, famed necromancer of the forums!



    1. zergologist


      Now you can pat the screen for being a good thing

    2. watermelen671


      Well I mean I could...but then that'd probably cause all of my desktop folders to get messed up.


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