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  1. Yesterday
  2. unknown.png

    Just found out ACtoys are making official DS figures.
    I can't wait for these to come out, these are going to look gorgeous. 

    1. Nettalie


      Yo. Thos are gonna be sick as hell.

    2. minespatch


      How'd you find this out?

  3. I didn't want to make a topic / suggestion for it but, I think they should add the Moon Quay to the worldgen animation here like they did for the Lunar Island :


    1. Cliffford W.

      Cliffford W.

      Not sure if that's good or bad cause the worldgen you see now is actually one animation. The oveworld and lunar stuff generating is one build one file.


      It'd be better to have multiple builds and just switch between them.

  4. i have been working on this for 2 weeks 

    today i sat down for 6 hours and i solved it

    i did it

    i solved my first 4 dimensional rubiks cube


    1. autumnsbeast





  5. Timeline has been adjusted to better match the story. Please feel free to make suggestions to better compile the Lore.

  6. So... I know a lot of people see concept art and scrapped features and really want it in game because it looks really cool and amazing! 
    I often at times see stuff that I really like and want too, though I know they're usually dropped for a reason... as lame as it sound sometimes.

    Though uh, this time... this time I finally met something I don't think I can live without!


    My dearest Sea Weed cannon... oh how I'll miss you.

    1. minespatch


      I loved the cannon concept art.

    2. Nettalie


      Hey, if it's not the default cannon this only opens up possibilities for skins! :cupcake:

  7. this is a status update bout me so if you have anything better to do, go do it

    okay! so, have you left? good!

    I haven't really been keeping track of time and I just realized that in a couple of months is going to mark the fifth year my family came to Iraq and more importantly, me becoming a hikkiomori 

    a hikkiomori, for those who don't know. is a person who doesn't really ever leave their own home and barely socializes with others

    and I know what you're thinking, that's not a good thing, and it isn't 

    I don't really know why I'm still alive or what I have to even live for at this point in time, but despite that, I'm still here, for some reason, I think it's a force from God keeping me alive

    and I really haven't had a friend since I came back to Iraq, which kinda sucks? maybe? I don't actually know if that's a bad thing or not

    a couple of months ago, I made myself a "friend" and it was all nice and cheery at the start, but after a bit, I just really didn't want to talk about what I liked and what I was playing to the person, and I was upset at myself for that because I didn't even know why, but I recently figured out why

    it was because I didn't feel comfortable talking to them about video games and stuff, and that's because they didn't view me as a friend, don't get me wrong, I viewed THEM as a friend, but I guess... the feeling wasn't mutual? and I don't know, a part of me just knew they didn't really care, and hey! turns out they didn't! so that sucks I guess

    anyways, during the time period I was friends with them, I was kinda upset because I always expected friends to be I guess but here we are now and I'm back to thinking that maybe friends could help

    not like I'll actually talk to anyone, I'm a mess and nobody really want's to talk with that

    um, well, if I had to give any moral from that, uhm, it would be to trust yourself more than others because you know yourself better than anyone else, or something along those lines

    so, tomorrow, I'll make a status update to do the math and see how many minutes a month I spend outside! I know, RIVETING stuff

  8. Last week

    30 minutes ago, minespatch said:

    Klei is trying to fix that. I assume that's why Instant noodles hasn't shown clean transparent pngs of the skins just yet.

    >6 minutes ago

    THAT WAS FAST :wilson_ecstatic:

  10. 25 minutes ago, natelolzzz said:

    DnD night in the colony.

    @HotChocolate's dupe, @minespatch's Grim, @DragonMage156's dupe, and @mewthemew's Baldo

    That's awesome! Y'know, I've always wanted to try D&D but they're so much info and rules that it just kind of intimidates me :wilson_confused:

    1. natelolzzz


      It seems hard, but you get the hang of it, I recommend you try it

  11. i asked Kalia if she could add a 4x4 in her art and she did lol


  12. True facts about Woodie

  13. 0.pngfriendship_necklace_is_getting_a_rework. henlo

    1. minespatch


      Who is this sweet child?

    2. ADM


      We've been basically looking to rework one of our oldest item of CF who was just impossible to maintain anymore due to too many mobs with which it wasn't compatible with, so we're replacing this item perk (an amulet) to host one of these guys which will be a little companion in battle to debuff enemies, at least that's the current idea :distracted:

  14. Earlier
  15. Why did you change your username?

  16. fountain_is_back.gif.8a3264caad021c978bdf536078d979b1.gif


    1. ADM


      Since it's likely something forgotten in time, here's the story :
      Before we start building the lore of the Cherry Forest, there was a fountain at the center of the biome who has been now replaced by the Cherry Stone0.thumb.png.6cf0ba139e7a68ffd79007dbb5570c6d.png

      So we wanted to bring it back as a cool sculpture and easter egg, it's obtention is going to be interesting, I won't mention how yet but it's a nice adventure to go trough : )

  17. SOO!

    I kinda went ham and just finished making the video, it's not the best quality possible and there's some problems with the audio, but I hope you guys like it if you're willing to watch it

    I would like to say that I'm taking a break but I'm already starting on the next video! it's really small so I'll be able to finish in a day or two, I'm aiming to make it a youtube short! so that's fun!

  18. It's been a while that I don't draw things for myself


    1. minespatch


      Looking good!

    2. autumnsbeast


      Thank you! ^^

  19. in this month

    I've left my house 3 times 

    and that's the usual amount of times, like, there's no reason to get worried about it

    I guess I'm kind of an actual hikkiomori

  20. okiee! sooooo!

    I've started editing the mr outback video and to explain briefly, each video is measured by the amount of voice lines I have

    for this mr outback video, I have 18 voice lines, which means I have to edit about 18 different scenes

    but you know what the nice thing is about only doing this for fun? I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT TIME! YAY! 

    so I'm planning to edit about 3 voice lines a day, might be more than that somedays, might be lower than that somedays( like for example, I edited four today) so the video should come out within six days, but that is excluding ,aking the thumbnail so it might be seven days

  21. okay sure, I know I haven't finished on my first video

    but I've already started on the script for the second video

    you might ask why? and the answer is really simple actually

    it's mainly because I'm still playing a getting footage of the game

    so in order to know what's important for my video, I'm making a script ahead of time, it's a good Idea, I swear!

    I won't do the voice lines until after the first video though, because those are quite hard to do

    anyways, if anyone is wondering, I've just now finished blackspace, and I'm about to enter the hikkiomori content, where I need to get most of my footage, so that's real nice! 

    uhm, what else do I have to say? uhm, has anyone seen the new omori content? I've been fanboying about for the past three days but everytime I do, I just get really depressed because I realize how lonely I am 

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    2. HellHeater
    3. viberr



    4. HellHeater


      lol i didnt even see the bees i just googled exploded watermelon 

      blackspace 3 i suppose

  22. 296564150_ScreenShot06-19-22at04_09PM.thumb.PNG.1e778a769dd6043fd8b82bac97024f80.PNGMy vacation in Londron is fun.

    1. autumnsbeast


      I read London


    2. minespatch


      Whoops It's "londran".

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