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  1. Today

    Exited fangirl screeching continued in spoiler:




  3. Beekeeping is nice.

    1. Mobbstar


      Gotta keep beeping

  4. I'm hungry...but my parents have gone to bed for the night.

    Should I risk it and make myself something to eat, or attempt to auto-cannibalize? :wilson_curious:

    1. watermelen671


      Never mind I got myself something to eat...unfortunately now I'm down one arm.


      Just kidding I had PB&J sammich. :wilson_goodjob:


  5. My friends in a picture: *Smiles*
    Me in that picture too: *Doesn't know how to smile*
    Me also being pearl in this picture while my friends are the other gems/hooman:Uhm.png.3a194eff284fc58cddb9152845ee395f.png

  6. Yesterday
  7. image.thumb.png.4a8bc5b62cda59e5be8fd9293fc291aa.png

    Fear it.

  8. idk why but with my age i still have tons of irrational fears

    just now a bloody cursed message gave me a panic attack. luckily i pulled through with God's grace and a very good friend of mine.


    1. Canis


      careful of that spider near you

  9. Untitled.thumb.png.7834ddb8b1f2fd7dc9d985e03ff3ff4f.png

    my numbers grow!

    soon enough, I shall be everywhere!

  10. Holy heck it's 4:30 AM.

    ...well I guess I'm royally screwed. :wilson_facepalm:

  11. i made a template.


    also design new characters for me maybe plan comic.






    classic fire from my college year



  12. Last week
  13. Props to Klei for having the only games that aren't broken for me right now

                GENERIC = "You come from the stars, you say?",
                ATTACKER = "%s is more violent than what she may seem.",
                MURDERER = "Royalty or not, you are diseased, and require the cure.",
                REVIVER = "%s's knowledge from beyond the stars is proving helpful.",
                GHOST = "It is like looking into the abyss.",
                FIRESTARTER = "If you keep this up, I will be forced to intervene, %s.",

    1. GetNerfedOn


      Is this... alright?
      Welp, i did my best, second-rate writer that i am...


                  GENERIC = "Greetings, doctor %s... I trust you shall not harm us?",
                  ATTACKER = "Violence shall bring you no cure, %s.",
                  MURDERER = "The death you bring ends here, %s!",
                  REVIVER = "%s has been refining their cure, I suppose...",
                  GHOST = "Doctor, heal yourself! *chuckle*",
                  FIRESTARTER = "Fire cannot be the cure to your Pestilence, %s.",

    2. Canis


      It works. Is "Rosie" Rosalina's prefab name?

    3. GetNerfedOn
  15. Just watched my brother (not the one with the kids) put some Cool Whip on his apple pie, a little judgmentally since vanilla ice cream suits apple pie better. Whatever, he's an adult and can make his own decisions. 

    So then he goes to the freezer and grabs the ice cream to put on his pie. Yes. This madlad put both Cool Whip and ice cream on his slice of pie.

    I chuckled a lot at this point. There is no way that isn't going to taste like poison.


    I suppose the Thanksgiving holiday is about consuming as much processed sugar as you can fit in a bowl for lunch.

  16. Can someone PLEASE explain the hat girl flossing(?) profile picture thing?

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    2. ResettePlayer


      Pretty sure it's not flossing. Or if it is I've got my "things kids do" dances all wrong.

    3. Auth


      It's the smug dance from the game. It's an actual animation in the game.

      That being said,

      I have no clue why people are jumping on the hat kid train.

    4. New Weap Solly

      New Weap Solly

      Because people like me played the game and thought it would be funi raid fun

  17. - woke up with a raging fever yesterday

    - cause unkown

    - manage to haul ass into school anyways

    - pass my first ginals test with flying colors

    - celebrate by opening up Sanctuary for an hour

    - got to lunar island thanks to Canis

    - (to this day i dont know which bloody straight line is the one leading to Lunar Island)

    -  (thERE ARE TONS OF THE  IS2G)

    - anyways, i get home and rest as my fever begins to rage even more

    - next wave of final exams shall be next week

    1. reverentsatyr


      sorry, that's tough. I just survived a quarter of school and I'm now on break.

    2. I_Link_I


      Im in my fallbreak right now and cant imagine much worse than being in school with a powerfull fever. Get well soon ;) 


    3. Canis


      Im homeschooled, so im available whenever hue hue hue

      That aside, get well soon.

  18. Welp! I'm gonna go dark on the DST forums, if you have any requests regarding anims (@minespatch) shoot them over here. :wilson_goodjob:

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    2. watermelen671


      Doubt it. It'll stifle discussion in a way, and they've gone on the record stating they want to avoid that as much as possible.

      I mean, you could just request it in the Hamlet thread, and then cross-post it in RoDMTSAMDM when it all cools over.

      I will return for when the new character's released to post anims (if Jan gives me the go-ahead).

      That reminds me...I should probably get back to assembling Hamlet anims, if only to keep the thread alive and not locked. :wilson_facepalm:

    3. Xenologist


      Don't you mean archived?

    4. watermelen671


      No, threads become locked first, and then archived after an additional period of time.

      At least that's how I think it goes...I'm not 100% sure how it works nowadays.

  19. Hope you had a great day, whoever who's reading this.

    1. Auth


      I did have a great day. Hope you did too!

    2. Neutral_Steve


      Thanks, it was a good day!

  20. image.png.6bc8c37fe008f3a3c92041be73feeaa7.png



    Just posting for the gaggles and jiggles.  And a recorded timestamp for the inevitable to come.

    1. CarlZalph





      Few more 'cause why not.  Wortox smellin' the air for souls 'n' all.

    2. Mobbstar


      Are you sending skin requests to achieve these things? I don't think a "The World" skin request would work at all. Whatever you do, it's amazing.

    3. Starlogy


      is that a JOJO reference?

  21. tumblr_p092c7XIoZ1s63pvno1_500.jpg@maymaymay I found a Klei dev treasure trove.:wilson_ecstatic:

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    2. minespatch



      I don't know.;u;


    3. __IvoCZE__


      It looks so kjuuuut!

    4. minespatch


      The cuteness might be from Toni's drawing technique.

  22. Spoiler





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    2. DragonMage156


      It's amazing... except when you keep dying and start raging XD

    3. galaxybread
    4. DragonMage156
  23. image.png.1bb6ccd4ba280c14b901182e2a1931ed.png5a05ec3160567_20171108-Skeledorksdreamhouse.thumb.png.21e3d0a7bb85d2ba8b1e7f99f133ff26.png

    It's becoming a reality.

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    2. __IvoCZE__


      ''No cults around here''

    3. GetNerfedOn


      Oddd, thats how 'spatch's house looked like in my previous dream.... except it was in an isolated woodland area...


    4. minespatch


      It's not isolated. I live in a business district. So... Kind of lonely not having neighbors but very well protected.

  24. This video gives me ideas for the future of Don't Starve. Especially when the video essayist talks about Philip K ****'s Palmer Eldritch.

    1. __IvoCZE__


      Philip K **** is an interesting name for a writer...

    2. minespatch


      Disney put the adaptation of his story "King of the Elves" through development hell. Still waiting for that film.:wilsondisapproving:

    3. DragonMage156


      Klei, stop concerning names! XD

  25. Sooooo... New concept-arts for Halloween, I quess:wilson_curious:



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    2. Russian Philin

      Russian Philin

      Let's do it, DragonMage:wilson_sneaky::wilson_ecstatic:

    3. DragonMage156


      Not sure how well it'll translate to my DS OCs without an idea but I have many other OCs to mess with >u<

    4. Russian Philin
  26. Reading some old-timey comics



    1. DragonMage156


      I didn't ready that in a horse-like voice at first XD

  27. Okay, so I'm looking for another resident of the Constant to duplify!

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    2. galaxybread


      I think i wanna make wortox as a shinebug

    3. DragonMage156


      Actually, I think Wormwood would work better. Leafy shinebug anyone?

    4. galaxybread


      hElLo aGaIn dRaGon

      Leafy shinebug would be adorable UwU


  28. How I feel whenever Klei goofs one of the dupes:


    Like come on! :wilson_ecstatic:

    1. DragonMage156


      Did Klei colour this? Who's the blue haired Stinky?

    2. Xenologist


      I want a blue haired stanky!

    3. watermelen671


      No I colored it, and then I made it wrong. :wilson_ecstatic:

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