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  2. 0.thumb.png.c651d4f57a31afba0304b1617a6e1afb.pngDecided to update my Steam profile with the new cute animated autumn theme.

    It obviously looked weird with the big ADMaxwell face so I've made (with my epic drawing skills) a doodle of Wirlywings, it's more appropriate I think haha !

    wirlydoodle.png.3a7c6bdce913ffac48300d29875af369.pngProbably going to change it for all seasons if Steam feels like adding the other seasonal themes.

    I guess I'll also update my images on other platforms (Forums, Discord) with it, cause the Maxwell image probably make some people uncomfortable or idk, it just feels weird with time.



    Other than that, we've slowed a bit on Cherry Forest 1.6 development to update some of the old stuff, first, we've "forgot" to add a portrait for the new Halloween Costume skin, so here's a WIP image :

    rtyuiop.jpeg Made by Claire and our friend

    And another skin is coming, the theme is... The Verdant ! :)

  3.  Me when someone says something stupid, and it immediately gets proven wrong.


    1. WhackE


      Not Mike this time. Check my most recent forum post.

  4. image.png.a8ea4b82c2a0dc701ba65dd20f1d5da5.png
    Hhhh, I am proud- TvT

  5. Yesterday
  6. After a few hours of planning and changing things around, I finally updated my crock pot recipe list with farming stats such as preferred seasons, nutrient consumption/production per vegetable, and self-feeding crop combinations by season! I even added the new Soothing Tea to the "Special" tab as well. I don't think I'll update the upload page until the full release of Reap what you Sow though.


    doodle of walani with floppy straw hat

    1. minespatch


      Oh yeah, like that thing you showed in screenshot showcase.

  8. Last week
  9. DE2413F3-0687-4069-AC3A-2AA4AF7A49FE.thumb.png.dee9f1c7fc6c7fa35677f7369ec2e939.png

    Here's another that isn't DST related but you might know it anyway




  10. Me: I will not become a Warly main.
           I will not become a Warly main.
           I will not become a Warlu main.

    Klei: *dope farming update*

    Me: *grits teeth*

    1. beanboy12



      plays wormwood after awhile

      me: isnt bored only when playing as wormwood even without a wicker

      game: no true wormwood rework

      me: goes monkey because me sad

  11. image.thumb.png.0711806fcea3afdf81ed312d72f574af.png

    L E G S

    1. Mr0idealistic


      And you know what they say about bugs with big legs...... big wings

  12. Hornet I want to talk to you in private

  13. Welp, Papa's (Great-grandpa) in the hospital again. It's pneumonia...again, this is the 2nd time in the past month.

  14. Birthday time

    1. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      Happy birthday and everythin'. 

    2. bruhmoment23


      Happ bday heres caek


  15. *awkward sounds of a sleepy artist*
    Are you back or not?:wilson_confused:
    Sorry to bother you if anything...

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    2. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      How amazin' It won't let me it says I changed it on March 11. 

    3. Russian_Philin


      You'll have to wait until March 11 next year... eh

    4. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      KYAAAAA! I'll be waitin' for yonks. 

  16. hello all, it’s my birthday tomorrow! :3 I don’t have plans to do much, but I’m looking forward to a pumpkin cheesecake my mom and I made this morning.

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    2. Blueleaf12


      I got a drawing tablet which was something I’ve wanted for a long time! So that was what I wanted most :3

    3. stranger again

      stranger again

      aahh shoot. ummm is there anything you really want that you don't have?

    4. Blueleaf12


      Oh you don’t have to offer me anything! That’s very sweet though ;w;


    Look at this garbage disposal. It'll come in handy.:wilson_smile:

    1. Mr0idealistic


      Yay! It's wormwoods compost bath!

    2. minespatch


      Though due to how fast it spins, I imagine it more like a roller coaster.:wilson_ecstatic:

  18. maybe i should state that i was being silly in the bunnyhut thread. my bad for being too obtuse X''D

    1. Lanaaa


      Hahaha thank you, I was confused for a minute trying to figure out how to respond XD 

  19. The farming update makes my real title finally sound relevant.

    "Later Bloomer"

    Better later than never.

  20. I just want to wish you a happy birthday, Have a wonderful day!


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  21. Little Nightmares 2: Hunter... It's just my art...

    1. minespatch


      Mask Maker from Hollow Knight in another universe. :wilson_sneaky:

      It looks really good bud.

  22. I hope my aerate art thread gets unlocked. Still doing art for ONI.:wilsondisappointed:

    1. DragonMage156
    2. minespatch


      It's all good. Someone other than MisterL unlocked it.


    5 minutes ago, Blueleaf12 said:



    I just wanted to write po tate in Russian. I don't speak russian, so google translate got me that.

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    2. minespatch


      I wanted to do a broken word so I could emphasize "tate" in "Po-tate", but I was being lazy and I probably should've consulted you.:wilson_dorky:

    3. Blueleaf12


      Oh I was wondering, I’m trying to teach myself Russian currently through Duolingo so I know картошка is potato but not картофелина. I was sooooo confused :wilson_ecstatic:

    4. Russian_Philin


      Do you want me to surprise you again?
      These two words are related. It's just that this word "картошка" means a lot of potatoes, and "картофелина" means one piece.

  24. Spoiler





    (Beta spoiler. :'})
    My little lad!!

    1. minespatch


      Love how you got her polish squatting.:wilson_ecstatic:

    2. JustCrimson
  25. welp the activity on the klei forums today has been a bit big don't you all agree?

    anyways mainly made this post to tell you all to 

    have a wonderful day or night wherever you are in the world

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