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  1. Yesterday
  2. Update: You cannot melt dupes...

    The game crashes as soon as they reach 10 000 kelvin.


    ...Dammit. :wilson_ecstatic:



    Time to see if I can melt dupes!! :wilson_evil:

    ...Uh, FOR SCIENCE!!! :wilson_ecstatic:

    1. watermelen671



  4. image.png.3238fe7487b8540bfba4831e412c6eb2.png

    Jorge Gutierez, director of Book Of Life liked my tweet. HE's liked several of my stuff before on both Tumblr and Twitter but it always hits me for a loop.

    1. Donke60


      Mines has a Twitter interesting 

    2. minespatch


      Had it for a while but just started getting more into it once I realized that I could contact creators quicker. People like Nick Nocturne and Miter Metokur have talked to me previously so it'ss encouraging.


      Not a big fan of twitter but it does have convenience.

  5. Looking at most of my embarrassing moments, now just makes me laugh

    1. minespatch


      You've turned out fiiiiiine.

  6. Someone posted it on Discord. It may be 14 minutes long but I love every minute of it! ^_^


  7. What's it like to get a small injury on your thumb of your predominant hand in the middle of Goretober?

    It sucks :/

    1. DragonMage156


      Especially if you draw traditionally...

    2. minespatch


      Get a mosquito and literally suck.

  8. Last week
  9. After 7.3 hours i finally figured out how to use any of the brushes in the UE3/ Hat In Time Editor to make solid flooring outside of the 4 time rift platform presets.


    are you proud of me yet dad?!?

  10. Hey everyone just a heads up I won't be on today and I will tell you why after this

    few things I had gotten done I haven't really posted anything do to my internet was always going out and it makes it hard to post anything... so we had someone fix it and the guy we had was very nice and funny  now that's it's working I can post again I had gotten half a page done for DS and now I'm going to work on the undertale comic but no art will be done today is that I'm going out to see markaplier's Show :D tonight so I won't be back till 11 pm or 12 am I don't know yet but when I get back I will start working on art again keep eyes open for the next page

    with love AC


    1. minespatch


      Sounds like things are going your way. Congrats on getting your life back on track.

    2. artistcrab


      thanks^^ happy that it is

    3. PiturcaClaudiuStef


      good to have you back 

  11. To those who see this: Give this review a watch and consider if the game is worth the purchase. To those who already own it, think about your experiences with this game and question if it was worth it.

    Taking a small chunk from the review, I noticed that the game has far too many elements that are left to RNG, making it more of a luck-based game than one focused on skill. If a game can force a party member to die randomly, how is fighting and grinding to get another hero satisfying? I was planning on getting the game when there was a sale, but I had to reconsider that choice after giving this a watch.

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    2. TheKingDedede


      Mobbstar, I was referring to the sheer amount of grinding that has to be done in the game if you wish to make progress in it. The grinding that occurs when you have to start with a new party member because the last one died. When you constantly have to clear out dungeons and do so while using fresh characters because veteran characters refuse to go into dungeons that are lower then their rank i.e. Champions can't enter dungeons if a dungeon is meant for level 1 characters.

      The grind from an early RPG and a game like this may be different in some ways, but in the end, it's still a grind that can consume an ungodly amount of time. At least early RPGs like Final Fantasy have locations like the Peninsula of Power (Which was a bug but later kept in future remakes of the game).

    3. Mr.P


      Part of it is that from the looks of it he played a build that was very early on. As in just after release. Since then Red Hook fixed a lot of the grind later on with updates. Townevents (Offer a lot of different boni for quests and heros), Heirloom trading (Trade useless heirlooms for needed ones), Antiquarian (Class specificly designed to help farming money), Shrieker (A miniboss one can fight to recover lost trinkets) and Radiant mode (Basicly a much easier mode that also heavily cuts down on the grind) all help with reducing the grind a lot.

      Comparing DD shortly after release to DD now is a huge difference. Everything is now smoother and faster in the long run. A full run is still going to take 30 or so hours to complete but now there's a lot more well let's call it mercy to help reduce the setbacks.

      As for "Never Again" here's a lil something. You WON'T use the same heros over and over in the DD again because each of the different quests requires carefull planning and party setups. There is no party that can go through DD1-4 and do them all in one fell swoop. You will need 4 dedicated teams for each of them because otherwise you'll fall flat on your nose. At max you might have to get a second character of one class up to level 6 but really if you play normally you have a second one of each anyways (As the max roster size of 28 allows for that partly)

    4. TheKingDedede


      While I can appreciate the fixes that go into a game after release, usually first impressions are everything. If Joseph Anderson were to go back into the game, should he also look into the DLC? Were there any additional endings added into the game (Spoilers have never bothered me, but others might not be so happy to learn about them) Do you consider reviewing a game after it is released to be unfair? Is his opinion invalid because he reviewed the game so shortly after release?

      I'm genuinely curious, but I'm not trying to start a war here. Earlier, Mr.P stated, "Ohh god this review. My god it's probably one of the worst I've seen in terms of what really counts." What lead to this? Also, you stated, "I could keep on rambeling but in the end all I can say is that this review feels more like a first timers experience with DD." Was beating the game not enough? Were there additional side missions that Joseph Anderson may have neglected before he beat the game? Were there some mechanics that he didn't touch upon? Was it unfair to review it at the time of release (I'm repeating myself here, but I feel this question differs slightly than the one that was asked before it).

  12. I made a thing! a small, super easy, error filled thing!


  13. Playing Doki Doki this morning threw off my schedule and I've been having a recurring headache since the other night. Going to get sleep right now. I'm going to try inking stuff I was planning on inking today by tomorrow.



    page five of your comic is inked, will be scanning it with the rest of the stuff either tomorrow night or monday day.

    Thing just are a little hectic due to asisting my father, having to constantly put the laptop on my chair when I need to assist him and no table to put it on(that might change in a couple of days).

    Just having a sharp pain in my head. Had to turn off discord due to too many people typing to me and doing a balancing act. I appreciate every one of you guys.


    1. Starthefox


      Hope it all gets sorted out soon. You can take a break if you need, we'll still be here when you get back.

    2. minespatch


      I've been through worse. Just need to finish inking stuff and I'm good to go. Thanks for telling me though.

  14. MEEP.gif.156474f75f31df1f03ca35f161be06d5.gif





    1. minespatch


      Invisible man halloween event.

  15. Apparently the Gozer cult started by Ivo Shandor from Ghostbusters started in 1920... What is it with lovecraftian lore and the roaring twenties?

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    2. minespatch


      The king of Yellow  was before Lovecraft so... Maybe?

    3. PandoMish
    4. minespatch


      Didn't even notice until you pointed it out.:wilson_ecstatic:

  16. So I was gonna upload my Goretober drawings a few days ago (before the  forums went down) but I thought maybe I should wait until their all done first.

    1. minespatch


      Sure thing. I couldn't keep up with last year's inktober.

  17. going off for the night having abit of chest pains ><

  18. image.thumb.png.1ec27b953a547904e8c513730718c4ff.png

    @Aileen-Rose@Storm137 I was playing Doki Doki Literature Club and this made me think of you guys. :wilson_smile:

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    2. minespatch


      A artist I followed compared the writing structure of the game to To The Moon.

      IT's free... But when it makes you cry, it'll make you cry.

      Also, the walkthroughs for the game are lies. Just play it blindly.

    3. DragonMage156



      1. A artist I followed compared the writing structure of the game to To The Moon.

      2. IT's free... But when it makes you cry, it'll make you cry.

      3. Also, the walkthroughs for the game are lies. Just play it blindly.

      1. Oh really? ^_^

      2. I cry at almost anything sad XD

      3. That's usually the case :p

    4. minespatch





      Doki Doki Literature Club is a Free steam game that reminds of “To the moon”, in the way that is a game that begins boring, but by the end becomes an amazing ride, and you can’t tell anybody why! There’s very little i can tell you about this game without spoiling it, and in fact if you see someone trying to tell you what the game is about, flee and play it yourself, it’s free and lasts about 4 hours completing all routes (begining anew when the game ends). In fact the only reason i decided to do this image is because it’s cryptical enough that only those who have played it will understand what is happening here. What i can is give you some advice: The game begins as a typical dating simulator, with stereotypical characters and a very boring development; but if you manage to stay strong for about 1-2 hours of boredoom, “something” will happen and you’ll be in for an amazing experience. Also, i recomend that you do not use the same character name as the name you have on steam. Let me know if i made you play the game and you enjoyed it. Check my commission rates if you want stuff like this or support me on patreon for adult content.


      The post Just Monika appeared first on kukuruyo.


  19. So I took a tour of a college today, and...


    When the wallpaper is just right

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    2. WaddleDee


      When the sun hits that wall just can hear the campus sing.

    3. minespatch


      Needs to be a wallpaper in a house.

    4. MenaAthena


      It was in the entrance area of the freshman dorms there; that's basically a house already

  20. The day has come: The title screen finally randomly generated me a Liam (Aka Goggles,Goggleboy,Blue-Haired-Rowan, etc.).



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    2. mewthemew


      Pretty much :p 

    3. watermelen671



      I want Liam WITH the goggles in the game! Liam McGoggles just isn't Liam McGoggles without his titular goggles! :wilson_laugh:




    4. DragonMage156
  21. Current status on the Forums



    1. minespatch


      Hey there bud.:wilson_ecstatic:

    2. Mobbstar


      I feel the same. Suddenly status updates everywhere.

    3. WaddleDee


      So, just to be clear, looting the body for change is out of the question? Asking for a friend.

  22. Quote

    Dear students,
    The union representing academic employees at Ontario's 24 colleges has called a strike for Monday, October 16.



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    2. vingw



      Wait, what's going on? What are they striking for...?

      The union wants to be paid more. They're terms were not agreed to. All colleges forced to cancel all classes util an agreement is made.

      Neither my teachers nor my peers have any say in the matter. Fun!

    3. minespatch


      That must be frustrating...:wilsondisappointed:

      How far were you in your classes?

    4. vingw


      6 Weeks in.

      Thing is, if the strike lasts longer than two weeks, then there's a possibility that the semester can't be completed.


      No refunds.

  23. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

    (It's also my birthday but that's less fun to say)

    1. WaddleDee



      The cheesiest image I could find, just for you.

    2. DragonMage156


      Happy b-day/Friday the 13th!! ^_^

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