What's best way to get tex image?

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SuperDavid    589

Hello, I was wondering what's the best way to get texture from tex? For example if I wanna port Canned Fish from SW to my dst char mod, which way would be best to get the texture or can I just copy-paste the anim from SW for my DST mod?

When I decompile with ktools-4.4.4 the image is very big & blurry, while if I convert to png with TEXTool the images is very tiny. So, I'm confused which one's the right way?

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Lumina    1,200

If the image is 64*64 it's the classic dimension of a classic image, usually it's resized in the anim (*3), so it should be ok. Decompiling usually give you a blurry image because of the resizing not being "clean" when decompiling.

Usually i use the .TEXTool image.

Maybe you can use the anim directly, since it should be ok to use, i guess.

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