Oxygen Not Included Mac OSX Branch - Now Open for Testing

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raymondvon    0

After playing the OSX branch for one week , from last Monday , I get error report from steam 

"the application OxygenNotInclued can't be opened" with OS error code 9294956486....


What version of OSX are you running?

OSX v10.11.6


What hardware are you running the game on?

Macbook Pro ( 15inch, Retina , before 2013)

2.7GHz Intel core i7


Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536MB


The contents of: <Your_home_directory>/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log 

as attach files


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KidWobble    0

So besides some shaders getting quite blocky at times, the OSX built plays pretty similarly with the Windows build. I'm sure this will be fixed down the line.

1) The main issue seems to be that the smaller Biomes have already been implemented in the OSX build. Personally I find this much harder to work with. There are many cases where temperature will drop from 110F to -20F in the space of 8 tiles! Trying to drill between these biomes creates tons of hotter CO2 and effectively seems to destroy the integrity of the ice biomes. 

Working in the larger biomes left a lot more room for interesting builds with and more flexibility. Hoping for something in the middle possibly.

2) Any plans down the line to prevent temperature displacement short of water locks? 

3) Fans!! It would be fantastic to be able to move rogue pockets of natural gas/chlorine around with a bit more ease. Getting the perfect tile seal on these can be quite a challenge. Currently tend to drill in and seal from the inside out.




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kayspam    0

Before two days ago I've been able to play oxygen not included with no issues. However I've started having my game freezing and crashing these past two days. 

Thank you,





Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 11.31.16.png

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255    36

@raymondvon: Could you try right-clicking on the game in steam, clicking 'properties', then 'local files', then 'verify integrity of game files', and try to run the game again? If that doesn't work, could you post a screenshot of the error you're getting?

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