Need help removing clipping with obstacles. (on character)

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Straight to the point; I am making a flying character. I want it to fly over placeables (such as crock pots) but I don't really care about the sea (I'll wait for shipwrecked).

I looked at "MakeObstaclePhysics(inst, 1)", but saw no way to make this work with characters (it's designed for the placeables).

I just thought that the question hasn't been asked (to my searching extent) and I couldn't find a way to make it work.



TL;DR: Making flying character. Want it to fly over stuff. Need help.

Edit: Maybe    

if removephysicscolliders then


Any help has my thanks in advance.

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Also; I have a harder question as well.

How can I make the character do a dash attack (just move to the enemy, perhaps through telepoof but would love it just to move quickly, and hit them.)

Nothing extremely hard (no spriter pl0x) and I was hoping it could be universally set to all weapons, but fists should be ok if that's not possible.



    self.attackrange = 3
    self.hitrange = 3

   was thinking inst.components.combat.attackrange = 10

I was also thinking about using the range from the blowdart to range attack, but replacing the attack with a fast movement?



Also (again) a way to move faster (sprint that costs hunger) would be nice too.




Thanks in advance. Just some stuff I couldn't figure out by myself and I would be endlessly grateful if you could answer even one <3


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