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Looking for some one who can draw all of the DS and RoG characters, I have a plot for a fanfic, but I reeeally want it to be a comic, so who can draw? (Cause I really can't draw)

My main characters will be Wilson, Wendy, Abigail, Wigfrid, Webber and Maxwell, although Charlie will also appear a bunch.

If you're interested, show me how you draw these characters.

I would like some one who's pretty flexible, because I can be kinda particular and that can come off as rude, unfortunately. In advance, if I'm like 'I don't like how you draw their nose' or something, just say I'm being petty and I'll probably stop. I promise I won't take offense, since I know I am petty.

Please let me know if you'd like to help!

Seems like I've found someone, thanks Minespatch!

*Please note, this is just a first draft of the very start. If my writing isn't it's best, I apologize. Also yes, Wigfrid is supposed to be overly dramatic*

the script for the very beginning is done, it is inclosed below, and more is on the way. I'm going for pretty short chapters, that way I can probably write 1-3 a week. And #2 is here as well!

Because of the completely maddening formatting, you have to click though two spoilers to get to it, my apologies!


Chapter I

[Everyone *except Maxwell and Charlie* is sitting around the campfire, Wilson is finishing his story]


Wilson: And then- I pulled the lever, and, well, you know the rest.


Wendy: Abigail thinks you're an idiot.


Wilson: And so do you, I imagine. 


Wigfrid: If he's an idiot, I am much more of one. 


[Everyone turns in surprise to look at Wigfrid]


Webber: Why?


Wendy: Come on, tell, us, it's only fair. Wilson told us his story, after all. And Abby, you agree, don't you? And Webber?


[Abigail and Webber nod]


Webber: Seems fair.  


[Wigfrid stands up, and prepares to perform]


Wigfrid: If you insist. 


[Cuts to Wigfrid's memories. Her narration is very dramatic, and appears as a box at the top]


Wigfrid Narration: As you know, I was an actress. Am an actress. And that night, opening night, I escaped after the show, to get a breath of air. But he followed me. He said, 


Maxwell: I saw you as Winnie, last year. You were amazing. 


Wigfrid: I did not like the part.


Maxwell: And Wigfrid? Do you like playing her?


[Wigfrid frowns]


Wigfrid: I don't play Wigfrid. I am Wigfrid.


Wigfrid Narration: He said no more, but gave me his card and left in a cab. The card said, William Carter. Expert in the Arcane. A week later, I came to his, ah, what would you call it? Business, I suppose. I came, and he told me I could be Wigfrid forever. Live the role, survive in the wilds, be myself. I believed him. I came again, in full warrior armor. Ready to be transported.


 Maxwell: Pull this lever. 


Wigfrid: No. 


Wigfrid Narration: I was terrified.


Maxwell[angry]: Isn't this what you wanted? 


Wigfrid: Yes. Yes, it is!


[Cut back to campfire]


Wigfrid: And I did it. I pulled the lever, and never saw his face again.


Wendy: Did you say his name was William Carter?  


 Wigfrid: I did. Why? Surely you met him, the same as I. 


Wendy: He said he was the "Magnificent Maxwell", and he was a magician. Could it be that- 


[Wendy has a thought, and quickly changes the subject]


Wendy: I say, has anyone checked the crockpot?


Wilson: No. 


Wendy: Then I'd better.


Chapter II


[Wendy is narrating, her words appear in a box on top]


Wendy Narration: William Carter, my uncle


[Image of William Carter]


Wendy Narration: Maxwell


[Image of Maxwell]


Wendy Narration: One and the same.


[Comparing them somehow]


Wendy Narration: My uncle's footprint, in the mud-


[Bootprint in mud]


[Back to campfire, Wendy's thought appearing]


Wendy's thought: Maxwell is here.


Webber: Are you okay, Wendy?


Wendy: I'm fine. 


Wigfrid: You look like you saw a ghost.


Wendy: No, no, I'm fine. Really. Just- it's so silent, it's like everything died.


Webber: If only we had some music.


Wendy: Hmm, I can play the piano, if only we had one.  


[Wendy starts to tap out a rhythm on the crockpot lid]


Webber: That's a nice song- what's it called?


Wendy: Something-or-other Rag, I think. There's a dance that  goes with it.


Wigfrid: Wilson, can you dance?


Wilson:[Offended] Of course I can! 


Wigfrid: Dance, then.


Wilson: With you?


[Wigfrid nods]


Webber: And Abby, you can dance with me.


[Abigail nods]


[They dance, while Wendy taps out the tune. But, in the background, a silhouette of Maxwell appears]


[Abigail tries to warn them, opening her mouth, but she can't talk, so she points]


Wendy: Abby, what's wrong? 


[They all look, but it is gone]


[Abigail runs out, into the dark, but as she glows Charlie doesn't take her]


Wendy: Abby, Abby, come back!


Webber: She'll be okay.


Wigfrid: Let's get some sleep while we can.


[They all retreat to their tents except Wendy, who waits for all of them to sleep, then grabs a torch]


Wendy: I'm going to find you, 'Maxwell'.





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Chapter Two is here!
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I can draw but not well, especially any other character aside from Wilson and Willow so... sorry, can't help. My artstyle is rather simple and probably not what you're looking for anyway.

Also I don't think anyone would offer to draw you something without something in return (or unless they want to... or is a friend who's feeling generous).

On the other hand, I'm interested to read the story :)

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Send me the script, I might be able to help.

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15 hours ago, minespatch said:

Send me the script, I might be able to help.

I will once it's written! I'm almost done, sorry if this is taking a while but I have very little time. By later today or tomorrow afternoon for sure, I'll have it done. 

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Oh I forgot, Minespatch will probably draw it ^_^ (See what I did there? :wilson_sneaky: )

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Hey people, sorry if I didn't alert you, but I have Chapter One written! So it's not perfect, but I'm willing to accept criticism. Check the main post, I edited it into that.

Sorry if you already knew it was there. But I posted it day before yesterday and no one said anything, so here is an official announcement for you!

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Might be a fast comic depending on due to it being a short script. I'll print it out and see what I can do.

You might expend it in a few weeks or a month if I'm held back on my own webcomic.

@GamingBud would know from experience. ariel sweats.png

Edited by minespatch

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