Looking for a friend to co-op with!

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Hi, I'm ronin and I'm looking for friends who play often and who like to play a more "relaxed" game!

Server Mods:

Craftable Gears (requires 5 gold, 3 cut stone, 1 lumber), Global Positions, Online Starter Pack where science machine is automatically unlocked (walking cane, 99 stones for beginning a fort, 1 torch), Monster Health Bars, Enhanced Houndius Shootius (will only utilize 1 of these for base purely), Restart (only #kill and #resurrect)

World Settings:

Long Autumn, very short summer and winter, very fast world regrowth, no petrification or disease, no meteor showers, more pigs, no tentacles, and no ant-lion tribute!


I look forward to playing with my future friends! :)

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A relaxed play-through is exactly what I wanted as well. Please, add me on steam: calibur452

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