[TEMPLATE]DST Speech Mod Template 1.2(5/23/2017)

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I recently finished updating an old Speech Mod template that i've been keeping tabs on since DS's Strange New Powers update, and gotten it to the point where it should have all of DST's new things included into it as well, and can be used to make speech files for modded characters, and modded items. There are a lot of them, and it can be easy to miss some, so a template to help fill these out might be useful for some people.

I wouldn't dare try to copy-paste the whole thing into a spoiler, so i'll just attatch it below. For the most part, it should be as simply as copy-pasting the lines in, and then changing the name from GENERIC to the character's name, and adding in a new string.

I know this is a fairly simple thing for most experienced modders, but I figure it may be useful for those who are just getting started. Enjoy.

Let me know if there is anything in here that I have missed.



Version 1.2. Current as of 5/23/2017's update adding an actual quote for the Bone Helm, and adding support for the Napsack.

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The Template has been updated to reflect today's DST update, with the season giant chesspieces and the Bone Helm. Again, let me know if I made any mistakes.

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The template was updated again to reflect yet another update.

-Added the new string for the Bone Helm

-Added support for the Napsack.

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