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The only one that bothers me is MacTusk, as for the others....

1- You know you can easily lure Gobblers with berries, right?

2 - Monkeys are supposed to be annoying. That's the whole concept behind them. Can't ever catch em. 

3 - Koalephents I hunt during the day and wait till it falls sleeps at night. If they didn't do that, it would be too OP. It does sort of annoy that they updated the game so they wake up if you get close to them, makes it difficult if you are trying to make a pen for them. 

4 -  You can catch Tumbleweeds with Ctrl f most of the times. 

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i don't get what you upset about, curator, is doesn't cause me a problem to understand that you have to put some work into capturing\interacting\luring with certain things, even if you already spent some time investigating suspicious dirtpiles and avoided sheep (that you can't interact with as well with no help or other shenanigans), it's still ok to deal with "running away mechanic", and for some of them it's even helps for capturing for future use\grass farm

did you notice how the things you named are either have a good worth (elefants, tumbleweed) or really intended to cause you trouble and get away with it (gobblers, monkeys)

the game offers you some tools and tricks to deal with them (but people here decided to teach you about them somewhy), you don't have think that everything can be done with a spear

what i'm actually more concerned about is gekkos - they don't use the smooth rabbit\koalefant running directions algo, they just do one dash of certain range and avoid narrow paths, which is really feels unfair, on top of that with 2 people or more you can't say from who they'll run next time and they seem chaotic because of this, but the worst is that they don't run away from anything else, like leggybirds or hounds, they just walk like they used to and die

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On 4/20/2017 at 1:51 PM, The Curator said:

- Hitting them with a ranged weapon, tedious and unorthodox

If I had taken you seriously before this post, I wouldn't after reading this line.


For koalafants, you can use a cheap boomerang.  For gobblers, berries on the ground as a lure.  Mactusk is slower than the player and drops blowdarts.


Your lack of skill at the game does not constitute a balance issue.  Techniques to deal with these existed before you started playing.


Please stop making threads continuously whining about the game.  Your negativity is tedious, and your strategy "don't get better, just demand changes" is unorthodox.

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