The Tale of a Dumb Dog

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So, I was on this server with a bunch of nice players. We had recently renewed the world due to a Willow deciding to hop onto the server, pan fluting everyone to sleep, and setting fire to our base, along with Webbers plopping nests at the spawn. But not important, just me venting torwards griefers again.

Anyway, we got up to day 5, with great starts, but we had 2 noobs at the base wasting food on meatballs. (Even as we told them not to after they wasted a stack of frog legs and ice on the last server), and we needed food. Fast. Despite my lag, I wanted to help in any way I could, and I left in an attempt to find a dirt mound. Luckily, there was one in a nearby desert, and I promptly followed all 10 tracks for a koalefant for our Wigfrid to corner.

At long last, my Wickerbottom said the line. I went west and found, on day 5...a Varg. WHY?! Thankfully, it didn't aggro on me instantly, so I snuck around and returned to base as it stood there. But our hunger got the better of us, and me, still in my Singleplayer Don't Starve mindset, decided to get someone's aid in killing it. Normally, creatures in DST have twice the health, so it wouldn't be that hard (Turns out it was 3x the health).

We thought it would go rather smoothly with just 2. NOPE. As soon as it aggro'd on us, it relentlessly spawned sets of 2 hounds until it hit it's cap, and we had no choice but to run. Bit of a mistake, as in our panic, we lead it back to the base. One by one, we died to the varg and it's hounds, leaving only a Maxwell.

And that is the tale of how a Varg that only had a 5% chance of spawning on day 5 managed to ruin a great start.

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I personally think the creators put Varg in the game only to troll.  It seems like at my most desperate and hungry moments, I have a better chance of getting a Varg. I thought it was rare because I hardly ever got them before.  Though when I got desperately hungry, then I remember 3 occasions where I ran into them early game, and I don't hunt koalefants that much.

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The Varg only appears when I try to kill koalafants. FOR VERY EVIL PURPOSES!

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