What's the most frustrating thing you see people frequently do?

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1.people stealing glommer and never dies 

2people who always grabs your items without asking

3.people grabbing all the food and running off to make their own placing using that food

4.people that show off their style but ending up dead 5 times a day

5.people that always start stupid conversations like my name is donald trump i am here to build a wall around your base for no reason then burning it. why would any one say that?

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On 4/26/2017 at 1:53 AM, Cyberboy2000 said:

Well, [Klei] doesn't endorse achievements for Don't Starve.

Even though people like me who reallyreallyreally need some sort of achievement system to feel accomplished and who need to have some specific goals set for them kinda want one sometimes, lol.


Why are we all mad about anime mods, rather than mods with characters that have non-W names?

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