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minespatch    25,637
17 hours ago, mewthemew said:


(but shortly after this, a dupe that will remain nameless took his frog friend, killed it, and fried up its legs. needless to say, Butch was NOT a happy camper. where do you even find frogs in space anyway??)

Not going to be surprised if it's frog from DS.:wilson_ecstatic:

14 hours ago, RemyG said:



I can just imagine the terror from the other dupes when he comes their way.

10 hours ago, HotChocolate said:



To think I used to think like that....ariel concerned.png


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mewthemew    2,831

I have too many OCs, so far a total of 10.

going from left to right

Guy on chair: Stephan. 3 on floor: Singer, Legs, Linaare. 3 on couch: Baldo, Luna, Butch. 3 behind couch: Knives, Lettuce, and Stephanie. (stephanie's dead so ghost. Knives is melting.)


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