Chill beefalo for sale!

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Hello all! 


It is with regret that I have decided to sell my Chill Beefalo plush, bought from the Klei store and kept on my bookshelf ever since, only occasionally dusted.  

I have put it up for sale on eBay already, however I thought it would be appropriate to put it up for sale here as well, I am asking £90 including postage in the UK, or £93 including P&P for international buyers. 

If you are interested please do message me, I am able to accept sensible offers and can offer proof of authenticity via a receipt from Klei if needed. 

Payment is via PayPal business option ONLY, I am not in the business of scamming people out of their hard earned money, neither do I want to be scammed, so no 'Bank Transfers' or 'Cheques' please. 

Thank you all for reading! 






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