Thermal Update - Hydrogen Bubbler (Liquid Oxygen)

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Man, you are thinking like a god, i played 200h to this game trying failing devices. I can't even imagine how many time you spent to make this perfect. thanks for sharing

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13 hours ago, xbeo said:

I tried it out, works like a charm.

But I had to pour water over the whole damn thing when starting it to prevent the air coolers from overheating. Did you use isolated pipes behind the coolers?

Then I had to find the right type of material for the pipes because granite broke sometimes :D

And then I tried to boil the liquid oxygen and pump it back into my base... which cooled my whole base it down to -50C on average, much colder on certain spots.

Then I tried some heating methods and my game started to crash, which almost never happens.

10/10, would build again!


I see you ran into some of the same problems I did! :D You reminded me that I forgot to include a few notes in the writeup... Sorry about that.

Few notes, which have now been added to the original post:

-The regulators (at least the central three) need to be built out of Gold Amalgam, or they'll overheat (or you can use a different cooling system, like you did! Nice :))

-Two pipes in particular need to be built out of Abyssalite, the pipe leading out of the liquid pump, and the pipe going from the white output on the F1 filter to the vent, otherwise the temperature exchange in the pipe can cause state changes and make it break :(

-Warming the liquid back up is a whole different bag of worms. ;) Haha. There's a few ways to do it, I'm still working on finding the most efficient method. I'll likely post back once I've found it.

Glad you built it and had fun doing it! A few problems due to my hurriedness in writing the post, but glad it turned out well in the end.


7 hours ago, darkflames9 said:

Finally, an oxygen liquifier that works!  It's a shame we have to resort to such convoluted and precise contraptions just to clean contaminated air.  Compared to the ease of an electrolyzer, it's just not worth it.  However, the ocd in me dictates that I must use up every single resource!  Anyway, your machine works, but I had to replace the liquid pump at the bottom with a gas pump; for some reason, every time liquid o2 is sucked up, it immediately boils, even if the pipe is insulated.  Therefore, I expanded the bottom bucket by 1 row of tile to collect the liquid o2 and placed a gas pump where the liquid pump is.  Now, liquid o2 collects at the expanded bottom bucket, quickly boils, and the gas is then sucked up by the gas pump.  Now the next issue to solve is how to warm up the o2...

To continue my comment from above, I forgot to include an important detail in my original post, the liquid pipe (as well as the gas pipe from the white output on filter F1) should be insulated and made from Abyssalite, to prevent as much temperature change as possible. I didn't have any issues once I used that as a material, but if you continue to have issues, let me know!

In the meantime, glad you got the gas pump working, good alternative solution. :D

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Oh wow, I had no idea that temperature could pass even in insulated pipes.  Abyssalite might be the answer here haha.  Keep up the good work!

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I tried to pour the liquid oxygen into hot water made by a geyser.

Water temperature before was 80C - 90C.

After a few cycles it went down to 20C - 30C and some ice blocks formed on top of the water.

Gas pressure within the room is now 20kg - 25kg (steam) with a 54kg blob of oxygene which you can collect at the top of the room. Plus a 115kg blob of polluted oxygen from before the test which I will promptly send to the bubbler :D

Only problem: the oxygen now has a temperature of over 100C :(


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I'm trying to figure out a way to combine this with a series of electrolyzers. if my calculations are correct and the tooltips are correct if I can get it working, it might be a way to make sustainable power. Previously the electrolyzers just output too much oxygen pressure to make the hydrogen power work well. But liquefying the oxygen would solve that problem really well. 

According to the tooltips

the electolyzers spit out 112g/s of hydogen costing 120W

the hydrogen reactors eat 100g/s of hydrogen putting out 800W.

So theoretically the 12g extra of hydrogen would slowly build up in the chamber which could be the coolant, while the hydrogen reactors each spit out 680W free electricity minus the cost of pumps and electrolyzers. you could periodically release the excess hydrogern with a valve.

I was thinking that I could just extend your design vertically and add a row of mesh tiles with electrolyzers on it in the center of the chamber. My first attempt failed because my dupes got bugged out and got stuck moving back and forth and suffocated. Going to try a new base and test this out. Do you guys see any flaws in my logic?

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