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We all know there's a lot of crockpot recipes and lets face it we don't use all of them (when's the last time you made ice cream actually needing it) so I have put it in my hands to make a thread about adding crockpot recipes. I have thought of a few so just wait for more to coke to mind and feel free to suggest some if you feel like you have an idea try not to make it convoluted.


The Wienerwurst 



1x pig skin

1.5x meat

Gives 90 hunger maybe 20 health and maybe 5 sanity

it is simply the wurst.


Monster Spaghett



2x monster meat 

2x veggie

Gives -10 health 43 hunger and -5 sanity

Everybody loves spaghetti even if it's poisonous.

That's all I could think up right now.

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The problem is not necessarily a lack of recipes, it is how poorly they are balanced. Meatballs are the meta in every way, and the fact they magically cleanse monster meat makes it even worse. If the recipes were rebalanced to have a more manageable spectrum of requirements and unique benefits, there might actually be a point to there being more then one of them.

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1°)Must exclude twings for prevents 2monster meats 1twing 1pig skin => 100% Wiener
2°)90 hungers ? No 75 like others, or meat value >1.5 
3°)pig skin ? i don't like add not perishable item in crockpot.

Monster Spaghett
Why we should add this ??????

Imo if someone want to add new recipe he must use ingredients who aren't already unique recipe like carrots (vegan recipe ?) Jerkys (Hardcore recipe?) shrooms (hallucinogen recipe ?) ect...

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