Are you the best Don't Starve Survivor? PROVE IT!

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Hey everyone!

If you've seen a post by me similar to this one, I'm reposting it due to the reason I made a couple of errors. Anyways I just wanted to invite everyone here to join in on an event on my dedicated server, XPOCALYPSE PVP in an all out battle to see who is the ultimate (and best) don't starve together survivor.

It's simply a PVP arena game, where you have the chance to grab some starting items at the Lootstash (The middle of the arena with loot) at the beginning and must survive the brutal wilderness (charlie too!)... while trying to avoid being hunted and murdered by others.

I'm hoping to have a regular DST Survival Arena event every Sunday; everyone is welcome to join.

Are you up for the challenge... and most of all... will you be the last survivor standing?

survival arena.jpg


Welcome to the Don't Starve Together survival arena.


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