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Sim Constructor is an utility mod, allowing mod makers a wide range of functions while maintaining compability.

If a mod uses Sim Constructor everyone who uses that mod needs to have Sim Constructor installed as well.



Initial release


Now includes Sequential Mod Loader by Lemonhead(Lemonymous on the forum)


Added generation option customization


Compatible with Library version of Sequential mod loader


Added early, late and unload modules
Removed Sim construction
Added Add Banter functionality


Fixed an issue with language packs


Hopefully fixed some of the disappearing items bugs
Fixed possible issue with non steam versions
Fixed banter not resetting when mod is turned off

simdefs.CUSTOM_OPTIONS is now keyed, meaning you have to use simdefs.CUSTOM_OPTTIONS[name] instead of table.insert, where name is the on-screen name of the option
Use simdefs.CUSTOM_OPTIONS_ORDER to order things you add to CUSTOM_OPTIONS
Generation options can now have masks. Masks mean that certain options are hidden unless the mask requirements are met
Generation options can have the noUpdate trait to make toggling that setting not put you into custom difficulty
Generation options can now nest other options. This is only useful for vanilla options, since simdefs.CUSTOM_OPTIONS is now keyed
You can now define custom apply and retrieve functions for generation options

Constants local to procgen_context are now defined in simdefs 
earlyInit and lateInit functions can now be defined


Added ability to easily change hud elements (comes with room for up to 12 Incognita slots)


Fixed crash when loading old saves with new mods installed.


Fixed error with hud customization

Steam Workshop Version

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I haven't been able to get back to modding Invisible Inc, so I haven't tried this out yet, but I will. Thanks Cyberboy

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Added ability to easily change hud elements.

As an example I have added room for up to 12 Incognita slots (it does not actually add new slots, but it allows other mods to do so)

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