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Don't Starve wikia

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#1 Clipsterman

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Posted 14 September 2012 - 07:12 AM

Hey guys.I started a wiki for Don't starve over at "".If you have the opportunity and will, please go over and write some articles as i will no doubt not get every one of them. Since i didn't know what the Beefalo territory is called, i decided to call it hay. If anyone has a better suggestion, please feel free to edit what i have written.

#2 Excess

  • Burns Things

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Posted 14 September 2012 - 10:02 AM

Hi there, welcome.As a survival and exploration game, I think that the fun of it is exactly that, to explore and survive. There's nothing more satisfying (for me, at least) than to be at the edge of death by starvation and suddenly figuring out a better way to hunt rabbits.Or survive for 35 days and suddenly click by accident on a beefalo with my axe equipped and being stomped to death (never run with axes).All of this little realizations and discoveries is what makes the game fun (and longer).Because of that, I think that reading most of this things on a wiki beforehand would ruin the experience. You would run out of things to do and explore pretty quick. But that's me, no doubt there are people out there with different play styles.I do understand that, as of today, there are certain things (research points, for instance) that aren't very clear, and someone would feel the need to search for answers online. Or undocumented things like the controls (hence the guide I made about them).But setting those confusing things aside (which hopefully will change for the better) the game is pretty self-explanatory and intuitive. With the descriptions alone (SHIFT+click anything for Wilson to "Examine" them) and a little knowledge of the wild, we can get along just fine. Wilson is always giving you clues about what will happen ("Maybe they'll grow back" -Examine berrys) of what things could interact with what ("They are looking for carrots" -Examine bunnys).But anyway, the game is just a beta. Who knows which direction will take, or how much more complicated will it get? I couldn't live without Minecraft's Wiki with all the complicated and counter-intuitive recipes it currently has.
Don't Starve Controls (learn how to get around)
How to move with [Z][Q][S][D] (on an Azerty keyboard)
All you wanna know about multiplayer (but where too lazy to look for)

#3 Vulturas

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Posted 14 September 2012 - 10:28 AM

Best way to hunt rabbits is to draw an imaginary line between you, the rabbit hole, and the rabbit. You click on the rabbit after you are between him and the rabbit hole. Usually you're behind his hole, and you click on the rabbit. Free morsel, ONLY if the rabbit is not within 2-2.5 CM's of the hole.