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  1. So today I started a new world and decided to go and explore the ruins early on. While exploring the areas with monkeys, I found this: An exit to the caves. Yeah. And after going outside... TURNS OUT THIS SINKHOLE LEADS TO THE SPAWN PORTAL
  2. I've been struggling to get anything working at all when it comes to custom worldgen. I have a set of rooms, tasks, and levels that I used in the singleplayer Don't Starve that I am trying to get into DST. I know there is a great tutorial here in the forums that talk about worldgen 2.0, and I've already applied all those changes, but the current version is now 3.0. I know about addtaskpreinit, and addlevelpreinit, but I'm not sure if I'm not doing it right or if it just doesn't work the way it used to. It's able to run without crashing in the worldgenmain, but it doesn't actually change anything. I've been searching and digging through the workshop to try and find mods that modify worldgen to study how they do it, but I've come to realize that none of them actually work anymore. The "cave on ground" mod that allowed cave rooms and such to appear above ground doesn't actually work. And a lot of the older worldgen related mods stopped working after the 3.0 switch, and now require the mod "turfed" to function. Is there any information at all about the new 3.0 format and how its different? Or any functioning 3.0 worldgen mods at all?
  3. So I've fiddled around with the worldgenerator, I was able to create considerably more sand or change the layout of the caves. I'd like to know if anyone has found out yet how to change the starting room/blob size or anything else achieved. for example in subworlds.yaml one thing that I changed is temperaturerange to Mild which will result in about 10 degrees celsius less in the first few blocks around your starting point. Imagine what we could do with Oniontools and some understanding about the worldgen! Mobspawn can also be easily changed.