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  1. I'm not active here, so apologies if this is known or repeated. I just wanted to post a couple helpful tips/workarounds I observed for the current game build. Wire Bridges overloading: I was having the problem of Wire Bridges overloading when they crossed Heavi-Watt Wires. I searched to see if this was a bug and found a number of other mentions (ex1, ex2, ex3). A solution I saw mentioned which currently works (build AU-221865) is to put the Wire Bridge on the Heavi-Watt circuit, rather than the regular Electrical Wire circuit when they cross. It seems like the Wire Bridges take their max power rating from their attached wires, so this works and the bridges don't overload. Heavi-Watt Wires through walls/tiles: Since Wire Bridges can currently be placed over tiles, I realized this might be a way to pass Heavi-Watt lines through floors & walls, and it works! Of course you can only run through a 1-tile thick floor/wall, but this makes power layouts much cleaner. A couple other notes on Wire Bridges & wiring I encountered: You can place a Wire Bridge so one (or both) of its power connections falls on top of another object's power connection, but you still must place/build a wire on that single square to make the connection. And a small annoyance which I assume is a bug - if you're placing Heavi-Watt over existing regular wire to upgrade it, the build priority you set doesn't apply, and it defaults to priority 5. After placing the build commands, you'll have to go back with the Priority tool if you want to change it. And a request/suggestion to devs: I hope you either leave this ability to have Heavi-Watt lines cross tiles using Wire Bridges, or alternatively/additionally create a new tile type that allows Heavi-Watt to be built through it (perhaps make it resource expensive and/or low decor). It's very inconvenient and also seems unrealistic to not have any kind of tile/barrier that Heavi-Watt wire can run through.
  2. HI, I cant figure out why my circuit is strained when I have full power coming from my transformer "backbone". I should be getting 1000W for the circuit but it says it is strained and it won't operate at full efficiency. Did I not set up the power correctly?
  3. "Power" is measured in Wattage, or energy "moved" per second. 1 Watt = 1 Joule per Second 1W = 1 J/s Joule is a unit of energy. So a Watt is a unit of energy generated per second. (Fun fact, Joule was a scientist who studied temperature and how to make thermometers, because heat is also just stored energy) GENERATORS Manual Generator aka "Hamster wheel" generates +400W, or +400 J/s. Coal Generator: +600W. Hydrogen Generator: +800W (fueled by 100g/s of hydrogen) The Manual Generator generates +400W no matter who is running on it or what their Athletics skill is. But it DOES train the dupe's Athletics and Tinkering skills. If no batteries are connected to the Manual Generator, dupes will just keep running on it until they need something. This assumes other machines are connected to the Manual Generator's circuit. CONSUMERS Machines consume Wattage while active. The Ceiling Lamp consumes -10W, or -10 Joules per second (your common household lightbulb however, is 40 to 60 W). Most machines only activate when there is work to be done or when a dupe is using the machine. A few machines are always active if powered, such as light sources and refrigerators. All powered machines generate heat while active. Each machine has a listed "Overheat Temperature", and will continuously take damage when it reaches this temperature. A "damaged" machine will continue to work until it has taken enough damage to become "broken", at which point it will shut off until repaired. Dupes will repair damaged and broken machines automatically, however you can click the Cancel Repair button on the machine if you desire. Repairs require whatever material the machine was originally made from. Active machines will continue to get hotter and hotter even while damaged, assuming dupes continue to repair them. Space Heaters self-monitor their own temperature and will shut themselves off to prevent overheating. To combat overheating, build machines out of Gold Amalgam. This raises the "Overheat Temperature" of the machine. Another option is planting Wheezwort on a natural tile next to the overheating machine. BATTERIES Batteries consume Wattage, but do not count in the wattage limit of the wire, even though they are listed as -200W. They will consume 0 or more Joules per second and store these Joules, up to 40,000, or 40 kiloJoule, or 40kJ. Batteries consume any excess Wattage produced, and in some cases consume a minimum of 1W even if this means causing a machine to be unpowered. Tiny Batteries hold up to 10kJ. Besides that, they have the same heat properties, charging, and discharging rates as large batteries. Batteries have no limit to their own power generation, or output Joules per second. But they hold up to 40,000 J, so a full battery will power a lightbulb for... 40,000 J divided by 10 J/s = 4,000 seconds. Or a hypothetical 40,000W machine for one second! Batteries, despite their in-game description, do NOT lose charge over time. This is likely to change as the game develops. Nor does the length of wire matter (unlike real world power lines that lose power over long distances). So if you have the metal to spare, it can't hurt to set up large battery banks far away from the base. Batteries will charge and discharge constantly on a circuit where power production is less than power consumed. Generally, the battery bank will charge up from 0 to X Joules, where X varies. The circuit's Potential Power Consumed seems to factor into X. Then the battery bank will discharge, powering additional machines for a brief moment and starting the process again. CIRCUITS A circuit is all the wires connected to each other and the buildings powered by those wires. View a circuit's properties by selecting any object or wire in the circuit and examining the Energy tab for that object. Wires in this game are not exactly like pipes. If even a single wire is "low-wattage" then the whole circuit is low-wattage, meaning you will "overload" the circuit if your machines try to consume over 1000W total at any given second. When you look at the electricity overlay, white wires indicate a healthy circuit, yellow indicates the power draw is approaching/hitting the max, and red indicates the circuit overloaded for a second and will result in broken wires. High-Wattage circuits top out at 2000W worth of machine draw. So as it stands, a large base will probably need multiple distinct circuits. You can replace standard low-wattage wires by simply building high-wattage wires directly on top of them. No need to deconstruct the old wire. Same goes for replacing pipes. "Potential Power Consumed" is the total Wattage a circuit might consume if all machines were active at once. "Maximum Safe Wattage" indicates how much power can be consumed at once and not overload the circuit, it will be 1000W if ANY wires in the circuit are standard, and 2000W if ALL wires in the circuit are High-Wattage. These are the numbers you want to look at in determining if you can add more machines to the circuit. SWITCHES Switches allow you to interrupt the power flow at a single wire in a circuit. When switched "Off", the wire under the switch is disconnected. A switch does NOT turn off an entire circuit. Place a switch on a wire between power generators/batteries and the machines you wish to turn off. Multiple switches can be used on a circuit at different branches. Since a switch turned off essentially "removes" that wire from the circuit, this alters the circuit's properties. Turn off a switch and you have essentially split a single circuit into two. A great use for a switch is to set up an emergency battery bank. Charge the bank to full, then turn the switch off between it and the circuit. Now you have backup power when the coal runs out or whatever the case may be. Switches are also handy for turning off pumps in undesirable tanks and areas. Thermo Switches act like regular switches except instead of needing to be manually turned on and off by the player, the Thermo Switch turns itself on and off based on its own temperature reading. Thermo switches are very handy for hot machines. Place a thermo switch next to your Air Scrubber, and run a wire through the thermo switch and then to the Air Scrubber. Now set the thermo switch to activate IF COLDER THAN 80 degrees F (or whatever in C, I dunno). Now your Air Scrubber won't be constantly running and heating up your base. Apply to all hot machines. BUGS - Batteries present themselves as -100W or -200W. This number is currently meaningless. - Generators will periodically generate more than their listed Wattage for a split second to meet the needs of a circuit trying to draw more power than is generated. Additional machines will appear to activate but as of yet this effect seems to be purely visual and no work is done. NOTES AND TIPS - Have as many power generators as you need on a circuit, meaning you'll want enough total power generation to match Potential Power Consumed. - Have at least 1 battery on a circuit to maximize fuel efficiency, but keep in mind the more batteries, the more heat generation. But hey, maybe you want to generate ridiculous amounts of heat? - Use batteries if your machines on a circuit aren't constantly running or if you don't want your dupes to be running on the wheel all the time. - Hydrogen generators produce the most power, assuming you can supply them with a regular feed of at least 100 grams per second of hydrogen. But the electrolyzer is a fickle beast. Theoretically you might be able to feed one generator per electrolyzer, and switch from coal to water power but I haven't really explored that yet. Plus you'll need at least one pump. - Dupes refuel Coal Generators or hop on the hamster wheel when ANY of the circuit's battery's power stored is below 50% (unless you change the setting on the power generator itself). But generally all batteries stay equally charged, so its safe to just consider multiple batteries as a single "battery bank". - Coal generators create lots of heat and CO2. Plan accordingly. - The game moves forward in "ticks", each lasting a fraction of a second. So the game's engine actually uses "Joules per tick", not "Joules per second". One can see this by setting up a manual generator connected to a battery and noting the increments that the battery charges.