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  1. A thread about ideas to make the SW characters work in DST, if they were to be added without SW. Ideas so far: Walani Warly Wilbur Woodlegs Scrapped ideas Klei's likely not even going to even see this post (They don't particularly check suggestions & feedback too often to my knowledge), so @CheeseNuggets101if he wants too could implement these ideas into his Shipwrecked Characters mod. Anyway, post your thoughts below, and/or come up with your own ideas if you'd like. "The End."
  2. So I personally really want to see the SW characters in DST, not the entire DLC, that would not work without a lot of changes due to it not being made for a multiplayer environment, just the characters and maybe some SW content. I'm making this because I see potential in them being brought to DST, especially since Warly (The character I want in DST most) would actually be way more useful here with his portable crockpot. Now I know what you might be thinking, "The characters can't be added! SW isn't canon and isn't part of the lore!". Well said who? Who at Klei explicitly said SW is not part of the lore? NO ONE. Klei just has not given it lore yet, which it might get if the updates to single-player they're planning are updates to SW. As for another argument you might make, "Just download a mod!". Well sure PC players could just download a mod! But what about the console players? Console players can't get mods! Plus, official Klei support for these characters would be nice so that they can get skins and what not, and who doesn't like new skins? I do know that Walani would be tough to make perks for without compromising the characters identity in a RoG world, but I believe that Klei could pull it off somehow. As for Woodlegs, he would just not have his boat, on sea, like maybe the boat could be a non-moving structure that can be piloted to shoot coconades (maybe just put the boat on wheels.)? Just an idea. The rest of Woodleg's perks would work just fine (losing sanity on land may have to be changed though), and the same goes for all of Warly & Wilbur's perks (though Warly may need changes to his picky eater perk, and Wilbur's monkey loyalty will have to be given to splumonkeys...) Anyway, vote and post your thoughts below, I really want these characters in DST, maybe also with some SW content, like maybe coconuts could wash up on shore to the mainland so we can have palm trees. That's all!
  3. Wilson - No change needed. Willow - Total revamp needed. Wolfgang - No changes needed Wendy - No changes needed WX-78 - Minor changes needed Wickerbottom - No changes needed Woodie - Total revamp needed Wes - OP character, could use some nerfs. Maxwell - Minor changes needed Webber - No changes needed. Wigfrid - No changes needed (in RoG/AnR) Walani - Total revamp needed Warly - Major changes needed Wilbur - Revamp needed Woodlegs - Total revamp needed Winona (leaked in AnR) Winnie (AnR/post-ANR) Items
  4. So I wanted to know if the naughty points counting against you go down over time? And if so, how many days does it take to go back to zero? I really do not want to deal with krampus, I have enough trouble running gobblers out of my camp without having some psycho looting all my stuff. Since the Krampus update I've killed maybe 5 rabbits, 1 redbird, 1 beefalo. So I am scared he'll be appearing Soon, though I havent heard any sort of noise when I killed these things, maybe it is because my map is still from before the krampus update? Is he not able to come until I've died and restarted again?
  5. Meet Wilbur Shott! (Still working on last name.) A character suggestion! Blurb: Wilbur is a southern raised man with a thing for animals and machines. His dad, where ever he is now, is a locomotive engineer and a gunsmith from the town they lived in and was fascinated by his father's work. He was being raised as a rancher but he never took the job seriously and often fooled around. He's usually wild and mischievous, but he is really kind. Specials: Beefalos don't seem to mind him shaving their fur, but doing it too much will aggravate them. You can shave 2 beefalos without them getting mad while they are awake, the third time is a risk. You can go for a third with a 50/50 chance of the beefalo getting aggravated. Once done, you cannot shave them while they are awake for 10 days as they will instantly get mad. The 10 day countdown starts as Soon as you shave the first beefalo. He can milk beefalos with no problem. Unless a calf is near. Right click with no tool in hand and a bucket in your inventory. Milk can be used to warm yourself via "cooking" it and then consumption. (I don't know how Winter the Devs mentioned will work exactly, but just throwing that in there.) He is really good with a lasso. (Lasso = 3 Ropes) He can lasso beefalo calves, hounds and spider queens (Will add to the list of creatures if there are more added, suitable to be lassoed.) to temporarily make them immobile. Spider queens can still birth spiders and attack if you stand too close. The hounds can still attack if you are too close also. The rope will pop off the creature after the time of it's use is over (usually 4-5 seconds) or if you kill the creature. The percentage of it used will lower 20%. Saddle Craft(?) (Not to sure if it'll work well. Same goes for the rest of the ideas) He can craft a special hat! (Sheriff Hat = 1 Straw Hat + 2 Rope + 1 Gold) Concept: Don't ask me how the material changed. Go stare at your miner's hat and smile. c: I can just kiss Wilbur! x) <3 (Will add/update more another time. I like this character now. <3 SORRY WILSON! You're still second best. e3e) Extra: Music: I was getting into the concept of my character and stumbled upon some possibly appropriate music: Sample choice, wow look at the price! It's to get the idea. This is the instrumental version: Roaring in the 20's and 30's From these fine fellows, The Texan Gypsies! Voice: If he were to be implemented, in which I highly doubt, but it's fun to go in depth with character development, his voice would be played by a harmonica as Toaster Fu suggested. I originally was thinking a violin/fiddle, but once s/he mentioned harmonica, just yes! Concerning his name choice: Also... Before anyone mentions it, I know there is a "Wilbur" supposedly already. But I chose it because of the Wright brothers and I wanted a first name not a surname, meaning I'm not using "Wright" as a name. Why the Wright brothers? Blame my father's hobby & why the heck not? If you want, you can also call him Wyatt or Wade. Wilbur Is currently having an identity crisis.