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  1. Hey guys,Scrotitus here. I usually only do minecraft series but I have been really inspired by Don't Starve and I thought we should give it a go. Here is my first episode. If we get enough support I will continue the series. Enjoy!
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number lates Issue title Graphics glitch Steps to reproduce night dusk Describe your issue So i am having this annoying glitch. this is happening every dusk and night even through day i can see this happening on some objects like trees. Thanks for help.
  3. An in-game encyclopedia (with nice artwork) could help the starter players with some hints/ideas. I am not thinking of crafting recipes (and thats why I am not checking the game's wiki site), just some words upon the flora and fauna and/or (random?) pages that man can collect (or 'unlock') into the "Book of Wilderness" or something like that. These collectible pages would contain an illustration of the topic (e.g. tallbird or animal traps) and maybe some hints that man might figure out (like those words that characters say while examining things). I know right now it would be a huge job to make this because there are lots to write about, but later on it would just need some new pages from every new stuff. Anyone likes the idea? Or have more thoughts?
  4. i believe that don't starve should have a multi-player game mode similar to minecraft that way people could enjoy it more and i also think it should have an ISO and Android app thanks and BTW AWESOME GAME!!!!!!
  5. i think alot of people would agree with me when i say that dont starve needs a better wiki when i need to find out wat something does i cant because the wiki isnt good enough i think we should all join in to make it better and keep adding things on so that the fellow dont starve players have some help