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  1. i dont really draw that much dont starve but i wanted to show off some of the things ive done. Since steam artwork doesnt really last i wanted to post directily on the main source of.... not starvingness....idk. Anyways i hope you enjoy i plan to do more in the future as i want to adopt wendy into my own personal works....
  2. Hey, a longer while ago i've tried my luck in drawing Wilson, and today i've decided to once again attempt to draw. This time i drew my favourite character, i like to think i've improved myself since last time, used Fire Alpaca and spent about two hours on it. What do you guys think?
  3. After my previous thread discussing the concept that Abigail is too powerful, various arguments were made towards the areas where Abigail is also a problem. Wendy can summon Abigail with minimalistic amounts of downside, and when Abigail is summoned she never leaves until she is defeated. This causes Abigail to be both an above average boon, and a below average nuisance. On one side, Abigail can slaughter many lower level mobs with ease; and her damage scaling at night improves this even more. Against these mobs, Abigail has little chance of failure unless Wendy does not help her; or the mobs mass pile on her. Making her an extreme benefit. On the other side, Abigail is also an annoyance. Because she never goes away, and her aggression clings to enemies, she is a blatant problem when players are trying to function nearby enemies but do not want to hurt them. Especially if you need those enemies alive, for whatever reason. This could be viewed as balance, but in general; it does not feel like it. It feels like the developers made Abigail overpowered, but because they put so few limitations on her she ends up also being a hindrance to players. This is balanced, but having the scale tip violently in both directions at random is not a very stable or enjoyable balance. It ends up allowing the player to dominate absurdly sometimes, and other times be frustrated by unavoidable problems. And so I suggest Abigail be changed to be a more drop-in-drop-out companion. Instead of requiring a large sanity cost and sacrifice to summon her indefinitely, Wendy should be able to summon Abigail briefly at the cost of some drops of sanity and health. Abigail then disappears by the next morning, and cannot be summoned again for another few days. Although, the cooldown would be lower then it is if she is defeated. What this means is, players will be able to summon Abigail when they want to take on mobs or specifically powerful enemies. But, since Abigail disappears soon after; she will not hang around to the degree where she will hinder players who do not want her around. This satisfies both problems, she will no longer be a ceaseless source of lesser mob kills; players have to be selective, and she also no longer will be a constant third wheel; because she sticks around for only a short while. Having the cost of summoning her reduced allows players to spawn her immediately on demand for help, at a small toll, allowing her to be used more strategically when you are in danger or need her assistance quickly. As opposed to running after butterflies, which is also a needlessly annoying concept.
  4. Everything other than Willow the Triumphant is for trading! .3.
  5. Welcome to My Art Thread! Hello! I am Rai. Feel free to call me anything you like, i don't mind. I joined this forum at June 26. I love drawing fan arts and stuff or comics. I draw traditionally, but sometimes digitally with mouse. I made this to put my art here, and i want to be closer with the forum. I'm sorry i am not really good at speaking English because English isn't my first language. I like to draw Wendy a lot, because she is my favorite. Well, that's all i guess. Hope you enjoy my art. I hope i can be very active here! I am always busy with school, and i am super lazy. (I will edit or update this post if needed.)
  6. So, I'm new to the forms and figured why not post some of my "art". I'm not very good at drawing people yet so I'm just practicing. Now behold, MY CRAPPY CAMERA QUALITY! *dun dun duuuuu* based on art by Raven Crow
  7. Bonjours/Bonsoirs je commence un let's play sur Don't Starve RoG avec Wendy. Donc je fais la promotion de ma chaîne youtube: Elle est pas toute neuve mais les vidéos si Il y a une bonne qualité vidéo [1080p] malgré le fait que je balbuties beaucoup surtout dans la première vidéo... soyez un peu indulgent s.v.p... J’essaye de résoudre le problème en préparant un peu à l'avance le contenu de la vidéo mais bon... c'est pas très concluant :/ (même si je trouve qu'il y a du progrès). Enfin voila je suis un petit débutant j’espère en voir quelques uns pointer le bout de leur nez sur ma chaîne Peut être que je ferais un english sub si j'ai le temps et un peu plus de visibilité sur mes vidéo. Donc à bientôt j’espère venez nombreux (soyez pas timide !)
  8. I'm sure a lot of you guys have had this cross your minds before but... Since everyone who dies now can be brought back to life by various methods... what about Abigail? ... My thoughts: If she were to recover her human form again, i suppose she would look similar to Wendy... with the hair-style a little different... But, assuming, she is the younger of the two, she will should still follow her sister (A twin character - two in 1!) like in her ghost form but can do so much more like be able to cut down trees, wear hats, armor, and weapons, granted she would lose some of her ghost-form's abilities, like AoE damage, illumination... but will gain the same abilities of a regular player... or like that of Maxwell's Shadow puppets... but having her to eat while in human form could be a good anchor for this perk... But then she would... be able to have her own inventory... that the player can view maybe just above/below their Wendy's (I'm starting to see why they didn't want to let Abigail live now...) ... Too many UI's... but story wise, shouldn't/wouldn't it make sense?
  9. Somewhere, in a world much like the one in Don't Starve lies characters who resemble the ones from the game we know and love. But past that appearance, almost nothing is the same. There personalities are opposite of the ones we know! (To an extent) Ask these characters a question! The ones you can talk to are: Wilson Willow Wolfgang Wendy WX78 Wickerbottom Woodie Wes Maxwell Sorry! No ROG characters. There will be references to ROG though. In fact, one character heavily relies on ROG logic. Please no direct shipping questions. (No 'Wilson! Go out with Willow' or 'Wolfgang! How is your love life with Wickerbottom', ect.) Relationships are okay though. (Ex. 'Wendy, how is your relationship with Maxwell?)
  10. hey there im doing this to try and improve my spelling and grammar criticize is ok just not very harsh Chapter 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wake up to blue sky's where am I ? this is not my room, am I dead? she tried to sit up and pain pierced her head. Then a man appeared before her in a puff of gray smoke "say pall you don't look too good " he said with a smirk " better find some food before night comes " . she stood up and had her mouth open to bombard the man with question's but before she could he disappeared just how he had came. She stood up and walked around, am I alone here? the question lingered in her head . at least I have Abigail with me . she picked some berry's and collected some flint , then the sun started to set she sat down trying to make a fire but it was hope less she needed logs which she was not strong enough to get . she braced herself to go into the darkness,at least there's not any monsters .then a screech sounded in the distance , what the but monsters don't exist! she ran as fast as she could then there was a fire if she could just make it ! the monster latched onto her arm , it was limy and cold she did not like the feeling of it on her arm so she tugged it off and screamed " help !!!!!! " " ill go check it out " one voice said , the other said" ok hares a torch ". as the light got closer she saw a man with a torch in hand . the monster hissed and let go of her she collapsed and the man asked " Are you ok?"
  11. Hi guys! It's been over a year since I've been here (ahahaha boy college sure keeps you busy!!) Anyway I'm working on drawing all the Don't Starve characters in my cutesy style. starting with Wendy because she's so much fun to draw! I'd love feedback and company as I try to finish all these ,,,, (I have a bad habit of never finishing things)
  12. Welcome to The Don't Starve Best of The Month Page! Basic Page Information What Exactly Is this page about? Each month I'll pick out the best of the Don't Starve Fan lore, Videos, Cosplay, and Art and post it here! (Of course with the permission of the original post creators) How Could you contribute? Link up your favorite Don't Starve Lore page or art work(Cosplay and Videos are very much appreciated) in the section below I read all the comments so I can't miss it. When is the Page Updated? Friday or Thursday nights upon the end of each month. (Central Pacific Time) Want your Art(and or Cosplay) or post sponsored here? Just ask and link me up to the the art or page and I'll check it out. This Months Best Artwork! Willow and Chester All Credit Goes to Muffycake She did all the work I am just displaying it on a page. Here is the original Post Here is her profile This Months BEST Cosplay! Wendy All Credit Goes to Cyanea for this Excellent cosplay of Wendy Original post Cyanea's profile This Months Best Video! The History of Maxwell lore Seriously a awesome Video Credit goes to TeoSS69 for the Post Courtesy of @Craig_Perry and @d2r Original Forum post TeoSS69 Profile CREATING THE VIDEO Credit Goes to Klei Enterntainment Klei youtube channel This Months Best Lore/Post! "What if Webber's father was....Wilson? Wilson is canonically is like 30 y/o, so he could have son. And he teached Webber to shave. And, maaybe, Wilson hates spiders SO much because it ate his son?? "~Kenny1889 This is some of the weirdest lore I've read But it gets pretty funny if you read the comment section Creators Profile
  13. Welcome to My Don't Starve Art Page Here I will Post all the art I've done This is a picture of me in Don't Starve the sketch was done by DwerBomb NOTE This is the rough draft not fully done
  14. So here I have a don't starve game cover it needs a little bit of work but its my first run on making this kind of thing any ideas? Btw I have a youtube channel and it is I play don't starve and other games. But back on topic here is the jpeg form fell free to edit it and repost it below I really want to see what you guys can do thanks! Tell me what you think its my first time doing this XD
  15. Why Wendy suffers loss of sanity when grasping or is near an Evil Flower?,she is supposed to have a tematic of death and psychopath In my view it would be well that did not have problems with this type of flowers.
  16. So today I got 2 wigs at the store, that looked just like wendys hair (one a kids, one an adult) And the adult one fit right. Funny thing about the kids. It was so bad when I put it on, you could see ALL the netting underneath it. (worst wig, but it was 75% off, so, it was about a dollar) But this wig works, so horray. I also a few days ago bought this set of face make up paint stuff for the cosplay, which I am super doing now. Progress Wig Flowers Shirt Skirt Socks Shoes Makeup Wish me luck!
  17. I fall in love for the character Wendy, the little girl haunted by the ghost of her twin sister Abigail... So, after surviving 132 days with her (my record for now), I made a little fan art for Don't Starve with the two sisters. I hope you like it ^___^
  18. Hey, everyone. Long-time lurker, first time poster. Something about Don't Starve made me feel like writing a poem. So I've decided to put it here for your amusement. I like to imagine the characters keep diaries. And that as they lose sanity, their entries become progressively more erratic as they begin ranting on and on about "shadow creatures". I visualized this as an entry in Wendy's diary when she's more or less gone completely insane (sanity <40, in game terms). I will say, it's pretty dark. Darker than I intended it to be. So it goes. *** Terror, Terror, Terrorbeak, Through the black-stained night you sneak, From the shadow, from the deep, To my darkened room you creep. Terror, Terror, Terrorbeak, Though these sturdy walls my keep, Through the very cracks you seep, Aiming for my throat you leap. Terror, Terror, Terrorbeak, For my virgin blood you seek, Feel your tongue across my cheek, Of what next – I cannot speak. Terror, Terror, Terrorbeak, You will never let me sleep, Though I scream and though I weep, To stop you I am far too weak.
  19. hi guys I decided to create a new post,because I did not know paint when created the first .Special thanks to Ellebelly24 by idea of wendy link
  20. I am aware that the drawing is not the greatest. This is also a work in progress and a quick sketch (took about half an hour all together)I see a lot of Willow and Wilson ship around, and I was wondering, who could be shipped with Wendy? I was thinking Wolfgang, but then I decided Wes would be the better pairing. What do you guys think? I'm hoping to continue doing this drawing, and hopefully draw it on the computer.
  21. Alright, guys, in a wave of inspiration I have finished my back story for Abigail and Wendy! I hope you all enjoy and please tell me what you think! A WORD OF CAUTION: the following text deals with mature content such as bereavement, violence and racial discrimination. if you feel you are uncomfortable with these concepts, please do not read this tale. I mean to cause no offense. ~~~~~~~~~~ Occultway House had been deserted for six years now; its owner had perished in the Great War, his bereaved family downsizing to a smaller, financially manageable home, two towns away. But the great wooden I-house had two visitors this cold autumn night; two familiar visitors at that: young Wendy and four minutes younger Abigail. Tender footsteps unsettled the dust on the rickety floorboards leading to the girls’ old shared bedroom; in time with each step, Wendy’s hair bunches gently beat the length of her back. “C’mon, Abigail, we have to get this done! The moon is almost out!” An impatient whisper from Wendy, who gestured a hurrying hand to the straggling Abigail. “But... it’s... heavyyy!” She strained for each word, as she exerted her strength to forcing a crate, larger than herself, up the grand staircase. “Gosh, would you stop your complaining?! Just hurry up!” Wendy rushed back down the hallway to the staircase, lending herself to pull the crate from the other side. Together, the two girls managed to eke the crate over the top step, and then Wendy was off down the hall again, leaving Abigail to push the remaining distance alone. Wendy pushed ajar the door to the bedroom; she was careful not to grasp any of the peeling paint. The centrepiece of the room was a great queen-sized bed, which the twins had shared, with ornate bed posts and canopy. The reddish colour scheme – the twins’ favourite – could seldom be seen beneath the grime and now stirring dust. Wendy shot another silent gesture for Abigail to hurry; the legs of the work laden twin began to tremor from the heavy load, which pierced the eerie silence as it scraped along the floorboards of the hallway. A few moments passed, the crate was in and the door was locked – the twins always conscious of anyone entering behind them – and then they were ready. Wendy knelt, fidgeting, waiting edgily for Abigail to lift her nose from a ghoulish hardback book that lay open on the floor. Abigail held in one hand the only candle yet lit. The flame danced teasingly on its wick; without it there would be only darkness, and darkness brings only... They were sat on the circular woolen rug at the foot of the bad, with the crate lying to the left of the bed, closest to the door. There was also a bag of oddities; Wendy had emptied this onto the floor to her right, nearest to the window, which was covered by extravagant drapes – these, in turn, were coated in muck. Silence was the clearest adornment in this old place. Abigail continued to inexhaustibly analyse the text that lay before her. “Abigail, what is taking you so long?!” Wendy finally snapped. The dust beginning to skirt her clothes seemed to jolt away, as though in fright. “Please, Wendy, take thy beak out of my heart.” Abigail retorted calmly and eloquently, daintily turning to the next page of her book. “Argh! What have I told you about quoting your silly little books when you’re talking to me? All you ever do is gorge your greedy little mind on meaningless words! It never gets you anywhere, or you wouldn’t be sat up here in our ramshackle old house with me, doing... this!” Silence. Abigail stared blankly at the pages of her book. She tried to remain stoic, but she found it too hard to respond in another quotation. Her lips visibly trembled as her eyes, hidden by the angle of her now drooping head, welled uncontrollably with tears. “Abigail...?” Wendy queried, her stern tone softening on the final syllable. “It’s these ‘meaningless words’ that are going to bring our daddy back!” Abigail cried, as she tore from the book the closest page she could grab; she crumpled the paper and slammed it to the floor, too docile to throw it at her sister. “When I tried to just get on with things when all the boys and girls at school were picking on us, you had to rise to their petty little challenges, acting out and dragging me into things! You think you’re so perfect but you just... just...” Abigail screwed up her face, throwing her arms over her head in an internal conflict over whether or not she could feasibly insult her sister. “You’re trying to blame me for what happened to us?! It’s not my fault momma made friends with that... that... *****! This was all his faul-” “No it wasn’t! Jonah is just a man, just like any other one! If you actually picked up a book for five minutes instead of hissing every time I looked at one, you might actually learn a thing or two! He was in the war also, just like daddy, and there is nothing wrong with him just because he looks different!” Wendy was taken aback. Her sister had stood up to her. They often talked about how everything had gone wrong since their mother had found another man; the pupils and teachers alike bullied the twins, so they had run away – two towns away, back to their old home, where they lived with their parents before the war. Silence had once again ensued as the two stared down at the floor. Leaning forward and shuffling the short distance across the mat on her knees, Wendy took Abigail into her harms, kissing her gently atop the head. There they stayed for some time; two children, expected to cope with mature concepts in life - death, discrimination, homelessness. They just wanted back their father. A dazed, rumbling groan. It came from inside the crate, immediately drawing the attention of the girls, snapping them away from their tearful embrace. “Oh no!” Wendy reacted worriedly, staring at the closest face of the wooden crate. “Wh-what do we do?!” She frantically queried Abigail, but her eyes remained fixed on the crate. “D-don’t worry Wendy, we can do the ritual quickly, before it fully comes round! Uh, quick, get the candl...” Their hearts dropped; both realised the single candle that had lit the room for their entire stay in the house was about to go out. Wendy scrambled to find the other candles, but when she had emptied her bag, its contents had spread across the floor in dribs and drabs. “W-wendy? Wh-what about those candles?” Abigail squeaked quietly and fearfully, as the stirring beast began to grumble. “I... I think... I think they went under the bed... I, I can’t reach!” The candle went out before she could find anymore. They were left in darkness. “Squeee!” The beast was awake. A boar. “Wendy, it’s awake! It’s awake, Wendy!” The pig immediately began to slam itself against the side of the woodworm-ridden crate; the twins had found it in a backstreet littered discarded old items. It wouldn’t hold for long, and the boar was angry. “L-look, I found the knife, Abigail! C-can you remember the sacrament without the book?” “Wendy, I want to leave, Wendy!” “Come on Abigail, the door was locked and I can’t remember where I put the key, j-just try and recite the sacrament, okay?” Through streams of tears, Abigail began to recite the sacrificial sacrament, stuttering on every word and having to breathe jarred breaths through her staggered inhalations. The wood of the crate splintered and snapped; the brutish, frustrated boar bolted forward. “Don’t worry Abigail, just carry on!” Wendy shook uncontrollably, lifting the knife ready to protect her innocent twin sister. “I feel a strange kinship with- hnkf!” The sacrament was curtailed with a sick take on a hiccup. A stab in the dark. Wendy had missed her target. Abigail lay bleeding. “A-abigail? Abigail?! Abig-” Wendy was cut short by the blow of the brutish boar, which thrashed against Wendy, tossing her limp, unconscious frame to its side as it attempted to find its bearings. Wendy awoke next morning to find an awful truth: the stab wound had proven fatal; who knows for how long Abigail lay, as her punctured lung unwillingly accepted increments of fluid. Wendy herself had received nasty blows to the head and ribs, but nothing major; not that it mattered to her, of course. Wendy’s injuries were immaterial by this point. The doorway stood stripped of its corresponding door, indicating where the boar had made its exit. But Wendy did not exit. She sat with the body of her sister. She continued to sit for some time. She never left, at least not by her own accord... An unfortunate tale, I must admit, but my dealings are not with the fortunate. A part of my job description. How have I told you this story? Well, Abigail came to me herself; told me about her life with Wendy, their trials, their lacking tribulations... she wanted me to help. Well, at least they are both together now. What more could I afford to give to the child? What could she give me in return? . ... My name is Maxwell. I don’t give away happiness for free. ~~~~~~~~~~ EDITS: Lots of edits as I go along; I have a habit of posting first, proof-reading later.
  22. I am incredibly proud of myself. Drawing on the Gimp program was a challenge, especially with just a laptop mouse track pad..