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  1. All Roleplay Information and out-of-character chat is kept here ~A Roleplay~ A vortex opens in the middle of an open field in between suburban houses. It spits out thirteen people, all of them landing on each other, for all of them to deal with themselves. The vortex closes behind them, sick laughter coming from it prior. A blimp flies by with a big screen on it. It's a Plot Convenience Inc. blimp. The screen turns on, showing a rather chipper red-headed anchorman. "Hello, I am Anachronism, the anchorman. Welcome to the wonderful town of Demood. But the welcome must wait for now, we have breaking news. A new type of tree has been discovered in the local forests of Demood." The screen shows a large, strong, thick wooded tree with huge wavy branches, and a giant head of orange leaves and hot pink blossoms. "Scientists are calling it the everorange. They desperately warn everyone to not... ehm... touch it. Hoo boy is this different. Well, anyway, that uh, concludes our broadcast day." Naturally it is compelling to to touch the tree. The suburbs lay close to the nearby town, but not too close, yet not too far. You can say the clocktower sticking up above the buildings proudly. The world is vast and full of opportunity. Begin.
  2. DISCORD SERVER: Hello, everyone! It's me, @Weirdobob, owner of Weirdosity, a roleplay that has for a very long time been a singleplayer-only experience via steam, but is now on the forums! This thread is for a couple things: Puzzles Updates You guys to chat around and try to glue the lore together Polls that may affect the multiplayer RP (Later) Out-of-character conversation Info! Events For now, this OP will have a couple things. A list of structures in the main town, the form you need to fill out for a character (If you want in) and The Library of Characters. The library works by that more character info will be added to it as more are unlocked in the group RP, as to prevent spoilers. However, it will start out with both Weirdo and Joe. "It's useless to keep secrets from them. They'll find you out for all you are anyway." Now, note this, please. Just because I'm "Weirdobob" and I'm known for being somewhat silly, my roleplay is very serious. It's singleplayer form is known for dabbing into quite a bit of terrain, as I'm sure @MenaAthena, @ImDaMisterL, and @Mack18853 can confirm. "These 3 anger me." Want a character in the RP? Fill out this form! NOTE: Please, PLEASE, put it in a spoiler! Rules: No Godmoding. Pretty self explanatory. No controlling other people's characters without their permission. Not even I do this, unless it's for something such as killing them, or preventing a certain action. No twisting the actual story, or trying to add your own plot points. Look bud I already wrote this ages ago I ain't having you ruin it No doing the impossible, or going around requirements, or bypassing balances. Pretty self explanatory. Received Applications: List of buildings in the town of Demood: (Note: There is a bigger city on the other side of the Moog Mountain Range named Moog City) Library of Characters:
  3. Hi, it's me, Weirdobob, king of stealing ideas! Today's stolen idea is from @ImDaMisterL, who also recommended I steal said idea! He's like, the nicest pirate I've ever met! Now anyway, if you haven't grown some beard from being on here for too long and reading every off topic thread there ever was, let me explain to you what said stolen idea is! This is a thread where I say I'd be good for being a moderator on the forums and all of the replies are either silly or ridicule. I already stalk everything so why not let me do it with a little more motive? That's right, you want me to be a moderator. So everyone get up off your chairs, mention @JoeW for the nine thousandth time this week, and vote weirdobob for presi- for moderator. Yeah. though if anyone comes at you with a presidential poll say you're voting for me in 2020. Even if it's not an american poll. I'm running everywhere.
  4. Welcome all, to the greatest thread in the world! Full of wonderful things and people, all for you! Isn't this cool? This thread is now basically dead, but, for those of you here at this moment, have fun! THE POLLS USED TO CHANGE OFTEN! THEY WON'T UPDATE ANYMORE! Hey Everybody! It's me, Weirdobob! Welcome to my thread! Here I put some random polls you could care less about, and let all of you guys talk and do your own things, and you can feel free to talk about whatever you like over here, use it as a dump for your thoughts or deepest darkest secrets, whatever, it's up to you! Please don't get too out of control here though, while this is a topicless off-topic, the forums still do have rules to follow. You can read up on those rules here! Anywho, I'll let you get to it, talking to people or oogling over my magnificence. The rest of this main post is a main collection of stuff I do. Oh, and might I suggest you follow this thread? THIS IS THE VIDEO THAT GOT ME MY TITLE! All Flufficorns as of Febuary 3rd, 2017 are below! My Steam Profile: My Steam Group: My Thread:
  5. I heard this on day 50/51, right at the change of the day. I was playing as Wolfgang, and had dug up graves earlier that day. My sanity level was about 80.Edit: It happened again at the turning of days 52/53, and I was camping near the same graveyard.
  6. I wanted to put the volume up but clicked the wrong key on my keyboard and this appeared... How do i get rid of it??? :S