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  1. Water holds its heat way longer than it should, falling water should rapidly lose heat. This makes it really hard to control temp of surrounding areas when water doesn't act like you would expect it to.
  2. I'm trying to figure out what to do with all my water. First, the clean water: I have tapped one geyser which is continually pumping water into a pool. The pool feeds two electrolysis devices that are running nearly continually to provide oxygen for 13 dupes. Though lately they've been stopping due to gas backup, which means I need more dupes. I'm also feeding into 8 hydroponic farms, 5 air scrubbers, and 11 algae terrariums, 5 showers, and 7 toilets. So, I'm not running out of clean water, nor am I overflowing. Its balanced. Second, the polluted water: This is where I'm running into troubles. Currently I've tapped two natural gas geysers that are currently providing fuel for 9 generators. Strangely, I can't get ahead of the power drain, but that's a topic for another post. Anyway, the 9 generators create 607.5g/s of polluted water. This is added to by the outputs from the oxygen scrubbers, toilets, and showers. Additionally, to help cut down on sublimation, I've crunched all my slime through distillers. I ran out of sand about 100 cycles ago, so at the moment the only way I have to get rid of polluted water is hydroponic farm tiles growing mealwood or pincha pepperplants. This is not nearly enough. Even if I could purify the water, it would simply make me overflow with clean water instead of polluted. I still have plenty of map space left, but if I continue to scale up, I'm going to run out of places to put water. Does anyone have any suggestions? TL;DR: At 340 cycles, running into a surplus of water. Don't know how to get rid of it.
  3. I just made it to 250 Cycles. I have really loved this game so far as it has truly scratched the itch for running an efficient ant colony. I thought I would share some of the choices I made that I think might serve you well if you too want to go for a super efficient play style (with the game mechanics atm). I realize that play style may not be up your alley - but there might be a gem of two below that could help you understand resources or a set up that might make your life easier. On with the screenshots Base at Cycle 250: Base at 125: Base at 72: Things I learned: Base layout - keep in mind where gases are going to go if you produce them or let them go in your base. Highest to lowest is are as follows: Hydrogen, contaminated O2, 'clean' O2, chlorine, Co2. (At least so far...) This can help you as you can harness a little power off of Hydrogen later in your base, as you see with my hydrogen pump and generator, at the top of my base. The hydrogen is being produced from the electrolizers at the bottom of the base. If you also leave a pit or hole at the bottom of your base Co2 tends to just float to it with no real to deal with it. 'Best Resources' - I almost named this post Sand > Contaminated water as I didn't comprehend how essential sand would become... So for me these are the resources: Water > Sand > Contaminated water > Algae > Slime. Water is really O2 for me from electrolizers. Sand filters Contaminated water mid and late game to keep O2 production going. Contaminated water will become your largest source of water if you start hunting for it early. Algae and Slime (which you turn into Algae via tech) are good early and mid game BEFORE you can make an electrolizer. As you soon as you can make that get rid of your algae terrarium immediately if you can. (More on why in a bit) Food - Rush mealwoods via planter tech. As soon as you have these going in good supply stop cooking asap. Seriously. They will eat the meal lice with out cooking and cooking is just another sap on your water supply. Get the tech for the planter, fridge, and meal table and your food job is done. O2 - There has been a ton of posts so far and I agree that electrolyzers are THE way to go. I played with algae terrariums for a while and hunted algae and slime like a mad man but the pitiful O2 output for the price of water is way too high atm. I have had two electrolyzers running oxygen in by base I think for over a hundred cycles. Stress - I think at cycle 40 things start to get out of control with stress. Keep in mind your dupes have been digging like mad men and women for a while so they are 'dirty' and 'grimy'. Even with a shower, lavoratory, and personalized massage tables for my dupes the ones at 100% stress are too much to deal with. Do keep in mind I take only 'destructive' dupes as the 'vomit' ones are a stress juggernaut waiting to happen. For a while I just let them break machines and simply rebuilt another allowing the first broken machine to remain broken as they often attacked the same machine over and over again and would often leave many other machines alone. SO I finally started euthanizing the worst of the worst in a Co2 room I made at the bottom of my base. In the picture below, you can see I would use 'move' to place a stressed out Dup in the room while another would come eventually when I put a 'close' order on the door. All the tombstones in the picture above are the result of 'maintaining a healthy colony stress level' ;P Water filtration - the set up that is almost necessary for long term survival is a water filtration system to handle contaminated water. As I said above water is O2 so once you run out of water you are finished with the current game mechanics. So as soon as you can start hunting for contaminated water - probably something to keep in mind when hunting algae and slime as all three tend to be together. The image below is a set up I used in two bases. The idea is to pump contaminated water from the outside of the base (assuming you have a liquid pump to bring it in) to a pre-built room to handle exterior water(s) and the contaminated water you will produce from a shower and lavatory. This contaminated water is brought to another room to a water filter and then the clean water is available in a separate reservoir via a pump for your electrolyzers, shower, lavatory and other clean water purposes. Water filtration is the key reason sand is so very important as it is the only filtration material used at the moment. Power - Sadly the mouse wheels are really the only 'good' way to go super late into the game. Yes Coal is amazing but finite. Do keep an eye for it and grab it when you can but by cycle 150 I think most of mine was virtually gone. Hydrogen is technically 'good' but you can produce enough on purpose from electrolyzers to sustain a base long term without destroying your water supply. In my top most image you can see a Hydrogen pump and generator used at the top of my base as hydrogen naturally rises to the top to harness a bit of power off the hydrogen. Those are really there to filter the hydrogen out of the breathing space of the base though - not as a long term means of power. Research - Don't charge down the tech tree(s) without regards to what your base needs. Personally I found no need for any of the techs in the third tier. This might have been because of my base layout that kept in mind the gases properties so I didn't need any of the odd things at the end of the tree. Liquid and Gase pumps, Air locks, water filtration, and the basic techs were about all I needed. You can keep doing techs you don't need BUT they will destroy the amount of water in your base. The third tier of techs require boat loads of water - just don't do it you are trying to be efficient. Suggestions for the game and fun bugs - 1) For gods sake, add an 'auto harvest' function to the planter. I just spent 250 cycles mindlessly clicking on these to be harvested. 2) Bottled contaminated water can't be removed in your base when you 'sweep' it. I have bottles from disassembled machines here and there in my base and my ocd for a clean base is killing me with these bottles just sitting there 3) If you reload a game - the gas pumps particularly connected to a hydrogen generator perform the animation of pumping but the pipe(s) to the hydrogen generator are 'empty'. If you break down and rebuild the gas pump after a re-load it works properly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope this gives you ideas if you are shooting to be 'efficient' - for myself my water is enough that I might make it to cycle 300 but I think I'll dig for the edge and hope to send my dupes out to space. Next colony I will shot to add a Dup every time they are available and see if I can manage a giant circus of colony without euthanizing poor Dupes like Neil above. Thanks Klei, this has been a great game so far with alot of potential for fun times in the future.
  4. As you can see from this pic I have a pretty active geyser very close to my base in a big slime zone. some 17-18 cycles ago the geyser's water broke the (I assume slime) layer that separated it from a polluted water pool. Now, my question is: since my colony is running out of water, should I try filtering that big body of polluted water or should I wait until I have the means to counter the geyser as well? From what I've gathered, a water filtration machine will output clean water at standard temp no matter how cold or hot the polluted water it's taking is, so temperature shouldn't be a problem. BUT, the danger of the geyser remains. Note that I am currently researching Percolation and the only research I have left is Temp Modulation and Insulation, so I don't have insulated tiles yet. I also haven't mined any Abyssalite yet so I don't have that either, and I am also missing Gold Amalgam because to get that I'd have to enter the slime zone and there's another geyser (not shown here) right in front of the outer rim. P.S.: look at all that slime O_o
  5. So right now the chlorine doesn't serve any purpose and I was thinking that it would be a nice idea to use it to purify water. I have 2 options in mind: A machine that runs on electricity, pumps in chlorine and contaminated water and pumps out purified water. (harder to implement) A machine that runs on electricity, pumps in chlorine and contaminated water and pumps out chlorinated water that dissipates chlorine into air over time. Suggest below if you have any other ideas how to implement this.
  6. Is there any way to make a clean or contaminated water? I'm not talking about taking the water from existing water pools, but creating it from other resources.
  7. So my polluted water comes in at 23.5C and exits the Purifier at 40C this ends up heating the whole base... Is that normal ? I can tell from looking at the temperature map overlay. It seems a bit much considering water is supposed to take a lot of heat to change temperature... Where as cooling off water takes ages and there's no machine to do so...
  8. Nuclear power would a fun thing to introduce in a simple way yet still could require enough parts to make it more of an end tech item It would need a fule supply so a new block would need to be added (either uranium or plutonium or something game friendly with a new name) To use it the plant would need to be cooled using a constant clean water supply pumped directly into it with a wast water and heat by product The waste water can be cleaned and then sent back around but the heat would cause the same effects that it dose now Failing to supply the plant with water could result in a brief period of it producing tones of toxic gasses and more heat for a few cycles until it would eventually explode In the event of it exploding it would take out a set area around it and cause all water and air near by to become toxic and polluted
  9. So after many, many hours. I've finally got this working. Free, infinite water, with minimal downsides. There are actually a few downsides to be aware of though, should you try to do this too. Firstly, this water is HOT. Pumping it around without cooling it off first will quickly overheat your base. You can solve this either one of two ways. Pump cooled gasses through the water to bring the temp down, or run ALL your pipes through insulated tiles. Preferably, those tiles should be made from abyssalite. I opted for doing both. I made a few mistakes in this build, so I might be trying this over again. Firstly, I didn't realize until after I sealed the room off that you can build pipes behind the geysers themselves. I should have snaked that gas pipe through every single tile instead of just going around the outside edge. Second, insulated gas pipes cool off the tiles they're passing through. The path the gas takes in and out of the chamber SHOULD have been insulated. Because it isn't, the tiles are somewhere like -40C, which in turn is actually freezing the water pipes that share that same space. I can't open that wall to fix the pipe, or the water pressure will burst it and shoot water everywhere. Interesting things I learned here: There seems to be a bug with gas flowing through pipes. The temperature of the gas resets each time the gas moves, meaning that the contents of the pipes never actually heat up. Also, Wheezeworts are capable of over-cooling themselves and they become stifled somewhere around -70C to -80C. There go my dreams of building an oxygen purification system that doesn't use any power.
  10. So, dupes uses sponges to clean up. We should be able to squeeze the water out of them, and maybe possibly seperate dirty from clean water, as in, don't squeeze that dirty sponge over a clean waterhole? iunno, it just seems super wasted to have no way to get back what you cleaned up.
  11. There should be a deposit function for dupes to carry out. Much like the mop function, you select an area of which dupes should pick up some water. Once the area of water is selected, a line will be tagged to your mouse and wait for you to click on an x-y position. Once done, dupes will carry the water from the selected area and move it to the x-y position that was selected. "How do you eat an elephant?" A dupe might ask. You tell him, "One bite at a time."
  12. Is it just me or does there always seem to be less water after the use of showers/toilets. I'll go through about 10 tiles of water pumping and end up with only 4-ish tiles of contaminated water.
  13. 1) Maintenance Robots- robots that do basic maintenance like putting water and algae into devices, make food, add coal to coal generators, harvest plants, etc. They would require a charging station that would consume electricity, and some hefty research to unlock. This would make large base maintenance more automated so duplicates can focus more on collecting resources. 2) Refining contaminated water through steam. We already know we can convert any water to steam when exposed to high amounts of heat so why not make a device for this to make the process a lot easier. This is because we will eventually run out of sand and that means pure water becomes an issue. 3) Tool shed that could upgrade duplicate ability to mine and construct temporarily. Each tool has to be made in queue and lasts for certain amount of charge. Tool shed, just like research stations require research for more powerful tools. 4) Algae plants that can be grown like mealwood and produce small amounts of algae, the plants themselves recycle small amounts of very toxic any type of gas. The plants would require any type of water to grow.
  14. We should have the ability to label an area as NO utilizable water. This way any water inside the area selected is labeled as NOT utilizable water. And to support water systems, this should be a constant area so any water that enters or leaves this area changes its label. I had that nice system set up for my showers and lavatories, but instead of going to my closer depot for water, they took all of the water from my water system so that I now have to find some way to replenish it.
  15. I have played the game a few times and have gotten quit good at getting a population of 20+. This I have found comes with the draw back of leading to not having enough water to sustain food or oxygen. I felt a lot of spare water was wasted when my duplicates mop up contaminated water from vomit and piss (the kind peed on the floor). A water disposal site like a Sink where the duplicates could place this contaminated water, mopped up in the form of Bottled Contaminated Water that I could then pipe to a water storage site would be a improvement. Also there is no way in game to get water from gas, a dehumidifier that pulls water from the air or a water maker that make it by combining hydrogen and oxygen would both be great additions. These two additions makes seance in two ways. One in a enclosed environment like a bio-dome, space station, or your colony in game every spare bit of water is used and reused. Fresh water is cooked with and drank, turning it to gray water. Then the gray water is used to flush, clean and take showers, turning it to black/contaminated water. Lastly black water is used to water plants like algae to turn back into gray water. Further filtration can be done to Gray water to turn it to fresh water on a need to have bases. While, "lost water" ,the water we or plants consume and comes out as breath or sweat can be retrieved from the air by condensation with a Dehumidifier. Making a conservation of mass cycle. Two this makes for good research and game prorogation. Start with no research (Outhouse). Tear one research being able to Move Water (Liquid Pipe, Liquid Pipe Bridge, Liquid Pump, Liquid Valve, Liquid Vent). Tear two divide into Water Use (Lavatory, Shower, and Sink.) and Water Filtration, (Water Purifier, Bio Distiller, Electrolyzer, Dehumidifier). Tear three would be Water saving (Compost Lavatory, Sonic Shower, and Hand Sanitizer) and Advanced Flirtation (Mesh Tile, Air Scrubber, Water Filter, and Gas Converter). Things like, Apothecary, Rejuvenator, Gas Filter and Manual Airlock, that are now on the water research line could be moved. Apothecary, and Rejuvenator could be moved to a medical research line or stay in the water line and be there own branch in the line. Manual Airlock could be moved to the decor line. Gas Filter could be move to the gas line. The idea of filtration of water through plants could be added as a Tear two and Tear three research of the food line in the form of an Algae Filtration Plot and Advanced Algae Filtration Plot. The new Items would work like this. Sink: Would be a place to wash hands and dump Bottled Contaminate Water. It would have water intake and water output connections. the water coming out would always be contaminated water. Dehumidifier: Would pull in surrounding gas and put out contaminated water. It would have power input and a water output connections. It would out put the same gas as it pulled in and always put out contaminated water. Gas Converter: Would take in hydrogen and oxygen and out put water. It would have power input, hydrogen intake(gas intake), oxygen intake(gas intake), and water output. It would put out clean water and put out Chlorine. Compost Lavatory: Would use less water then the lavatory, and some dirt and output fertilizer. It would have a water input and out put connections. it would need dirt deposit from the duplicates rarely, and would put out fertilizer and contaminated water. Sonic Shower: Would use vary little water and power to clean duplicates. It would have power input, water input, and water out put. it would be loud and cause stress to duplicates or wake them if sleeping. it would put out contaminated water. The Algae Filtration Plot: Would take in contaminated water, and carbon dioxide and make oxygen and water. it would have power input, water input and output connections. it would pull in carbon dioxide and out put oxygen and would not need refills of algae as it would be growing it instead. A Tear three advancement of this would also produce an edible algae cake, but would need a dirt or fertilizer deposit from the duplicates to produce this.
  16. Hey there. I was just wondering how do i get water boiled the most efficent way? i tried it with several battery chunks where i built 12 big batteries in a row and flooded it with 17g water per s. anything above would just flood the room without boiling. So with four of those chunks i just got about 60 - 80g of clean water per second. Is there any better way to boil? A/C's seem to be better and coal/hydrogen generator seems to be best in terms of temperature but coal and hydrogen are no stable source and A/C's needs just way to much power i guess
  17. Manually mopping stress-induced vomit or urine is a repetitive and unfun task for the player that detracts from the fun of the game – planning out a base and managing gas, liquid, food, and stress support systems. Further, mopping can be detrimental because, as far as I can tell, mopping destroys the mopped liquid. For example, this makes a common strategy for infinite water, i.e., using stress-induced vomiting/urine to generate unlimited water, more difficult to implement. Whether this is an intended feature or an exploit, the reliance on this system is often used as an argument against automating mopping. I think the game would benefit from a water zone designation system, similar to what is used in Dwarf Fortress. For those not familiar, DF allows the player to designate areas that Dwarves (Dups) can use as a water source, and also designate areas that Dwarves (Dups) should dump water into. (See DF Pit/Pond) A similar system in ONI would allow the player to designate areas that Dups should take water from. Further, the player could designate areas that water (or separately, contaminated water) should be dumped into, allowing for transport jobs that create reservoirs of water and contaminated water. ONI already allows Dups to carry liquids (i.e, when a Dup draws water from a water source) and liquid-gathering jobs (i.e., drawing water for delivery to an algae farm). Extending this system to allow water drawing and dumping zones would allow mopping to be automated (removing a repetitive, unfun task for the player). Also, allowing the mopped liquid to be dumped into an area of the player's choosing would allow for easy (albeit inefficient) transportation of distant water sources to a main water reservoir, prevent Dups from stealing from a pump reservoir, starving the pump, and allow for the efficient transfer of vomit into contaminated-water receptacles for recycling.
  18. an amazingly entertaining streamer has been doing don't starve and has just hit 300 days .. and burnt down his base..hes not he greatest at it but hes one of the most entertaining its worth a visit to his stream if you like this sort of thing because he deserves a chance to get a large fan base him out at that link :)Thanks for reading
  19. It's hard to get by without honey early-game, but once you get a bunch of hives up after the first winter you can crank out piles of it. So, I've seen a lot of good posts about how honey and honey-made items should either be nerfed stats-wise, or made harder/more dangerous to farm (the nosy bear would be awesome!). My big concern, though, is if there are plans to implement other decent healing items. My biggest gripe with the game after the rain update is how honey and honey items are the only good way to consistently heal yourself. If honey is made more scarce (or less powerful), I would like some alternate healing items and preferably ones that can't be planted and farmed at your camp. Maybe something mushroom or spider-based? The closest thing we have now is blue shrooms, which restore health in exchange for sanity. How about something that restores health in exchange for hunger? There are a lot of times where I'm flush with food but need some health. Maybe a "monster martini" could improve health and sanity, but make you really crave fistfuls of jam? Or how about a wearable silk-based bandage or sling/cast that heals you slowly but makes you move much slower over time? That way you could have a healing/vulnerability trade-off.
  20. Tweaking yes!I think the most important balancing thing we can add is maybe marginally decreasing returns to eating the same food over and over.Example, you eat Cooked or Regular carrots exclusively and eventually it reaches the point where the carrots do not give you anything at all in terms of hunger replenishment. This has an invisible counter that slowly returns the food back to its original power only after a long period of time where the character does not eat it. This makes it so players cannot: - Horde one food, Morsels or Monster meat and Candy.- Make players eat variety regularly meaning more food could possibly spoil and require better management.- Causes the food spoilage mechanic to actually affect the players more dynamically.I imagine early game players are eating Carrots, Berries and Morsels in rotation. Once those has run out of its marginal benefit, players will have to shift towards crock pot recipes, farm plots for different foods and rotate between those varieties OR just be forced to go out and stock up way more.This makes space more precious, makes the player have more things to do and puts the starve back in DONT STARVE!
  21. It feels like the Don't Starve world is too... "Flat". The world needs hills and mountains and different levels of terrain (both above and below average height terrain). Hopefully this will add more possibilities such as stairs, climbing, rivers, and small lakes, different altitudes, jumping, basic swimming, holes, tunnels, mountains, hills, etc. An example of how this would work would be: [*]Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars or [*]Super Paper MarioPrinny the Quiet (I know their both Mario examples but I can't think of any others) they worked on a 2.5D/2.2D landscape so why couldn't Don't Starve? Example: from another thread. I feel like Don't Starve would really benefit from this, what do you think? [Edit:] The tags of this thread led me to a thread made in Nov 2012 about this subject. Feel free to read that one too for more clarity.
  22. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number ????? Issue title where is my world Steps to reproduce i went into adventure mode and when i saved and quit it was gone Describe your issue my adventure worldes keep disapering:fatigue:
  23. I was thinking of a few ideas and I just thought I would mention them in case,- How about a comet? It could be a rare event and when it lands you could hear a loud thump regardless of how far away you are. It could explode on impact and yield 5 - 15 rocks and some rare items(?)- This one might not be so good but what about having multiple games at a time? I'm not so sure about it myself but I can see the pros and cons in it, I have had family members wanting to play but they would kill me in under a day and I do like testing stuff out, but to be fairly honest I can live without this.- Rivers? You could having them for fishing and maybe as water jugs for the crock pot or something? It could put out accidental fires?Thanks for reading
  24. So I was thinking about ways to make the game harder and thought about seasons. Each one could have it's own difficulties and benefits, but first I need to talk about some other things that would go with the update. Medicine. Medicine can be made from flowers, plants, honey etc. Sickness. Obviously it causes impairments, what those are I don't know, can be cured by using medicine. Water. An extra bar (like food or health) The player needs to drink water to stay healthy. Now for the seasons. Spring! Lots of flowers, plants and animals, normal days, ideal for making medicine and stockpiling food. Lasts 14 days. Summer. Normal amounts of animals and plants, the days last longer, nights are shorter. You need to drink water more often. Hounds come more often as well, perhaps 3 times in the 14 days summer lasts. Winter. In winter it is a completely new experience, there are very little amounts of plant/animals and food is scarce (especially with the spoilage planned in the update tomorrow) Water is iced over (You need a pick to break the ice) and days are short. However Hounds do not show up in the 14 days this lasts. You need to be near fires ever so often to stop yourself from freezing. You also have a high chance of catching an ailment. (This makes spring important) Hope you like the idea, I am open to suggestions and above all...... Don't Starve!