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  1. Right now, the amount of water necessary to do practically anything, from Algae Terrariums to Microbe Musher, is just out of control. The problem isn't necessarily the rate of consumption. It's when they need to be refilled it obliterates time management in the colony. No. Stop it. In the name of all that is holy, please. Stop with the pointless time sinks. All of them. Time sinks aren't fun. Resource management games do not requires time sinking. People generally have a set amount of "free time". Time sinking robs people of their time needlessly. It's not cool when a movie does it by needlessly filling space between critical scenes with just filler and stock footage BS. It's not cool when some YouTube channel wastes 2 minutes of the five minutes on a silly intro. It's not cool when a teacher makes you read an entire book, when they know they are only going to test two chapters out of it. It's not cool when a video game makes their players watch their Dupes do ONE thing for 5 to 20 minutes, based on time speed. A video game is ALREADY "wasted time". Don't double up on it by wasting our free time, some of us have a very limited amount of it. I regularly feel like ONI is just stealing my time and I'm not even getting any further in the game, not because I necessarily don't know what I'm doing, but because the Dupes are just time sinking. (For the record: energy generation on the Manual Generator is an exception, since it's actually productive something, but shutting down the Microbe Musher for 10 minutes because it needs 13 gallons of water is just excessive.). Please? Thanks.
  2. So I've been playing for nearly 200 hours, and I have a really big problem with shall we call it "unit conversion". My mealwood plants need 40 kg/cycle of polluted water, and the liquid valve measures in kg/s. How many seconds in a cycle?! Dies the math even work this way, or is there some hidden trick to figuring it out? Also, I don't want to do this math, why doesn't everything in the game use the same units? Either per cycle or per second or whatever. Secondly, whatever number I need it to be set at for a single plant, do I multiply this by the number of connected plants? Or does it not work this way?
  3. I'm not sure if it's air pressure or the way water works but somehow there's a tile that is completely being ignored by falling water. It's immediately going to the water to it's side. Then I thought holy ***** I can just build a tunnel back up and it'll have no choice to push upwards. I have now made an infinite loop of water being pushed upstream without a pump and then falling back down!!! Wow I was just listening to niel degrass tyson saying the universe is under no obligation to make sense to us lol. I hope noone has found this out yet, rather proud of myself for finding this! I guess this may be decent for cooling systems maybe? dunno. I've noticed the heat is barely getting transferred upstream though. Check new post in this thread for more precise info. I guess now you can pump up all the water in all the geysers without using a water pump. Since geysers introduce additional water, it'll be sufficient to pump itself up as far as you want. I think the key is the air pocket not allowing any more water cubes to form. bluelance also mentioned it might be the mesh tiles. I also thought that and tried to delete the meshtile to the far left already in the screenshot but it still is working but maybe you need a mesh tile there to start it up. I also don't think this is really an exploit if its based on the air packet. This can happen in real life except eventually the bubbles will find a way to get through the water. Since air can't move through water in ONI this is following ONI's standard physics. I guess if mesh tiles were giving infinite energy that would be a bit weirder though.
  4. I was inspired to make this after reading Kasuha's attempt at self-cooling Natural Gas Generators and borrowing from the guide of rezecib I made a thing that's pretty nifty. Here, I made a thermally isolated room except for a one tile vent for polluted water. Two Wheezeworts in a hydrogen atmosphere have a negative temperature delta on upto 5 Natural Gas generators. (They "should" break even on 6) This eventually produces sub-zero polluted water from the Natural Gas Generators which help cool the remaining 9. In turn, they produce more cold polluted water to chill the hydrogen generator bank and the battery bank of 20 charged batteries. There is a atmo switch in the wheezewort room hooked up to a filter that when triggered will divert hydrogen from the hydrogen generators toward the vents in case the wheezeworts eat hydrogen, it should automagically re-pressurize the room. The polluted water from the airscrubbers will be used to temperature stabilize a bank of transformers and batteries warming a 120 peppernut plant farm. But that project isn't done yet. Right now it all just dumps into a basin with the natgas gen water to be pumped into a bank of 32 fertilizer factories. I have a tap for the CO2 in case I want to pipe it around before being sent for scrubbing or a desperate need to setup sterile a location. Ignore the filter on the side, I decided to relocate the filter that's currently setup but that project isn't finished. I am actually quite impressed with how quickly the polluted water takes up heat. I ended up hooking those batteries and the hydrogen generators up before getting the Natgas generators running. But they cooled down very quickly. Going from 40+ to single digits in just a few cycles. The important thing is to keep the Natural Gas generators thermally isolated except for their output. Any heat they receive from the batteries and generators end up in the output water and can lead to an upper trend. But I think with this 2 wheezeworts will effectively cool my entire energy production and distribution. I think that's good value! (I think the output water is in the teens and the wheezeworts haven't gotten the first generators to -20 yet, so theirs substantial room for more cooling.
  5. I had an idea when i saw the preview of the bottler! So the little "tree system" where the water bottler actually takes in water to bottle...it isn't very long ... or unique... so I can see a ton of annoyance with having to literally destroy and rebuild the bottler so that it's suction is submerged in water. I think a fix to that could be that right when you build it, you could decide where the suction tubing actually is placed. Maybe even no duplicant "build interaction" required- like the tubing just be placed manually and then the dupes just build the actual main pump itself. (The auto building of the pipes could ensure they go where needed (because dupes always make it insanely difficult to go to far underwater, so building the suction tubing like real tubes could be very tedious) That way you could build a pool, or use a natural pool, and get the suction tubing to be taking fluid from the bottom of the pool--no rebuild required!
  6. I have had some weird stuff happen with my water storage temperature. im taking the water to my storage from Steam Geysers so the temperature can be 50C+ degrees. i regulate the level with some switches that turn the pumps on and off. often the water in my storage gets warm. but i have a storage compactor filled with ice just above the water with removed foundation and 5 weezeworth on foundations. i have noticed that on a few occasions the temperature of the storage have droped A LOT, sometimes i even have had ice forming under the storage compactor, this without that the ice in the compator have melted it still sit at 20 000kg. the condition that seems to have to be is that water level should be just below the compator. if its too high it warms the compator and the ice inside starts to increase in temperature, but at the right level the water underneath gets really cold.
  7. So, I've been noticing that Duplicants gain stress from going under water, or even getting wet. So I started thinking about the research, and how shallow the pool of things is, right now. What if you could research different outfits once you're past researching insulation? A diving suit would allow for Dupes to go under water stress free, Oxygen masks could let them enter low O2 areas and go further to explore, and even combat suits, if the creatures in this game ever get more hostile than the little hatches we're use to. I mean, the dupe on the cover of the game has a helmet, so maybe it's something already in the works? Speaking of Research, while I do love the larger batteries, I think we should go further. Maybe Giant batteries that take 9 squares as opposed to 4, or even a reactor-like power generator. As I mentioned earlier, these would be past our current highest tier of research, so they'd take a ton longer to reach. From what I've seen on videos and in the forums, research is done by day 10 if you're bum-rushing it, and day 20 if you're really casual about it. I usually have built at least one of everything by day 50, if I have the right biomes, and I'd like to see more to do. Thanks for taking the time to read this, everyone.
  8. As I have played thousands of days in game, the auto-adjust of things has been established, as the food balance, temperature balance, gas pressure balance and so on. What my GOAL is find an auto-loop system without any manual operation. The only thing hard for me is the waste disposal. The polluted water can be consumed by the nature gas generator ( I don't let my duplicants take shower so there isn't much polluted water) The extra carbon dioxide can be stored by the gas exploit bug. But I haven't find a way to deal with the extra water which I brought from geyser. Currently I can only mop them up every few hundreds of days, but this annoys me. Is there any suggestions?
  9. I have this one geyser that has polluted water. Then I noticed that at some point, when that geyser produces water, the water will float at the top of the polluted water then given sometime it will eventually mix with the polluted water.
  10. Hi guys, I'm quite perplexed by certain characteristics of water flow in ONI. Summary: Why is it that situation 1 works, and situation 2 causes the shower to turn on for a few seconds before shutting off? Details: Ok so originally I dismissed it as a bug when replicants would hop in a shower, turn it on for a few seconds, then hop out. I googled ONI shower bug to see if I can find out how to avoid it. The first answer I found from people was that some people believed that shower works more often if water is pumped downwards because there is more water pressure. However after doing some experimentation, water does not seem to flow down wards on it's own at all. It doesn't seem to care which direction it goes.Water just follows a pipe until it finds a split then switches back and forth between the two. Then I thought perhaps the toilet is causing backflow and blocking the shower. However in situation 1, more backflow happens but it doesn't seem to matter as long as there's still somewhere for the water to go. Then my final assumption currently is that perhaps the pipe being destroyed deactivates the toilet, which is causing the problem. Somehow with both the toilet and the shower attached, only 1 of them will work. Even if the pipes are empty. So does that mean they try to reserve a free path before actually moving? That's a bit strange... I've had both pipes be completely empty with a viable vent built on top. The vent is not yet built here because I've replayed this day many times over to experiment with different situations. As long as both of them are connected it doesn't seem to work any longer.
  11. Is there any reason why I cannot connect these pipes to the main line? Every time I do, the water stops pumping. Seems like any point where there is a pipe going in 3 directions its not working but there is one other place in my base it works just fine. I'm not trying to attach both, was just trying to make at least one of them work but both have the same result.. the water stops. Can't have that because its feeding my oxidizers. Please see attached.
  12. I know that lots of trying to cool water here is how I do it. Start with hot water. and cold water and use the cold water 6.9 C to drip to the hot water at 100 g/s Half a cycle later we have cold water at 8.9 and 7.9 C water. I include you the save file if you want to test it out. I have done it in debug mode. Hot and Cold water.sav
  13. It looks like, once small amount of top water is cooled down, adjacent 1000kg water below is cooled instantly to the same temperature. Look at the water temperature. After some time, cooled even better. Hydro Switch and Liquid Filter to limit the amount of top water. Tested in debug mode, i would try this cooling system in real game.
  14. Water holds its heat way longer than it should, falling water should rapidly lose heat. This makes it really hard to control temp of surrounding areas when water doesn't act like you would expect it to.
  15. Hya all, I have been playing a lot of DST at the time. But I can't stop wonder... Why is there only hunger? When the human has more needs like staying hydrated? And what can do you do more with rain then trying to stay dry? Like catching the clean water and store it somewhere safe? Or finally be able to take a bath and be able to clean yourself at you base or near a pond. Yes, you are able to hold ice. But wouldn't it be nice to make different kinds of juice and drinks aswell? And hold these waters in a bottle when you are making a journey across the map? Or when you don't have enough gears. get a water sprinkler for in your garden instead of a flingomatic? Also makes me wonder... How much harder everthing would get? Would it become harder to play DST? Well, I certainly do know it's going to be importend to have lots of water in your storage when the summer arrives... What do you guys think? It think it would be fun and amazing! ~ Worran
  16. I'm trying to figure out what to do with all my water. First, the clean water: I have tapped one geyser which is continually pumping water into a pool. The pool feeds two electrolysis devices that are running nearly continually to provide oxygen for 13 dupes. Though lately they've been stopping due to gas backup, which means I need more dupes. I'm also feeding into 8 hydroponic farms, 5 air scrubbers, and 11 algae terrariums, 5 showers, and 7 toilets. So, I'm not running out of clean water, nor am I overflowing. Its balanced. Second, the polluted water: This is where I'm running into troubles. Currently I've tapped two natural gas geysers that are currently providing fuel for 9 generators. Strangely, I can't get ahead of the power drain, but that's a topic for another post. Anyway, the 9 generators create 607.5g/s of polluted water. This is added to by the outputs from the oxygen scrubbers, toilets, and showers. Additionally, to help cut down on sublimation, I've crunched all my slime through distillers. I ran out of sand about 100 cycles ago, so at the moment the only way I have to get rid of polluted water is hydroponic farm tiles growing mealwood or pincha pepperplants. This is not nearly enough. Even if I could purify the water, it would simply make me overflow with clean water instead of polluted. I still have plenty of map space left, but if I continue to scale up, I'm going to run out of places to put water. Does anyone have any suggestions? TL;DR: At 340 cycles, running into a surplus of water. Don't know how to get rid of it.
  17. an amazingly entertaining streamer has been doing don't starve and has just hit 300 days .. and burnt down his base..hes not he greatest at it but hes one of the most entertaining its worth a visit to his stream if you like this sort of thing because he deserves a chance to get a large fan base http://www.twitch.tv/vallash139check him out at that link :)Thanks for reading
  18. It's hard to get by without honey early-game, but once you get a bunch of hives up after the first winter you can crank out piles of it. So, I've seen a lot of good posts about how honey and honey-made items should either be nerfed stats-wise, or made harder/more dangerous to farm (the nosy bear would be awesome!). My big concern, though, is if there are plans to implement other decent healing items. My biggest gripe with the game after the rain update is how honey and honey items are the only good way to consistently heal yourself. If honey is made more scarce (or less powerful), I would like some alternate healing items and preferably ones that can't be planted and farmed at your camp. Maybe something mushroom or spider-based? The closest thing we have now is blue shrooms, which restore health in exchange for sanity. How about something that restores health in exchange for hunger? There are a lot of times where I'm flush with food but need some health. Maybe a "monster martini" could improve health and sanity, but make you really crave fistfuls of jam? Or how about a wearable silk-based bandage or sling/cast that heals you slowly but makes you move much slower over time? That way you could have a healing/vulnerability trade-off.
  19. Tweaking yes!I think the most important balancing thing we can add is maybe marginally decreasing returns to eating the same food over and over.Example, you eat Cooked or Regular carrots exclusively and eventually it reaches the point where the carrots do not give you anything at all in terms of hunger replenishment. This has an invisible counter that slowly returns the food back to its original power only after a long period of time where the character does not eat it. This makes it so players cannot: - Horde one food, Morsels or Monster meat and Candy.- Make players eat variety regularly meaning more food could possibly spoil and require better management.- Causes the food spoilage mechanic to actually affect the players more dynamically.I imagine early game players are eating Carrots, Berries and Morsels in rotation. Once those has run out of its marginal benefit, players will have to shift towards crock pot recipes, farm plots for different foods and rotate between those varieties OR just be forced to go out and stock up way more.This makes space more precious, makes the player have more things to do and puts the starve back in DONT STARVE!
  20. It feels like the Don't Starve world is too... "Flat". The world needs hills and mountains and different levels of terrain (both above and below average height terrain). Hopefully this will add more possibilities such as stairs, climbing, rivers, and small lakes, different altitudes, jumping, basic swimming, holes, tunnels, mountains, hills, etc. An example of how this would work would be: [*]Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars or [*]Super Paper MarioPrinny the Quiet (I know their both Mario examples but I can't think of any others) they worked on a 2.5D/2.2D landscape so why couldn't Don't Starve? Example: from another thread. I feel like Don't Starve would really benefit from this, what do you think? [Edit:] The tags of this thread led me to a thread made in Nov 2012 about this subject. Feel free to read that one too for more clarity.
  21. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number ????? Issue title where is my world Steps to reproduce i went into adventure mode and when i saved and quit it was gone Describe your issue my adventure worldes keep disapering:fatigue:
  22. I was thinking of a few ideas and I just thought I would mention them in case,- How about a comet? It could be a rare event and when it lands you could hear a loud thump regardless of how far away you are. It could explode on impact and yield 5 - 15 rocks and some rare items(?)- This one might not be so good but what about having multiple games at a time? I'm not so sure about it myself but I can see the pros and cons in it, I have had family members wanting to play but they would kill me in under a day and I do like testing stuff out, but to be fairly honest I can live without this.- Rivers? You could having them for fishing and maybe as water jugs for the crock pot or something? It could put out accidental fires?Thanks for reading
  23. So I was thinking about ways to make the game harder and thought about seasons. Each one could have it's own difficulties and benefits, but first I need to talk about some other things that would go with the update. Medicine. Medicine can be made from flowers, plants, honey etc. Sickness. Obviously it causes impairments, what those are I don't know, can be cured by using medicine. Water. An extra bar (like food or health) The player needs to drink water to stay healthy. Now for the seasons. Spring! Lots of flowers, plants and animals, normal days, ideal for making medicine and stockpiling food. Lasts 14 days. Summer. Normal amounts of animals and plants, the days last longer, nights are shorter. You need to drink water more often. Hounds come more often as well, perhaps 3 times in the 14 days summer lasts. Winter. In winter it is a completely new experience, there are very little amounts of plant/animals and food is scarce (especially with the spoilage planned in the update tomorrow) Water is iced over (You need a pick to break the ice) and days are short. However Hounds do not show up in the 14 days this lasts. You need to be near fires ever so often to stop yourself from freezing. You also have a high chance of catching an ailment. (This makes spring important) Hope you like the idea, I am open to suggestions and above all...... Don't Starve!
  24. The Link: Please all Dont starve Players Join http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dontstarvelovers I need more admins they say if The New Update is out The first 5Member who join are the New Admins!
  25. Just a thought, Brighter coloured (turquoise/light blue) water flowing in rivers could indicate fresh water, you could also add muddy water in ponds that effects health the same way monster meat does, maybe have a separate bar for liquids that runs out faster than hunger and extend the time it takes to starve through hunger.