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  1. Alright, I just want to point this out now, yes I made a thread already very similar to this about the opinion of having the entire SW cast in DST, however I could not just add this topic to the aforementioned thread because for some reason adding a new poll to a thread which already had a poll causes all voters of the previous poll to not be able to vote on the new one. I don't know if this is a forum bug or just an oversight of a mechanic on the forums, but regardless it caused me to have to make this second thread. If you have to close one of these threads, close the old one. OK? On with the actual topic! So after the results of my last poll, the general opinion of the forums were basically 50/50 on the matter of having the entire SW cast in DST. Now, this might have been because 2 out of 4 of the SW cast have mechanics that only work in SW, and the fact that they might look somewhat out of place, because of this, here is a new poll about just bringing Warly & Wilbur to DST, due to them already having perks that work in RoG, not conflicting with any lore, and don't look too out of place. Warly would fit just fine with the rest of the cast, and he doesn't conflict with any lore, and he IS a 20th century chef, so he could have very well have been taken with everyone else. Plus, for a game all about hunger, why is they're no chef character? Wilbur was already planned to be in DS at some point, and he already has a place in the lore where he would fit perfectly. Plus, he'd be great in PVP & PVE, and he'd be a good counterpart to Webber if they make splumonkeys loyal to him and allow him to build their huts. Basically, with splumonkeys Wilbur could lead a legion of what is one of the most dangerous non-boss mobs in the game. Like before don't comment something like "They wouldn't fit in the lore!" cause I just pointed out above that they can. And don't comment "Just download a mod!" cause that isn't what this thread is about, its about getting these characters official support sometime in the future. Downloading a mod is not a solution for everyone, and suggesting it really isn't constructive to this thread. You may have noticed you only have two "yes" options for the polls, that's because this time, the polls are about gaining enough support until Klei acknowledges this and either: 1. Adds them both (or just one of them) to the game! or 2. Says "No were not doing this." If they're answer is going to be the latter no matter what, then it would be nice if they announced it soon, so that they can close this thread and we can all just forget about ever having any bit of SW in the game. EDIT: Decided to add a section to this main post here for good suggestions for Warly & Wilbur to make them a bit better. (mostly Warly, Wilbur needs very few changes) if you come up with a good suggestion, it may be added here. *Warly - The amount of time Warly must wait to get full effect of the food he eats, now scales off hunger. This, with the right tuning, will make cheesing his disadvantage less possible using Meaty Stew, and allow for Warly to more frequently eat other, low hunger foods (like Ratatouille, Fishsticks, etc.) - Astroknot *Warly - Allow Warly to be able to craft a handheld crockpot, which would take twice as long to cook things, but offer a great amount of light and heat. Perhaps also allow him to use it as a decently powerful weapon while its cooking, and also make it ignite enemies - Astroknot *Warly - Make Warly's stats stack higher and higher as long as he keeps eating varied foods. Basically, lets say Warly eats a meat-based food, his damage goes up by 5%, if he eats another meat-based food, his damage will be at 10%, eventually lets say it maxes out at like 30%. However, if Warly's picky eater perk is activated, he loses all of the stat bonuses - ??? *Wilbur - Make splumonkeys loyal to him - @Donke60 *Wilbur - Allow the crafting of splumonkey pods - Astroknot Anyway, post your thoughts below, suggest ideas for the characters if you'd like, whatever.
  2. So I personally really want to see the SW characters in DST, not the entire DLC, that would not work without a lot of changes due to it not being made for a multiplayer environment, just the characters and maybe some SW content. I'm making this because I see potential in them being brought to DST, especially since Warly (The character I want in DST most) would actually be way more useful here with his portable crockpot. Now I know what you might be thinking, "The characters can't be added! SW isn't canon and isn't part of the lore!". Well said who? Who at Klei explicitly said SW is not part of the lore? NO ONE. Klei just has not given it lore yet, which it might get if the updates to single-player they're planning are updates to SW. As for another argument you might make, "Just download a mod!". Well sure PC players could just download a mod! But what about the console players? Console players can't get mods! Plus, official Klei support for these characters would be nice so that they can get skins and what not, and who doesn't like new skins? I do know that Walani would be tough to make perks for without compromising the characters identity in a RoG world, but I believe that Klei could pull it off somehow. As for Woodlegs, he would just not have his boat, on sea, like maybe the boat could be a non-moving structure that can be piloted to shoot coconades (maybe just put the boat on wheels.)? Just an idea. The rest of Woodleg's perks would work just fine (losing sanity on land may have to be changed though), and the same goes for all of Warly & Wilbur's perks (though Warly may need changes to his picky eater perk, and Wilbur's monkey loyalty will have to be given to splumonkeys...) Anyway, vote and post your thoughts below, I really want these characters in DST, maybe also with some SW content, like maybe coconuts could wash up on shore to the mainland so we can have palm trees. That's all!
  3. Wilson - No change needed. Willow - Total revamp needed. Wolfgang - No changes needed Wendy - No changes needed WX-78 - Minor changes needed Wickerbottom - No changes needed Woodie - Total revamp needed Wes - OP character, could use some nerfs. Maxwell - Minor changes needed Webber - No changes needed. Wigfrid - No changes needed (in RoG/AnR) Walani - Total revamp needed Warly - Major changes needed Wilbur - Revamp needed Woodlegs - Total revamp needed Winona (leaked in AnR) Winnie (AnR/post-ANR) Items
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Allows you to cook Warly's special meals with any character. Seriously, there is no reason to lock them.