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  1. It has been a month since the update. The early release was good enaugh.. ? almost 300 KE copies sold - 6M USD worth. Can we get an update on whats being done ? :S I am talking about content.. new plants, mechanics etc..
  2. A Rax Ramble of stuff in current release first off that memory leak or at least the part related to pressing P liquid valves / maybe gas valves too forcing a break if placed over existing lines being able to set a default priotity for new objects , notably i'd like to slap down a deodoriser and have it default to 7 for instance or fridges set to 9 if they are gonna deliver a material to a build area, could they also build the damn thing since they already there? realising this would be 2 work orders it would involve a 2nd step order to be added as in "put material - build object" would make them so much more efficent world plants set to auto harvest by default and their food drops set to autosweep by default with regards to priorty setting as above i'd personally use 9 athletics affecting hamster wheels output , powr output and drain better explained 400 in 1 day? 1 roughly ingame hour? how much gas in a generator = 800? etc (or maybe im blind but raw numbers still helps) water purifier and bio distiller having their tooltip expanded to include they produce poisonous oxygen new material types not generated inworld but being discoverable on the gas filter is intresting / more imporantly, cutting down the amount of materials it can seiv out to litterally just the gases. a beach biome of litteraly like a bazillion sand tiles, sandstone, granite , wee caves with pools of water in em that have quite deadly and aggressive crabs defending clam shells that can be placed underwater on a "clam rest" and can be periodically harvested for pearls that can be used with the textile mill to make jewerly for peeps that gives a decor boost to them when worn, need like 12 pearls and a thistle thread?? to make 1 and clams are quite rare and need to be kept in clean waters. when in deconstruction modes if selecting wires/pipes/vents to show their flows as they do in the construction mode would be great. being able to set priority on valves and destroying objects add a "save and exit button" when clicking go to main menu being able to build doors directly onto walls
  3. I said my next topic was going to be something exciting... well, I'm post-poning that a little. Been busy with stuff lately myself. So... I want to reflect a little on how we've come to this point. We've been suggesting a lot of things to devs. They have been doing a lot of work, trying to implement quite a bit of content over the past few months. Wouldn't say a lot, but quite a bit, some of which being more significant than others. As you may know, I, and many others have had a lot of criticisms about the game. And I have a feeling that the hotfix roast that some of us participated in (myself included, kind of) might have made some developers think "Well, what's the point? We're working on all of this, and we always get so much hate from what we create because it's not exactly how they want it." To be fair, we don't know what's going on. Klei doesn't really tell us. I have a feeling that they try to keep smiling faces on so much, and try to encourage positivity so much, to a point where telling what's actually going on might be bad. The way I laid out my previous topic was horse****. I spent a lot of time, trying to explain to the developers what half the time we, and the other only I found to be problematic about the game and what could be changed for the better. But the thing is, we have said a lot of these things over and over, but nothing really changes. And we don't know why, because a lot of the points I did make, general points in all fairness, are issues the game needs to address. Those being: * Game supporting newbies better * Game making things harder for late-game players * Items that are virtually useless actually having some usage * Mechanics that are unfinished/not fleshed out enough to get finished/be fleshed out enough * Game preventing griefing automatically (this one's kind of split between thoughts, but the option to turn on auto-griefing protection and off is something I read a lot of players were hay with, however.) * Game making you feel like you're actually trying to survive, instead of being in a world you essentially rule and exploit and it being a grindy social club, rather than a survival experience * Everything having some way of being renewed that cannot be destroyed from within the game, so that content isn't destroyed * Some ways to deal with lag better by erasing items accross the world that just make things worse overall * Balance of certain items that makes them unreliable in any way or not reliable enough Wow, that kind of summarized my whole wall of text from before. Anyway, Klei. If you are reading this, and we have driven you away from making bug fixes, or even from completing the portal-related stuff... Please, come back. The game needs improvements, and if these improvements are placed within the game, then I assure you, you will get the praise you deserve. I mean, look at the vote kick. It was improved, and while you did have some issues here and there, since it's not perfect, you balanced it out well, based on the feedback given to you by the players and everyone was happy! Just pay more attention to feedback, if you don't already and put some thought into some of the things some other players are suggesting, and especially are getting a common consensus here. We all want the game to be good, right? So, what gives the notion that just brushing the feedback away would make for a game that everyone loves? Lastly, I think I'll mention the fact that... the way the game is currently now, it encourages players to spread on their own and gather things, yet the fun in multiplayer is you being there with other players. Perhaps incentivising us to stick together with other players outside of something like a base would benefit the game a lot too? Because once you're a pro, you realize you need to scatter, not stick together, which is a bit sad considering the game's called Don't Starve Together. I hope I've made my points clear and have done a bit of reflection on what's been going on recently. I really don't want this game to rest in pepperonies, and I know many others don't either. But it is all up to you, Klei. If the content you keep bringing is just the same things over and over, the game becomes boring and the will to play it withers as time goes by. I would say it's more about the quality than the quantity of the game's content. You have just about enough quanity of content. Now it would probably be the best time to re-assess its quality.
  4. Greeting fellow starvers! I just found something really quite interesting... I was watching through some of the live streams that Klei had made back before the Year of the Gobbler, and I saw that they showed some concept art for the Giblet critter pet, and the Lazy Deserter, but then they show some concept art for something that hasn't come out yet. What could this be? Do you guys have any ideas?
  5. Many games today get updates and that allows them to be improved, not only by having new stuff added, but also by improving/changing/tweaking stuff that already exists. For motion picture, that doesn't seem to be the case... Whether it be films, serials, cartoons, anime etc. All have typically a chain of events that upon release are not changed, or if are, then barely, with pretty much insignificant changes and you pretty much have to get it right upon release, or not, and what you put out there is to stay there like that forever. Why is that? For instance, there are anime that I very much like for multiple reasons, but in the end might rough around the edges (e.g. Deadman Wonderland) or... Well, just plain **** (e.g. Mirai Nikki). And what's out there is there to stay. You might get a remake or (in an unfortunate case) a reboot. But then it's a completely different thing on its own. In comparison to games, that would be like creating a completely new game entirely. Couldn't the old/removed parts simply be archived? Or a movie/series having different versions, kind of like games do? So, that all said, as the title asks, has there been anything that is motion picture that has done this? And how did it turn out?
  6. After over a hundred days of careful exploration I finally found your majesty sitting in a beach. His land is in disarray all taken by the spider hordes. I took his villagers for a raid and managed to finish five queens/nests before they died. I left the last one turning. The irony is that now I see a worm hole connecting my base to his village. It will take sometime but I will clear his island, move his village and build a kick ass base around him. Your Majesty: Village Location: In love memory of Mickey, we met and he went checking a rot in the swamp:
  7. Making tips,tricks,tutorials,update videos Check them out! I post about 3-5 videos a week. It's a kinda new channel but it hasn't grown that much. I stopped for a while because our internet suck, but every video is in 720p so you don't have to deal with a 360p video! C: I hope you will check it out! http-~~-// Link: Cya!
  8. If there is anything to squeeze I say squeeze it out! I say lets find any hints what's in the next update, type Don't Starve:Long Live The Queen and begin analyzing. I suck at finding things like flashes though D:
  9. Id like to see everyones ideas. I have been playing this nonstop for the past 3 days but now Im seeing some problems. my advice- make the game get constantly harder, perhaps even enable an in-game leveling system to make your character stronger like an rpg. More like how the binding of isaac does it by floors. allowing for an eventual completion of the game, or if not completion, a minecraft type homebase thing. otherwise the game just gets boring, too easy, and repetitive past day 50.
  10. I don't use Steam. (I'm not looking to start another "why steam is good/bad conversation, nobody needs that; I just don't use it.) I'd gotten the impression I could download Don't Starve and play it by itself. After I bought it I was surprised to learn, when looking for a version I could download and just play, that there is not one available. I either have to go through Google or Steam, I can't just play it from my computer. If I'd known this, I probably would not have bought the game. I'm requesting a standalone version that I can download once, and play from my computer without needing to connect to Google's app store (or start up Steam, or anything else where the game is shackled to another service). I really, really dislike having games I have paid for being chained to other programs/services. I'm tempted to ask for a refund and revocation of my license, especially since I'm also trying to get away from Google's services. So yeah, my suggestion/request is a standalone version of the game. Thanks for taking the time to read it.
  11. For some reason when I try to install the game on steam it says "DOn't starve is not available on your current platform" (I have a mac book pro version 10.8.1), so I just play on chrome. I was hesitating to start all over again from the beginning to get the december updates, but since I'm on day 262 I was a bit reluctant... Is there a way to get all the updates (tallbirds, bird cages, football helmets, spider queens, etc) without starting all over and making a new world? Just wondering, cus some people suggested I "download" them on my current game instead but I had no idea how. (
  12. Here is a little "What to do when bored and waiting for the spider update" clip After one pack of hounds got stuck there with all them spiders, I figured I should get every next pack of hounds to do the same. Then I will see what happens after the update. Does it change the behavior of the spiders or the hounds? Do the border-bug get fixed? (My camp is close by, so it might be a sudden "challenge of the year" for me if all the hounds starts chasing me again) I'm really looking forward to this. Anyway. If nothing happens and they continue with this behaviour, it's sure gonna be a grand barbeque. Might go for a tent just to live long enough to see it though. Not sure if I will have the time to get more packs before the update hits though.
  13. Hello guys, So, this is the story of my "life" (and of the dilemma). I live in a perfect little world that has taken me 262 days to make perfect. My tiny island is entirely self-sufficient. I've got 5 crates full of all possible food resources, a crate full of my collection of redbirds and crows, another of all the little things I find (hounds teeth, amulets, gold, buttons, etc.), a huge field of hay, and a beefalo named Mr. Scruffles At night, I sleep in the midst of a firefly show. Sometimes at dusk I cross the bridge to the safe marshlands (most tentacles were destroyed by my pig army in the days before the warepig update) to fish and gather weeds. My dog, Baskerville, guards the entrance to my island (as he runs forever towards the unattainable monster meat on the bridge). I have about 40 bushes which also means about 3 turkeys every 4 days. I'm never in need of anything, neither do I live in fear, because my wall of trees and bushes keep out the hounds. My days are leisurely and happy. AND YET.... I don't have the update of the daper vest, or the bird cage, or the tallbirds just because I refuse to start all over again after all this work!!! What should I do?? Eat all my resources like a grand buffet at a one-man party, free my birds, give all the carrots to the bunnies and kill myself? Sounds so grim... Please help me make a decision. ((((
  14. Looking for a trade. Also have: Darksiders, Red Faction: Armageddon, Metro 2033, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, and Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Titan Quest Red Faction: Armageddon Path to War DLC Steam:
  15. OHAI GUYS!! So I just thought I would share the kind "Welcome Home" I received upon returning to my abode from 2 weeks hunting and gathering in faraway lands: So I get home, day 226, and it feels like ages (considering I hadn't logged on in ages). And I plant some bushes, eat, add cool objects to my collection and go to bed. Mr. Scruffles looks at me with the same blank eyes, but I'm sure he's happy to see me too. Dawn. Ahh, firefly show. Home sweet home, no danger. Sweet dreams. I wake up, and...TURKEYS!! 2 TURKEYS jump out of the bushes and I'm like, "Oh goodie! This is my lucky day! This time I will hunt them, even though they are adorable, because considering the surge of evil updates I am anticipating a 'winter season' in which I may starve and need to dig into my meat reserve. So I'm running around with my axe hunting the turkeys when I accidentally hit a tree and it just so happened to be my dear Old Friend, but he is NOT happy. So here I am running after turkey while the tree is running after me, and then, *cherry on top*, this cute little fluffy thing runs up to me and I'm like, "Awww! It's a doggy!! Finally a nice update! Come here, boy!! Come here you! Come--ARGHHHHHAAAAHHHHH HHUUUUUHHHHHHHH... [death rattle]" But it turned out the doggy didn't like me either. Does anything like me in the world anymore? ( I'm so lonely. At least I have my Mr. Scruffles. I won't butcher Mr. Scruffles even if I starve to death <3 TADAHHHHH!!! THE END
  16. These are my suggestions. The game feels a little limited right now, even though it's awesome. A Co-op mode would make it playable for a lifetime. Maybe a competitive mode too, "the last man standing", with human traps, poisoned crops and fights. Oh, and bows.
  17. This is my first post on this forum, so hello epic Don't Starve community! I've read on this forum that the updates will come as long as they have a good amount of people joining and buying the game, even after the full version is out. So I have a few ideas to get the new updates that we love so much by SPREADING THE NEWS! 1. YOUTUBE! I noticed that many people are playing Don't Starve because a famous Youtuber did a Let's Play on it. That group includes me; I saw Etho, paulsoaresjr, and GenerikB playing it and thought it looked awesome. So, my point is that if everyone starts posting comments suggesting Don't Starve to their favorite LPers, maybe they will give it a try. It's a small chance, but if the whole Don't Starve community suggests Don't Starve to LPers, I'm sure some will try. And if fans see their favorite Youtuber playing a new awesome game, they will most likely buy it too! 2. This kind of goes with the Youtube topic, but if you are reading this and you post Youtube videos, try out a Let's Play and some new people might get into it. 3. This one is obvious and kind of given, but do it anyway. Tell your friends about Don't Starve! I think that it could become a sensation if people keep trying it out. Think of people that like video games and tell them about it and they will probably join. If not, oh well. If the developers get a steady amount of people joining their game, they will be more motivated to make more updates, and the updates will probably come out faster and better. So try my ideas out, and if you have other plans to spread the news, I encourage you to do it. I just want this game to be the best it can be because it's so amazing now, and I want the developers to get the money that they deserve. Surprise them and get massive amounts of people to play this game. The more people playing the game, the more people joining the game, right?