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  1. 4 skins a week sucks. 9 skins for 1 sucks. Exclusive skins suck. Proof of Purchase is... eh... So I propose this! Make it so you can get a maximum of two skins per day, perhaps one in AM, one in PM? - 14 a week may sound like a lot, but it's effectively like... 5 when you factor in the Trade Inn. Make Loyal, Timeless and Proof of Purchase tradable/marketable. Make it possible to get a Loyal from the Trade Inn by using 9 Elegant Make Timeless be 9 Loyals or a rare chance from 9 Elegant Add the Rose Skins to Steam Add the Formal Skins to Tencent There ya go. Here comes the hate.
  2. Honestly, there's not much point if you're going to need to buy skins to trade them in typically. You're required nine skins, all of which must be of the same rarity, you can't substitute jack all and as a result, wiyhout buying skins, the minimum amount of time reuired for you to trade inn ONCE without skin purchases would be more than two weeks. Again, granted all of those skins are of the same rarity. What's even the point of this thing if it's just gonna be a lottery that typically will be worse off than buying the actual thing? This seems like the sort of thing you would have with arcade claw machines, where you have a low chance of getting that stuffed toy you want for real cheap, but modt of the time you'll just be wasting your money and might as well buy the stuffed toy at a toy shop guaranteed. If the Trade Inn is to become somrthing we use even marginally more often, something to consider over the market itself and present itself as a niche game mechanic for skins, it just ought to require less. I mean, the chances of getting skins via drops normally that are of a higher rarity are about two or so times rarer than the more common type of skin (one below), right? And the market agrees, honestly; the skins of higher rarity are about x2 or x3 more expensive than the rarity before on average, unless it's some new and/or very desired item. All that said, why not require 4 instead of 9 skins to make one trade inn? 4 for one of higher rarity seems a lot more fair than 9 to 1 and might actually push people to try their chances more often. There's a lot of things I've avoided making topics about and I've just been observing for the past few months, but this is something everyone here to my knowledge can agree on prrtty much; trade inn, overall sucks for what it serves in comparison to what you give it and other methods of obtaining skins you want are much better as a result. I've some more off-topic stuff I'd like to say, although I think it's best to bring it up if really necessary. Knowing this forum, little to nothing said or complained about is going to bring any thought about drastic change.