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  1. I've been spouting lore and theories in several different threads, and finally decided to make a single location for it. My most prominent theory is about the statues not being statues, but the bodies that the ancients left behind. Instead of making a wall of text, however, I decided to do something different and make it into a video. Hopefully that will keep people more engaged, and be easier to follow. I'm no expert with this stuff, and not much of a speaker so forgive the quality. While most of my interest lies with the statues, I go over a number of topics including some interesting details regarding some of the Fuelweaver's quotes. I tried not to make too many bold statements, aside from the statue one, but rather share things I've noticed. Which may or may not be relevant. That way you can come to your own conclusions, and add to your own surplus of ideas. I very much want to hear everyone's own thoughts regarding everything lore. Different angles and opinions can draw us closer to the truth! We're all in the dark here, so there is no sure answer. Differing thoughts will occur, but let's keep our minds open shall we? So what do you think?
  2. So I got a peek at the fuelweaver's quotes and one of them really stood out to me in the STALKER_ATRIUM_USEGATE table... "Metheus" So I got to thinking... Who is Metheus? What is Metheus? etc. So I hit up Google and found out about Prometheus and Epimetheus which were titans from the greek mythology. "Epimetheus was one of the Titans, son of Iapetus and Clymene. He was the brother of Prometheus, Atlas and Menoetius. His name is derived from the Greek word meaning 'afterthought', which is the antonym of his brother's name, Prometheus, meaning 'forethought'. In this context, Epimetheus appeared as a foolish character, while Prometheus was the clever one. Prometheus and Epimetheus were told to distribute characteristics to the newly created animals. Epimetheus started giving a positive trait to every animal, but lacking foresight, he realised that he had distributed all traits without having any left to give to man. So, Prometheus gave mankind the civilizing arts and fire." So... Wait a second... What's Klei doing messing around with Greek mythology instead of hiding things in Latin translations?? Well... There's an excuse for that! Have you seen Charlie's creations and style? What if the Latin stuff was just because of Maxwell? And now it's all going to be Greek? So back to the main subject of Prometheus and Epimetheus.... What if Maxwell (in Charlie's mind) represents Epimetheus or the fool? Because back when Maxwell ruled over the island he was mainly adding creatures and structures and items for the creatures and now that Charlie is head of the island the survivors are getting all kinds of civilized stuff! Art, decorations, skins, GATES, etc. Also, when Maxwell is in the ruins and examining ATRIUM_RUBBLE, LINE_4 and LINE_5 quotes said "I know why you led me back here." and "But it won't work.". Is Charlie trying to fool Maxwell? Because he is after all, Charlie's Epimetheus is he not? However, this could be looked at differently! What if Charlie is Pandora? the explorer "Epimetheus received Pandora as a gift from the gods; a human created by the gods specifically to punish the humans. The marriage of Epimetheus and Pandora is not explicit in any source, but only implied; from their union, Pyrrha, their daughter, was born. Pandora was given a jar which contained all evils of humanity; curious to see what was inside, she opened it and all evils were released into the world. Shocked, she closed it as soon as she could, but only Hope remained trapped inside." Marriage of Epimetheus and Pandora? We do ship Charlie and Maxwell... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) What if the Atrium gate represents the jar containing all of the evils? But who knows? Maybe I'm digging WAY too deep into this >~>
  3. So, one thing that's occurred to me is the question as to exactly how a canonical end to the storyline would work, anyways. Obviously, i'm sure lots of you have theories, and i'd love to look through them all(at least, the serious ones, not the memes and jokes), but i'll just leave the 3 theoretical options in my head, and how Klei would go about them. If any of them even apply. A. Access a Boss This would be having to do a mini puzzle thing in-game to access the Shadow Throne again and face down Charlie either alone or with friends, and maybe get an ending cutscene upon victory, dethroning Charlie and leaving her to her fate or what have you. B. Their Home Passing through the Ancient Portal into a realm of true utter horror and darkness, with the vague promise of an escape lying beyond. C. The "Telltale Games" Method Klei releases a standalone game giving full story, starting all the way back from Wilson's beginnings, giving it a much more story and character-centric focus. Maybe not literally a Telltale Games-alike, but certainly something that is less sandboxy and more linear. Anyways, that's my piece. Feel free to pitch in. I like to think that a good portion of the community cares about lore and storyline and such. : P
  4. While in the DST preview comic we saw Wilson building the portal, in the DST new UI, in the tiny words down to the bottom of the screen, more to the right, it says "The Great Maxwell is not responsible for injuries, physical or psychic caused by the portal (something in those words). So, did Maxwell create that portal BEFORE he was sucked by Them into the Don't Starve world? Are the events of DST happening BEFORE DS? Can the portal really damage you? If so, I want a refund, Maxwell! I need more puzzles revealing the game's backstory, like, right now.
  5. This isn't so much lore as it is a theory, a game theory of mine, but I think it still fits here. Feedback is appreciated. Whether it's a simple, "This is good." or, "I disagree with this because (list of legitimate reasons)." But please no, "dis is stupud an ur stupud" ok? No one likes that. From what I can tell of the William Carter puzzles, William accumulated debt and was being threatened by who ever he owed the debt too, perhaps loan sharks. He took a train to California to visit his brother and/or escape the lone sharks. However, before he got there, the train crashed and William went missing. Now let's look at the train wreck a bit closer, shall we? The cause of the wreck was a circus cart that had gotten stuck on the track. It crashed in the middle of the dessert, miles away from any civilization. In the chaos, potentially dangerous monkeys escaped. Because of all this, the only person to go missing (aka, William) was presumed dead. So a train crashes in the middle of the desert and the only person to go missing is the one who's being hunted by loan sharks? Seems a bit too convenient, doesn't it? Now one could look at the Strongman title in the circus poster and think, "It was Wolfgang. He did it, and Maxwell found out so he trapped him in the Don't Starve world." Perhaps, but don't you think if Maxwell found the guy who tried to kill him he would punish him a bit more harshly than the random strangers he's pulled in?Now, who can we think of that was punished harshly? Wes. And in the circus poster, who does the man who's balancing on the elephant look like? Wes. My theory is, the loan sharks caught wind of William trying to ride to California. So they contacted Wes, who ether worked for them or owned a debt, and told him to take care of it. Now Wes at this time was a bit more fit than he is now. You kind of have to be in order to balance on an elephant like that. Thus, he was able to find a way to sabotage the train and make sure William ended up in the desert somewhere. Maxwell found out somehow that Wes was behind it and punished him by trapping him in an invisible box. The box wasn't big enough for him to do anything, but it still kept him alive. Thus, Wes' mental and physical deteriorated to the point where it is now. *bows*
  6. In her letter to Maxwell, Charlie mentions that she's visiting her sister. Who do ya think her sister could be? I have a theory that Charlie could be one of the twins mentioned in Jacks letter. It's just a thought, but Charlie could end up being Williams niece, which would make her Maxwells niece as well.