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  1. Just a though but wouldn't be great if we could set a priority to Planter Boxes so when whatever you're farming there is ready to be harvest the dupes would just do it on auto? Like say if I set priority 9 and then as soon as it's ready to harvest they go and fetch it, just a idea! (I'm so addicted to this..)
  2. I'm not quite sure where this would fit, perhaps a seperate tree? First tech: Test-Tube Cloning Allows for the following to be constructed: Cloning Dish Incubator Protien Harvester Blood Extractinator (Deliberatly spelt such.) The process starts with the blood extractinator. This takes blood from a clone, leaving them 'dizzy' for a certain amount of time. This is a temporary debuff that lowers their strength, digging and medicine for a period of time. Dizzy clones cannot be harvested for blood. Another way to kickstart this process is to feed bodies or other creatures (created later,) to the protein harvester. This mushes down bodies, using the cooking skill, to create a large amount of protein mash. Blood can also be fed into this device. The device, once it has gained enough protein mash, produces a protease slush, using the tinkering skill. The protease slush can then be taken to the cloning dish, where it is fed in. Using the tinkering skill, it creates a cloning bud, which can be taken to the incubator. After a single cycle, the incubator will create a cloned patty, worth 2000 kcals. This can be cooked to add a further 500 kcals. Second tech: Animal Cloning Allows for the following to be constructed: Cloning Bay Large Incubator Once again, the process starts with a large amount of Protease Slush. When carried to the Cloning Bay, instead of a cloned bud, it instead creates a cloned embryo, which must be taken to the incubator. After two cycles, an immature baby klickchick (chicken) can be taken out. This can be fed to the musher, but it is better to place it in the large incubator, where it will mature into a baby klickchick. The klickchick will lay eggs once it matures, but has an accelerated lifespan and neumerous defects from being cloned, so only lives for seven cycles after it matures, producing one egg a cycle. It takes three days for a baby klickchick to mature, where it will not produce eggs. When it dies, it's body can be harvested for a klickchick breast, worth 3000 calories, or fed back into the protein harvester. Opinions?
  3. Just a suggestion based in a bad experience I had, here's the story, was running a 6 duplicates base and had 3 coal burners generating power to 2 large batteries, everything was fine, had my slime farm, water purification system, oxygen was going great until all the sudden everything shut down.. I ran out of coal and there wasn't any coal left so I decided to put some hamster wheels there but it just didn't cut it, it couldn't power the whole thing and it let 2 of my dupes busy forever, needless to say, that run went from great to terrible pretty fast.. So how about create a way where we can farm wood and burn this wood so we can have natural coal? Just giving my feedback, I'M IN LOVE WHIT THIS GAME!!!
  4. So new to the ONI forums, but been a long time Klei fan. But anyway, here's my idea: Beds (yup, just beds). Next step up from cots, it lowers stress while they sleep, or possibly just gives a positive stress modifier "slept well." Cost: more resources, including more difficult to get resources, like fabric/cotton, higher technology. Benefit: better sleeping conditions, and thus stress relief. This is a pretty basic idea, so sorry if it's already been suggested, but yeah, lemme know what you think.
  5. i thing the food settings for kcal is not intuitive i suggest to change the order no ration -> 100 kcal -> 200 kcal -> 300 kcal -> 400 kcal -> half ration -> 600 kcal -> 700 kcal -> 800 kcal -> 900 kcal -> full ration -> 1100 kcal -> 1200 kcal -> 1300 kcal -> 1400 kcal -> extra ration and maybe increase stress by lower rations and decrease stress by higher rations
  6. Acessories: Juts to add a new layer of personality to the characters, how about make them have acessories according to their profession (or just for vanity sake)? Like a chef with a chef hat or a Scientist with glasses, would love to see that Space Suit: Mining out of the base can be kinda difficult depending of the gases in there so why not create some kinda pod where there's a space suit inside so you can take it out to have some oxygen on the trip? Just a few suggestions, now that I'm done, I'm off to play some more! Love ya'll, devs!
  7. I've been playing this game for a while now, with a colony that's probably going to last to round 300 before I run out of filtration media. Since running out of sand now is literally a definitive game-ender, unless you somehow or rather harvest thermal energy from the environment, I've come up with a couple of suggestions which I hope the developers would consider. (I) Water purification 1. Water distillation plants Given the current need of filtration media to obtain clean water from polluted water - I think it'd be nice to provide an alternative - water distillation plants. Such plants would run on more joules of energy as compared to the current water filters and not require any filtration media; the rate of which the clean water would be produced would also be about half the rate of the current water filter. Since distillation requires water to be boiled, heat should be generated around the plant, and the plant should have an overheat temperature exceeding the boiling point of polluted water. Dirt should also be produced as a by-product. 2. Reverse osmosis plants The reverse osmosis plant would provide another alternative to purifying water. Again, this system would run power - since reverse osmosis is a process where water is moved from an area with lower water potential to an area of higher water potential, which needs energy. This system can be used to treat brine (or salt water, if that's implemented in the future). The reverse osmosis plants would run on ceramics - which could be made from hardening clay. The salt could then be removed as a by-product. The reverse osmosis system could be used to treat polluted water but it should be noted that this should be more wasteful than using it to treat brine only. (II) Humidity and rusting 1. Humidity I feel that humidity should be something that should be added as it would add a new level of difficulty to the game but at the same time not overdo the difficulty. The warmer an area is, the higher its capacity to carry water vapour (relative humidity). High humidity levels could increase stress levels in duplicants and very high relative humidity levels would cause fogging and reduced visibility. Humidity is something the player should worry about late-game rather than early game, when rusting starts becoming an issue. 2. Dehumidifier Dehumidifiers would be an option to deal with humidity. They consume little energy and reduce the humidity levels around them. 3. Rusting Buildings made of primarily iron should rust when there is oxygen and water. Specifically, high levels of humidity, oxygen and high temperatures should increase the rate of which buildings rust. Hence, corrosion can generally be slowed down by using dehumidifier. Alternatively, buildings can be made out of materials that do not corrode as easily - such as gold, copper, tungsten, wolframite and silver. It should also be possible to create alloys such as stainless steel using steel (which I believe is currently being added), chromium and manganese (extracted from wolframite). 4Fe(s) + 3O2 (g) -> 2Fe2O3(s) [in presence of water] (III) Electricity 1. Wires with higher capacity Currently, for my colony anyway, it's impossible to create a completely connected power grid without the circuits overloading. I think there should be an even better wire than the high-capacity wire available currently - that should at least make a single, central power grid system work properly without wires breaking all the time. 2. Thermal generators and steam dynamos I believe it would be auxiliary to have these generators as there's a presence of magma on the asteroid the duplicants are stuck on. It should be noted though, that the steam dynamos be more effective than the thermal generators. (IV) General 1. Easier replacement of wires, pipes, etc. Say, there should be an option to allow wires and pipes be replaced. That would make redoing power grids so much easier as instead of having wires deconstructed and then building better wires, a single replacement function would be much more convenient. This has been a long thread of suggestions that I've got - I'm not doing a TL;DR on this one as I think I've summarised the points above as much as I could without digressing. Hopefully the developers would consider some of these suggestions and maybe, just maybe, implement them into the game. Thanks for reading!
  8. There would be 2 kinds, the first one is Basic Transportation, unlocks conveyor belt that transport items that is on the ground or transport item that duplicates dropped off at the conveyor belt, the belt can also transport the duplicates but at a slower speed than only transporting item. Also unlocks item trap doors, Item separator. Advanced Transportation, unlocks portal gates and teleports, portal gates uses a lot of electricity but is faster than teleporters, teleporters uses less but is slower. The teleports and portal can transport duplicates and items. But would suddenly consume tons of electricity when something passes through them.
  9. I noticed that YouTube recently added a 'Pin Comment' feature, meaning that when a comment is pinned, it gets pinned to the top of the comments section and shows up prominently when a user scrolls past the video. I think it'd be useful to have a function like that on the forums around here. One example that comes to mind is something like this: If the comment in question was pinned, it could show up under the main comment without users having to look through 96 pages to find it (Though to be fair, it is located on page 8 of the thread).
  10. Right now Varg agro only on players and never agro on mobs. So, another one suggestion is here: make Varg agro towards mobs also.
  11. I have seen ramps be suggested before but not many behaviors for them or many specific needs for them so here we go. Ramps: Dupes can move through or up them like ladders, just slower. 5x more expensive than ladders and use metal for construction. The primary use will be for Vacuum Carts, a top tier tech that can sweep 10x more than dupe. Vacuum Carts: Dupes can clean the floors of your base way way faster but the cart must remain on a ground tile at all times. The cart stores half a compacter's worth of stuff. It can be filled and parked where ever you want. It can be emptied all at once into a storage compactor. Bonus Mock-up:
  12. So, wouldn't it be cool if you'd (every now and then) come across another base in some state of disrepair? When you first notice it on the edge of your vision, you'd, see the dupes inside slowly going crazy or vomiting themselves to suffocation. You might be able to dig to them in time, maybe save one or two dupes - but they'd be 100% stressed out so absorbing them in might prove challenging. Seems like it might be a fun dynamic to add to the game.
  13. It is suggested to improve force attack leveraged by using keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F by default) in Coop mode (or more generally in non-PVP modes). As a starting point I suggest to not autoattack by Ctrl+F: Walls Wendy's Abigail Maxwell's Shadow Minions Wes' Baloons Any follower of any player (unless they are agro on you) Not frozen and not sleeping birds Of course Ctrl+LMB on any mob/structure should order to attack it as usual. P. S. I guess there are some modes, which try to do some similar stuff, but it would be good to have that as internal game capabilities, 'cause mods tend to broke the game, became outdated, etc.
  14. i need to know what the damaged building is made of
  15. The good old Alcohol, nothing better to drink to reduce stress. Basicly it can be made from from any plant matter, algae would be the prime thing used to create such. And water. There would be other types of alcoholic drinks made from other plants that would be soon added. With different name for the drinks of course! The Duplicates would get drunk when they drink and whenever they drink they would be a chance to get addicted. When they are drunk they are less effective in doing work but more effective in fighting. When they are addicted, after a few days, if they don't get alcohol, they would get stressed. Duplicates also have their prefered drinks or just every drink. When they don't get what they prefered, they would have a less effective stress reduction. Alcohol Distillers are needed to be build to make alcoholic drinks.
  16. Discussion about abuse of vomit as an infinite water source (and essentially avoiding a negative stress trait) has been pretty common and as such I wanted to weigh in on a simple solution. Cause the duplicate to lose calories by vomiting. This would make stress events actually harm the food maintenance of the colony if you don't manage them well. Urine is also abused in a similar way, however, I'm not sure if it makes a whole lot of sense to do the same thing here. However, as being forced to not use a toilet increases stress (I believe), it will lead to problems quite quickly if the stress traits themselves are made harsher.
  17. Anyone else frustrated that you can't deconstruct a single thing, but have to deconstruct everything in the tile? IE, you deconstruct a ladder, plus the pipe, and the electric wire - rather than just the ladder? Would be great to have more control.
  18. So if you have a Dupe who only digs, and you build a new thing (say a ladder) in a tile that first needs to be dug, the digging dupe doesn't recognize it as a dig. Might be nice if they'd see it that way, considering that your building guys aren't necessarily going to be good at digging.
  19. Hi, IMHO the Algae Distillery should produce oxygen and coal - when imagining algae as mainly organic matter and water, the suggested ratio would be 90% water and 10% coal.
  20. Can we have an earthworm like creature? Something that diggs through soil, leaving tunnels? Maybe looking to eat algae and/or slime. Produces meat when caught, of course.
  21. Auto equip same weapon from inventory after breaking in a similar fashion tools and armor do. Not sure about whether a dress does it, but if not, it also would be great have that capability also,
  22. We should have the ability to label an area as NO utilizable water. This way any water inside the area selected is labeled as NOT utilizable water. And to support water systems, this should be a constant area so any water that enters or leaves this area changes its label. I had that nice system set up for my showers and lavatories, but instead of going to my closer depot for water, they took all of the water from my water system so that I now have to find some way to replenish it.
  23. I think that water purifier have to be able to consume clean water and output same clean water. it is not logic that it can get clean water prom contaminated water but cant get water from already cleaned water. This is just a simple thing but useful and logic.
  24. we have hydrogen we have oxygen lets make some water, (tinkering or research) H + O2 = H2O or carbonic acid CO2 + H2O = H2CO3 or Allylchlorid C2 + H = CH2 something like that
  25. A 1x2 or 2x2 chamber that completely stops air/fluid flow even as Duplicants pass through. In reality such device would use pumps to exchange air/water inside the chamber before you leave on the other side, but ingame it could simply work as if it was solid tiles, as much as air and fluid are concerned - or it could literally move the gases/liquids in such a way that the gas/fluid on whichever side is open (or about to be opened) simply displaces the contents of the chamber to the other side, and vice versa. Example: Carbone Dioxide on left, Oxygen on right. Chamber is open to the right, and is filled with Oxygen. Duplicant enters from right, right door closes. Oxygen is pushed out to the right as CO2 is flowing in from the left. Left door opens, Duplicant steps out. When he goes back, or if another Duplicant requests entry from the right, the cycle is reversed.