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      Oxygen Not Included Entering Early Access First off, we would like to extend a major thanks for the amazing community response to the Oxygen Not Included Alpha. When we released the game on the forums we'd hoped for a few dozen people to try it out and give feedback, but instead over a hundred thousand of you played the game. This was the best surprise we could have received. We're now excited to announce that Oxygen Not Included will be entering Steam Early Access on May 18th. It will cost $24.99, and anyone who owns an existing Klei game on Steam will receive a 20% loyalty discount. Players who purchased Oxygen Not Included in Alpha will not need to purchase the game again. Upcoming Agricultural Upgrade Additionally, we have been working with a handful of dedicated members of the community over the last few weeks to test an experimental build branch in preparation for Early Access. These players have been working with us to provide feedback on the new Agricultural Update content, and we're happy to say it's now in a place where we are ready to share with you all. It will be released on May 18th along with Early Access. Join us on the livestream!
      We'll be showing off the Agricultural Upgrade today at 3:30PDT! Come check us out on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/kleientertainment
        Check out the official post for more details!

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  1. Hi, Please make cable beauty effect not being applied when the cable is hid in floor or wall... Cheers, SF
  2. Well, on the wiki-forum thingy*, some anonymous contributier said we needed more female characters(The male to female ratio is 10:5). Various people responded, mostly telling them to suggest one. So, because I thought that wasn't a bad idea, I will put a few ideas here, feel free to add more. And yours don't have to be female- I'm simply writing female characters to put more out there. So, Willa "The Animal Whisperer" -Can tame wild creatures -Can't bring herself to kill an innocent being W. A. Banks "The Lady Poet" -Can live on words alone -Can't stand the sight of blood Willhemina "The Princess" -Treasures her crown above all -Can use gold to make things royal Indepth: Willa can befriend animals, by giving them food they like. For monsters and angry beefalo, once she feeds them, they will be neutral until she walks at least two screen lengths away. With non-aggressive animals, they will follow her for a little while. However, she can't kill anything considered an innocent creature. W. A. Banks can write poetry, how this works is: she spawns with a pen, while she is holding it, she can write on papyrus. She writes by examining something, while having both pen and paper. Each poem she writes restores 25 health, hunger, and sanity. This uses up papyrus, and she can only write on one thing once. So, if you examined a evergreen tree to write, she couldn't use an evergreen tree again, however she could use a birchnut tree. Also, she loses 5 sanity whenever something dies. Willhemina spawns with a crown, which is a headpiece that gives her high sanity gain. However, if she isn't wearing the crown, she has a massive sanity drain, unless she is wearing the Thulucite** Crown. The crown has durability, but she can craft it out of 5 gold. She can also craft a Royal Parasol(Keeps her dry) with a pretty parasol and gold, and a Royal Robe(keeps her warm) out of beefalo wool and gold. Personalities: Willa is a tomboy, about 10 years old, and kind of a oppisite Wendy. Wendy thinks nature is boring, Willa wants to spend her life outdoors. Wendy is morbid, Willa is cheery. Also, while Wendy clearly came from a rich family, Willa has a much more lower class background. Her hair is reddish brown, curly and unruly. W. A. Banks finds beauty in everything, if she examined a rock she would have something nice to say about it. W. A. Banks is not in fact her real name, it is a pen name, similar to how Wigfrid is the name of her character, not her real name. She has brown hair, which she wears in two neat buns. Willhemina is very prim and proper, and will often make comments such as 'How distasteful!' or 'Ugh! I don't like the color.'. She has black hair, which she wears in two neat braids coiled around her head. Thank you for reading this long post, feel free to give me comments or suggestions, and post your own ideas too! Oh, and if you can draw, I appreciate any fan arts you can make. *if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's not worth it to explain **I know, I spelled it wrong
  3. Simple suggestion: speed up the scrolling with ASWD while the user holds shift - on big bases it takes to long to go from one end to the other...
  4. There's a feature that's very important in colony management games and that's planning mode! We should be able to plan our colony prior to having to think of, where to slap freshly created tech in our cramped base, so please guys, I know you listen to community and a lot of people (if not everyone from community) will agree that it needs to be included ASAP. Personally I'd suggest as simple planning tool as Prison Architect has: Tile plan Object plan "Line" plan (wires/pipes) I slapped quick idea, how I'd see it in paint(dotnet)
  5. I'm suggesting some commands for Maxwell's Shadow Puppets like ''Stop'', ''Mine'', ''Cut'' and ''Dig''. For example if I plant some marble trees in my base and I have a Shadow Miner Puppet, that Puppet will go and mine all the trees by default, so in order to make him stop, I have to go away from them which it's kida annoying for some time. Since they are Maxwell's Puppets, could be cool to implement a way to command your Puppets when to stop and when to do the desired task/s.
  6. There would be 2 kinds, the first one is Basic Transportation, unlocks conveyor belt that transport items that is on the ground or transport item that duplicates dropped off at the conveyor belt, the belt can also transport the duplicates but at a slower speed than only transporting item. Also unlocks item trap doors, Item separator. Advanced Transportation, unlocks portal gates and teleports, portal gates uses a lot of electricity but is faster than teleporters, teleporters uses less but is slower. The teleports and portal can transport duplicates and items. But would suddenly consume tons of electricity when something passes through them.
  7. I've only just about started playing this game, and I absolutely love everything about it so far! Best €20 I've spent in a looong time. Although I haven't made major mileage in cycles or in population yet, I still have a few ideas I'd love to see implemented. We've got factors like oxygen, temperature, pressure, pollution and so on – what I'm suggesting is radioactivity to become a new elemental factor. ☢️ Radioactivity and Nuclear Power ☢️ ❌ Radioactivity Certain minerals and metals have a natural radioactive decay. They dissipate in mass slower than Oxylite based on their half-life – and while doing so they emit gamma rays and pollute the air and water around them with fallout. Gamma rays directly irradiate things in their vicinity – while radioactive particles (fallout) is the byproduct of that, which exists within irradiated air and water and follows the flow of waves, currents and wind. Gamma rays can penetrate certain materials, some more easily than others. For example; gamma rays have no problem passing through sandstone, while having much more trouble passing through wolframite. The only visible signs of radiation is that radioactive or irradiated matter begins to glow in the dark over a certain threshold. The most susceptible to radiation is of course lifeforms, most notably duplicants. Via direct contact to gamma rays – or be it inhalation of irradiated air or from consuming irradiated water – duplicants may now contract radiation poisoning. The main symptoms of radiation poisoning is diminished Athletics and Strength skills, depending on how irradiated they are. After becoming sufficiently irradiated to the point that it's of lethal dosage, they may either die or transform into mutants. ❌ Mutants Mutants are duplicants whom have become horrific, wandering monstrosities following massive radiation poisoning. If the duplicant was previously destructive, they will be innately aggressive and attack constructs and duplicants alike. If the duplicant was previously a vomiter, they will be neutral to their surroundings – but will instead occasionally vomit, contaminating and irradiating the area further. Duplicants can combat mutants, but will become greatly stressed from the encounter. Additions to the Research Tree Red bars indicate "advanced research", something I assume will arrive in a later update. Green squares indicate additions, white squares indicate changes to existing items and the orange square indicate a speculated, altered item that I think will arrive in a later update. Shielding Leaded Gas Pipe – a pipe which completely negates gamma ray penetration from or towards the gas within. Leaded Liquid Pipe – a pipe which completely negates gamma ray penetration from or towards the liquid within. Leaded Tile – a tile which completely negates gamma ray penetration from all sides. Absorbing Storage Compactor - functions similarly to a Storage Compactor, except it is specifically designed to contain radioactive metals and minerals and stop their radioactive output from leaking into the environment. Medbay Decontaminator – a connected bed, IV-pole and machine that slowly cleans the user of radiation through chemotherapy. Protective Gear Space Helmet Station – assumed suitable research location for a space helmet station, which holds and recharges a "space helmet" with oxygen (through a gas input). The station and its "space helmet" can be assigned to a duplicate, which will wear it when instructed to. The space helmet supplies the wearer with the air that it was charged with, while draining its reservoir. It is – however – fragile, and can take damage during combat or under heavy pressure, which will eventually break the helmet. Hazmat Suit Station – looks like a locker. Holds a hazmat suit, which is an all-covering bright yellow leaded jumper sporting an air-tight hood with a built-in visor and a gasmask. The locker and its hazmat suit can be assigned to a duplicate, which will wear it when instructed to. The hazmat suit completely protects the wearer from gamma radiation and converts surrounding contaminated oxygen and chlorine gas into unirradiated clean oxygen for the wearer to breathe. During this conversion – which only occurs when inside such gas – the filter on the gasmask will start to slowly deplete, and will eventually have to be replaced with a "full" gasmask filter or cause the gasmask to stop functioning. The gasmask will not generate oxygen where there is none, and cannot function underwater like the "space helmet" can. Advanced Filtration Fallout Filter – functions almost like the Gas Filter, except the two outputs emit the same combination of gas as the input. The primary output (the filtered output in the Gas Filter) contains fallout, while the secondary output is clean from radiation. Percolation Water Purifier – now also purifies the water from fallout. Nucleonics Geiger Counter – functions almost like the Thermo Switch. It automates switching power grid on and off based on surrounding radiation. Thermal Reactor – the main component in nuclear fission energy generation. It looks like a large machine and can be fully submerged into preferably cold water. It requires a coolant to be safe, usually by said cold water that surrounds it or by otherwise removing excess heat from its vicinity. It has one liquid intake for nuclear sludge, one liquid output for nuclear waste and one electrical input and output. As long as the Thermal Reactor is powered, it will consume nuclear sludge and output a heavy amount of both electricity and heat alongside nuclear waste. Any liquid other than nuclear sludge that comes through the reactors intake will pass through harmlessly and out the outtake for nuclear waste. The reactor needs to be sufficiently cooled down while it generates energy from fission, or one risk causing a meltdown – which, not only melts the surrounding area, but also leaks nuclear sludge, waste and gamma radiation on a large scale. Naturally – nuclear waste, while still heavily radioactive, does not work as nuclear fuel. It is a byproduct of exploiting nuclear energy, meant to be dumped somewhere far away from your duplicants. Nuclear Converter – a smaller but equally important part of nuclear fission energy generation. It has one electrical input, one liquid input, and two liquid outputs. It looks like a large cylindrical vessel with a thick plane of glass in the front, inside of which a large "screw" rotor constantly spins to mix the inside materials and generate nuclear sludge – the liquid required as fuel for a thermal reactor. On the left side there's a vent where radioactive material (minerals, metals) is dumped into the vessel, and on the right side the nuclear sludge is excreted trough a liquid outtake. Lined across the walls inside of the cylindrical vessel are thin but heavy pipes, whose purpose is to warm up the contained materials to a melting point. On top of the vessel is the intake for such heated liquid, and on the bottom is the outtake for the same liquid. The nuclear converter needs to be both powered and supplied with exceedingly warm liquid to start converting the materials into nuclear sludge. Compact Nuclear Converter – a smaller version of the Nuclear Converter. It looks like a large household mixer, and has one electrical input and one liquid output. When powered and operated, it generates nuclear sludge using the same materials but less efficiently and with a reduced amount of resulting sludge, but it does not require a heated liquid source to function. Duplicants risk becoming slightly irradiated by use. To recap my suggestions as a whole: ☢️ Cons Radioactive materials are quite scary and very dangerous. Can easily irradiate your entire colony if you do not pay attention to fallout. A sufficient mutant infestation can turn the tides quickly. Nuclear energy is hard to produce and yields nuclear waste. ☢️ Pros Nuclear energy is the finest and final solution to gigantic colonies. Nuclear energy may be required to power very heavy power grids. Radioactive minerals and materials should be easy to detect and avoid. The hazmat suit is useful even outside radioactive areas. Hopefully these suggestions speak out as fun additions to an already incredibly fun game. These are merely suggestions – however – and it is just how I envision the implementation of radioactivity as a new natural element, and nuclear energy as a resulting factor from that. In my opinion, it is not something required to make Oxygen Not Included a better experience, but it might make it more difficult and entertaining. Thank you for reading!
  8. I've been playing this game for a while now, with a colony that's probably going to last to round 300 before I run out of filtration media. Since running out of sand now is literally a definitive game-ender, unless you somehow or rather harvest thermal energy from the environment, I've come up with a couple of suggestions which I hope the developers would consider. (I) Water purification 1. Water distillation plants Given the current need of filtration media to obtain clean water from polluted water - I think it'd be nice to provide an alternative - water distillation plants. Such plants would run on more joules of energy as compared to the current water filters and not require any filtration media; the rate of which the clean water would be produced would also be about half the rate of the current water filter. Since distillation requires water to be boiled, heat should be generated around the plant, and the plant should have an overheat temperature exceeding the boiling point of polluted water. Dirt should also be produced as a by-product. 2. Reverse osmosis plants The reverse osmosis plant would provide another alternative to purifying water. Again, this system would run power - since reverse osmosis is a process where water is moved from an area with lower water potential to an area of higher water potential, which needs energy. This system can be used to treat brine (or salt water, if that's implemented in the future). The reverse osmosis plants would run on ceramics - which could be made from hardening clay. The salt could then be removed as a by-product. The reverse osmosis system could be used to treat polluted water but it should be noted that this should be more wasteful than using it to treat brine only. (II) Humidity and rusting 1. Humidity I feel that humidity should be something that should be added as it would add a new level of difficulty to the game but at the same time not overdo the difficulty. The warmer an area is, the higher its capacity to carry water vapour (relative humidity). High humidity levels could increase stress levels in duplicants and very high relative humidity levels would cause fogging and reduced visibility. Humidity is something the player should worry about late-game rather than early game, when rusting starts becoming an issue. 2. Dehumidifier Dehumidifiers would be an option to deal with humidity. They consume little energy and reduce the humidity levels around them. 3. Rusting Buildings made of primarily iron should rust when there is oxygen and water. Specifically, high levels of humidity, oxygen and high temperatures should increase the rate of which buildings rust. Hence, corrosion can generally be slowed down by using dehumidifier. Alternatively, buildings can be made out of materials that do not corrode as easily - such as gold, copper, tungsten, wolframite and silver. It should also be possible to create alloys such as stainless steel using steel (which I believe is currently being added), chromium and manganese (extracted from wolframite). 4Fe(s) + 3O2 (g) -> 2Fe2O3(s) [in presence of water] (III) Electricity 1. Wires with higher capacity Currently, for my colony anyway, it's impossible to create a completely connected power grid without the circuits overloading. I think there should be an even better wire than the high-capacity wire available currently - that should at least make a single, central power grid system work properly without wires breaking all the time. 2. Thermal generators and steam dynamos I believe it would be auxiliary to have these generators as there's a presence of magma on the asteroid the duplicants are stuck on. It should be noted though, that the steam dynamos be more effective than the thermal generators. (IV) General 1. Easier replacement of wires, pipes, etc. Say, there should be an option to allow wires and pipes be replaced. That would make redoing power grids so much easier as instead of having wires deconstructed and then building better wires, a single replacement function would be much more convenient. This has been a long thread of suggestions that I've got - I'm not doing a TL;DR on this one as I think I've summarised the points above as much as I could without digressing. Hopefully the developers would consider some of these suggestions and maybe, just maybe, implement them into the game. Thanks for reading!
  9. So right now the chlorine doesn't serve any purpose and I was thinking that it would be a nice idea to use it to purify water. I have 2 options in mind: A machine that runs on electricity, pumps in chlorine and contaminated water and pumps out purified water. (harder to implement) A machine that runs on electricity, pumps in chlorine and contaminated water and pumps out chlorinated water that dissipates chlorine into air over time. Suggest below if you have any other ideas how to implement this.
  10. Not gonna lie, I've been getting flustered with the difficulty in rounding up hatches and keeping pufts alive. The title screen to ONI got me thinking. What if you could integrate them into your base by building machines that could provide them with their required environment? Maybe the puft enclosure would require polluted oxygen input and dissipate clean o2 in the area around it and have a slime cache that required emptying like the outhouse. The hatch enclosure would not require power but need material delivery that had settings as to what your dupes would feed it (I.e. clay and/or fertilizer)
  11. Klei Team, Anything in the works in terms of a 3rd and 4th tier of research? As you introduce more machines and deepen the gameplay I think that we should have a very lofty research goal to strike. Last night I started a new world and had only ONE person research. I had all of my research done in 16 cycles. I think the balance for research is a bit easy but given the current range of materials that we can unlock this may not be a bad thing. What I'm suggesting is that we make research much harder for more "op" machines later in development.
  12. So new to the ONI forums, but been a long time Klei fan. But anyway, here's my idea: Beds (yup, just beds). Next step up from cots, it lowers stress while they sleep, or possibly just gives a positive stress modifier "slept well." Cost: more resources, including more difficult to get resources, like fabric/cotton, higher technology. Benefit: better sleeping conditions, and thus stress relief. This is a pretty basic idea, so sorry if it's already been suggested, but yeah, lemme know what you think.
  13. First thing - right now there is no heat source deep down (where magma is). There is magma at fixed temperature in pockets of abyssalite/neutronium, but as soon as I start interacting with magma, it inevitably cools down to rock. And, given enough time, I could cool down all available magma. Problem is - if we are indeed inside an asteroid - why the hell would it have magma? I get gaming aspect - and magma is indeed always a cool (hey!) thing to have. But if we a having magma, then we need a constant heat source, so magma, well, stays magma. Dunno how feasible it is in gaming mechanics terms to make some kind of "heat core", but it will be good. Second thing - same goes for cold. Having some kind of, well, anything, that will have "cooling" properties would be great. Maybe some mineral, like current oxylite, but "emitting" cold with finite "resource" in it (and call it "coldite".. yeah, I'm not very original, am I). Or even better - some crazy thing (say an artifact) that emits cold, that you could transport to your base. Any of this would be a great addition to the game. I think.
  14. Just a suggestion based in a bad experience I had, here's the story, was running a 6 duplicates base and had 3 coal burners generating power to 2 large batteries, everything was fine, had my slime farm, water purification system, oxygen was going great until all the sudden everything shut down.. I ran out of coal and there wasn't any coal left so I decided to put some hamster wheels there but it just didn't cut it, it couldn't power the whole thing and it let 2 of my dupes busy forever, needless to say, that run went from great to terrible pretty fast.. So how about create a way where we can farm wood and burn this wood so we can have natural coal? Just giving my feedback, I'M IN LOVE WHIT THIS GAME!!!
  15. Earlier today I did a Thread asking if Puft were removed cuz I've been looking for a long while and couldn't find a single one, a user, AlexRou, informed me that they weren't removed and I might just be unlucky, well, I discovered the problem! I found 2 Pufts near my base, near enough for me to see them from the middle and, apparently, they're being killed by Geyser's scalding waters.. Can it be possible to make them immune to scalding waters? I needed them and now they're dead.. It also made me think "What if in the other run I had all the Pufts just died due to Geysers?" cuz I really looked in that run.. I went FAR! (Or at least don't spawn them near Geysers somehow?) Cuz it kinda feels like it's a flip of a coin, if I get lucky then there MIGHT be Pufts nearby and they MIGHT not be killed by Geysers..
  16. I'm not quite sure where this would fit, perhaps a seperate tree? First tech: Test-Tube Cloning Allows for the following to be constructed: Cloning Dish Incubator Protien Harvester Blood Extractinator (Deliberatly spelt such.) The process starts with the blood extractinator. This takes blood from a clone, leaving them 'dizzy' for a certain amount of time. This is a temporary debuff that lowers their strength, digging and medicine for a period of time. Dizzy clones cannot be harvested for blood. Another way to kickstart this process is to feed bodies or other creatures (created later,) to the protein harvester. This mushes down bodies, using the cooking skill, to create a large amount of protein mash. Blood can also be fed into this device. The device, once it has gained enough protein mash, produces a protease slush, using the tinkering skill. The protease slush can then be taken to the cloning dish, where it is fed in. Using the tinkering skill, it creates a cloning bud, which can be taken to the incubator. After a single cycle, the incubator will create a cloned patty, worth 2000 kcals. This can be cooked to add a further 500 kcals. Second tech: Animal Cloning Allows for the following to be constructed: Cloning Bay Large Incubator Once again, the process starts with a large amount of Protease Slush. When carried to the Cloning Bay, instead of a cloned bud, it instead creates a cloned embryo, which must be taken to the incubator. After two cycles, an immature baby klickchick (chicken) can be taken out. This can be fed to the musher, but it is better to place it in the large incubator, where it will mature into a baby klickchick. The klickchick will lay eggs once it matures, but has an accelerated lifespan and neumerous defects from being cloned, so only lives for seven cycles after it matures, producing one egg a cycle. It takes three days for a baby klickchick to mature, where it will not produce eggs. When it dies, it's body can be harvested for a klickchick breast, worth 3000 calories, or fed back into the protein harvester. Opinions?
  17. i thing the food settings for kcal is not intuitive i suggest to change the order no ration -> 100 kcal -> 200 kcal -> 300 kcal -> 400 kcal -> half ration -> 600 kcal -> 700 kcal -> 800 kcal -> 900 kcal -> full ration -> 1100 kcal -> 1200 kcal -> 1300 kcal -> 1400 kcal -> extra ration and maybe increase stress by lower rations and decrease stress by higher rations
  18. Acessories: Juts to add a new layer of personality to the characters, how about make them have acessories according to their profession (or just for vanity sake)? Like a chef with a chef hat or a Scientist with glasses, would love to see that Space Suit: Mining out of the base can be kinda difficult depending of the gases in there so why not create some kinda pod where there's a space suit inside so you can take it out to have some oxygen on the trip? Just a few suggestions, now that I'm done, I'm off to play some more! Love ya'll, devs!
  19. I noticed that YouTube recently added a 'Pin Comment' feature, meaning that when a comment is pinned, it gets pinned to the top of the comments section and shows up prominently when a user scrolls past the video. I think it'd be useful to have a function like that on the forums around here. One example that comes to mind is something like this: If the comment in question was pinned, it could show up under the main comment without users having to look through 96 pages to find it (Though to be fair, it is located on page 8 of the thread).
  20. Right now Varg agro only on players and never agro on mobs. So, another one suggestion is here: make Varg agro towards mobs also.
  21. I have seen ramps be suggested before but not many behaviors for them or many specific needs for them so here we go. Ramps: Dupes can move through or up them like ladders, just slower. 5x more expensive than ladders and use metal for construction. The primary use will be for Vacuum Carts, a top tier tech that can sweep 10x more than dupe. Vacuum Carts: Dupes can clean the floors of your base way way faster but the cart must remain on a ground tile at all times. The cart stores half a compacter's worth of stuff. It can be filled and parked where ever you want. It can be emptied all at once into a storage compactor. Bonus Mock-up:
  22. So, wouldn't it be cool if you'd (every now and then) come across another base in some state of disrepair? When you first notice it on the edge of your vision, you'd, see the dupes inside slowly going crazy or vomiting themselves to suffocation. You might be able to dig to them in time, maybe save one or two dupes - but they'd be 100% stressed out so absorbing them in might prove challenging. Seems like it might be a fun dynamic to add to the game.
  23. It is suggested to improve force attack leveraged by using keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F by default) in Coop mode (or more generally in non-PVP modes). As a starting point I suggest to not autoattack by Ctrl+F: Walls Wendy's Abigail Maxwell's Shadow Minions Wes' Baloons Any follower of any player (unless they are agro on you) Not frozen and not sleeping birds Of course Ctrl+LMB on any mob/structure should order to attack it as usual. P. S. I guess there are some modes, which try to do some similar stuff, but it would be good to have that as internal game capabilities, 'cause mods tend to broke the game, became outdated, etc.
  24. i need to know what the damaged building is made of
  25. The good old Alcohol, nothing better to drink to reduce stress. Basicly it can be made from from any plant matter, algae would be the prime thing used to create such. And water. There would be other types of alcoholic drinks made from other plants that would be soon added. With different name for the drinks of course! The Duplicates would get drunk when they drink and whenever they drink they would be a chance to get addicted. When they are drunk they are less effective in doing work but more effective in fighting. When they are addicted, after a few days, if they don't get alcohol, they would get stressed. Duplicates also have their prefered drinks or just every drink. When they don't get what they prefered, they would have a less effective stress reduction. Alcohol Distillers are needed to be build to make alcoholic drinks.