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  1. Throwing an idea for a mod here, maybe it could be either a stone or wood structure with a place to put your torch? Or just something you put on walls where you can put torches in. It would be a nice new decoration for bases, farms and the like I'll probably make this (or at least try to) in the future if nobody does.
  2. When I try to build the structure, I get this error: The log says the exact same thing as the game. I checked map.lua and this is the related paragraph. function Map:CanDeployRecipeAtPoint(pt, recipe, rot) return self:IsPassableAtPoint(pt:Get()) and (recipe.testfn == nil or recipe.testfn(pt, rot)) and self:IsDeployPointClear(pt, nil, recipe.min_spacing or 3.2) end Which doesn't really explain to me why it's crashing. My prefab.lua: Any help would be appreciated.
  3. One thing that I've noticed on many of my worlds is that the best food sources, mining grounds and pig villages are almost always quite a long journey away, this always makes me hesitant to go out to that spot in case I have to camp over night. To solve this, I propose that a saddle could be added to the game to be unlocked in the Alchemy Engine. I imagine that it would require 4 rope, 5 pig skin and 2 gold nuggets and after creation you would be able to saddle up a Beefalo to ride around the map at about 1.5 or 2 times your normal movement speed. Of course you may need a place to store your Beefalo when you're not riding on it? Or else it might wonder off somewhere or be attacked by hounds. For this problem, I suggest a new structure to be added. A barn no less. I would imagine the barn to require 5 boards, 4 cut stone and 10 grass (For the roof). This recipe would also need to be unlocked at the alchemy engine but I think it would all be worth it for the increased movement speed and the fact that Wilson would look amazing on a Beefalo! Thanks for reading, I hope this idea gets noticed!