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  1. So, first of all, I like what this game has to offer (and most Klei games, for that matter). The liquid and gas systems are super cool, the latter I haven't really seen in any game before. The temperature, electricity, food are all handled well and clear. But when I went around to look at some of the colonies of other folks, I saw things like this: (this one is just a random screenshot from google) Seriously. Is this a museum simulator or something? I can understand why the decor system is in place - to add an additional challenge besides actual food, and oxygen and what not. And this purpose is great. I totally love managing complex stuff. But at the moment, solving stress is less of a clever challenge and more of a bruteforce solution. Yay, let's spam paintings! I suppose some people would ask now "so, what's wrong with that? If we need more water, we build more pumps. If we need more decor, we build more statues". Well, from an objective, solely rational standpoint, it's true. But that... Doesn't really feel like a space colony to me. Also, I understand that the game is in Early Access, so maybe features will be added, that will change the situation. So what do you propose? Here are a few suggestions: Give us wallpaper! For real So that it can be put on a wall behind all objects, and look pretty. (it will probably hinder the readability of gasses in a room a bit, but we have overlays) What if we had upgraded versions of batteries, generators and stuff, that add to decor, rather than subtract from it. Like a super cool-looking sci-fi pump, that duplicants will love to set the eyes on. Use the textile station to make lovely blankets for beds, and pretty tablecloths for mess tables, that add decor bonuses to said objects Colonywide decor buildings, that rise decor everywhere, but can only be built once. Something like a world wonder in civ games. Think giant statue, or a fountain, or stuff like that. Make diminishing returns from same decor objects. Say, one painting per room is nice. Two, is fine. Three is marginally better. Everything more than that is negligible. Maybe a bigger bonus to regular tile decor from materials? More varied decor objects and decor combos? Like, placing a painting near a vase gives bonus decor. *** Here, thanks for reading this far. Maybe you have better ideas. Lemme know your thoughts.
  2. Even when you are capable of feeding a large number of dublicants, increasingly higher population causes dublicants to start disregarding the option to go to the massage table to relax. They seem far too fixated on working and there is just not much else to do. More powerful relaxing mode switch: When a dublicant becomes very stressed, there should be an option in the tasks menu to set when they should enter relaxing mode. Also, you should be able to force a dublicant into relaxing mode by stripping all tasks from it. More spare time activities: All the dublicants can do when they have no tasks is to eat, shower, use the toilet, use the massage table or sleep. There should be more structures to offer more methods for them to spend their free time, like baskedball, art, videogames, etc. Depending on the personality of the dublicant, they will prefer some leasure time activities over others and matching ones reduce the stress more efficiently. Dublicant interactions: The dublicants dont really acknowledge each other as of yet. In my humble opinion, they should be more human and actually talk to each other in their leasure time. Or maybe make them smile at each other or high five while they pass one another during their jobs. Dublicant relationships: The state of mind of dublicants should be far more dynamic, adding an element of randomness to their stress level. Dublicants should be able to befriend each other while talking or performing activities together. Furthermore, dublicants should be able to fall in love with each other if they match well and spend a lot of time together. That also goes into the opposite direction. Dublicants could have fights when they are stressed or one dublicant treated another badly. Relationships should also be able to end, making one or both dublicants sad. Here some examples of possible status messages: Talking: This dublicant is spending some quality time with another dublicant. -5% stress per cycle New Friendship: This dublicant made a new best friend! -20% stress per cycle Friend nearby: This dublicant is happy to see their friend. -10% stress per cycle Love: This dublicant has developed a crush on another dublicant. How sweet! -20% stress per cycle New Couple: This dublicant just started a relationship with another dublicant! So romantic! -70% stress per cycle Partner nearby: This dublicant is in the presence of their loved one. -30% stress per cycle Lonely: This dublicant hasn't spend any meaningful amount of time with others in a while. +10% stress per cycle Arguing: This dublicant is having a verbal fight with another dublicant. +10% stress per cycle Enemy nearby: This dublicant is trying to avoid eye contact with a person they had a fight with recently. +15% stress per cycle Friendship ended: This dublicant has lost a friend and is feeling bad. +30% stress per cycle fight with loved one: This dublicant is having a fight with their partner. Oh no! +30% stress per cycle Breakup: This dublicant is fresh out of a relationship. They are very sad. +50% stress per cycle Mourning a friend: This dublicant feels miserable over the death of their friend. +40% stress per cycle Mourning a lover: This dublicant has lost their partner! What a terrible tragedy! +70% stress per cycle Dublicant interaction control: Despite the randomness, there should be a way to somewhat control the ways dublicants interact. Like a therapy sofa. One or two dublicants who have social issues should be able to be assigned to the sofa, then a third joins them in the role of a therapist to help them overcome their issues. Therapy should also be able to reduce the debuff from mourning and with enough sessions, friendships and romances can be saved.
  3. So one thing I always liked doing is making characters that look like me and my friends, or making them look as close to us as we can based on the avatars shown. Well I won't give a speech on making the avatars customize-able in some way, regardless of how neat that would be, but instead, I will simply ask this; Why would you make certain characters have one set stress response?!?! I used to try to make each of my people only destructive people and at times that made it hard cause I'd end up with one character only and REALLY need a new Dupe, but only get the chance to get destructive people.....forcing me to either choose someone destructive, or restart in most scenarios. Well now, the character I chose a MY sprite (Nikola) and the one I set as my Fiance's sprite (Bubbles) are forced to be destructive and a binge eater. I really dislike this because I get that it will make the game harder, but now in my opinion the game is becoming more stress inducing than it's really worth...I literally end up with 3 of my least favorite avatars and I have to re-select those 3 or so avatars when I need/want a new person in my station and that's IF they are worth getting!!! None of them look like anyone I know (and I get this seems really petty, I do) but that was a big part of the fun in this for me, the total randomness of each character, Nikola #1 could be a angry ****** while Nikola #2 was a puke machine that is stressed by and disgusted by everything, and I was hoping for Nikola #3 to be a Whiny cry-baby.....but now I get Nikola being nothing but a angry hulk nonstop This has taken SO MUCH of the fun I had, and I hope Klei will undo this and make it randomly generated again. I've barely been able to even test the new stuff in game because I can't gather the people to make enough progress to get anything done!! Because people are always either eating EVERYTHING or breaking EVERYTHING, thus making people spend all their time fixing things, then breaking what they fix, just so someone else can come fix it again -_- It is so annoying that I've rage quit more times than I care to admit. At this point I'm just waiting for the next update so I can see if it's fixed, cause I don't know if I can even play it at this point, which is terribly disappointing, because previously I Loved this game. ~ V
  4. Right now, the creativity trait can only be used for art, but you could try and add instruments and songs which would also be affected by it. If you creativity is low, your stress and others stress would either decrease from the bad songs, or increase slowly from the not good songs. Whichever choice sounds better. If it is high, the other dupes will start to enjoy it and it will lower stress. Instruments would lower stress, but increase stress of people who can hear it, unless they have high creativity. If multiple dupes are playing instruments, they stress would lower quicker than if it was 1 person, and people around them wouldn't have lowered stress since they sound better than instead of being solo, but they still wouldn't gain anything unless there creativity was high. Another idea for this would be have dupe's have their instrument preference, or have 1 instrument which can sound like them all, which looks like a combination of a bunch of them instead of making designs for multiple of them, and scrap the preference idea. You could make a microphone building, which broadcasts music to speakers, connected via a new type of wire, and have everyone hear them to use that as a way to lower stress for everyone, same could work with the rest of instruments, but they have to have a separate mic. I am fairly new to the game, and haven't gotten all that far surviving until cycle ~50 before I realized I couldn't live any longer with how things were going, so I am not sure about if this would be good or not.
  5. I had thought about this a while ago but never got around to posting it. Sometimes, when I get stressed, I end up yelling and complaining to others who have nothing to do with what's stressing me, and end up stressing them too. What if that was a stress reponse for a dupe? He's start yelling out loud and complaining, making nearby dupes start to get stressed out too and trigger their stress downsides. I'd just love to see the animations of an angry dupe stomping around complaining and the others deperately trying to cover their ears, annoyed.
  6. There should be more ways to counter stress. Not that I don't like the massage tables they just get boring after awhile. Giving my dupes a break room where they could play an arcade cabinet or a bar where they could drink fermented slime/bristle berries would be awesome. I would love to see any other ideas you guys have.
  7. I just made it to 250 Cycles. I have really loved this game so far as it has truly scratched the itch for running an efficient ant colony. I thought I would share some of the choices I made that I think might serve you well if you too want to go for a super efficient play style (with the game mechanics atm). I realize that play style may not be up your alley - but there might be a gem of two below that could help you understand resources or a set up that might make your life easier. On with the screenshots Base at Cycle 250: Base at 125: Base at 72: Things I learned: Base layout - keep in mind where gases are going to go if you produce them or let them go in your base. Highest to lowest is are as follows: Hydrogen, contaminated O2, 'clean' O2, chlorine, Co2. (At least so far...) This can help you as you can harness a little power off of Hydrogen later in your base, as you see with my hydrogen pump and generator, at the top of my base. The hydrogen is being produced from the electrolizers at the bottom of the base. If you also leave a pit or hole at the bottom of your base Co2 tends to just float to it with no real to deal with it. 'Best Resources' - I almost named this post Sand > Contaminated water as I didn't comprehend how essential sand would become... So for me these are the resources: Water > Sand > Contaminated water > Algae > Slime. Water is really O2 for me from electrolizers. Sand filters Contaminated water mid and late game to keep O2 production going. Contaminated water will become your largest source of water if you start hunting for it early. Algae and Slime (which you turn into Algae via tech) are good early and mid game BEFORE you can make an electrolizer. As you soon as you can make that get rid of your algae terrarium immediately if you can. (More on why in a bit) Food - Rush mealwoods via planter tech. As soon as you have these going in good supply stop cooking asap. Seriously. They will eat the meal lice with out cooking and cooking is just another sap on your water supply. Get the tech for the planter, fridge, and meal table and your food job is done. O2 - There has been a ton of posts so far and I agree that electrolyzers are THE way to go. I played with algae terrariums for a while and hunted algae and slime like a mad man but the pitiful O2 output for the price of water is way too high atm. I have had two electrolyzers running oxygen in by base I think for over a hundred cycles. Stress - I think at cycle 40 things start to get out of control with stress. Keep in mind your dupes have been digging like mad men and women for a while so they are 'dirty' and 'grimy'. Even with a shower, lavoratory, and personalized massage tables for my dupes the ones at 100% stress are too much to deal with. Do keep in mind I take only 'destructive' dupes as the 'vomit' ones are a stress juggernaut waiting to happen. For a while I just let them break machines and simply rebuilt another allowing the first broken machine to remain broken as they often attacked the same machine over and over again and would often leave many other machines alone. SO I finally started euthanizing the worst of the worst in a Co2 room I made at the bottom of my base. In the picture below, you can see I would use 'move' to place a stressed out Dup in the room while another would come eventually when I put a 'close' order on the door. All the tombstones in the picture above are the result of 'maintaining a healthy colony stress level' ;P Water filtration - the set up that is almost necessary for long term survival is a water filtration system to handle contaminated water. As I said above water is O2 so once you run out of water you are finished with the current game mechanics. So as soon as you can start hunting for contaminated water - probably something to keep in mind when hunting algae and slime as all three tend to be together. The image below is a set up I used in two bases. The idea is to pump contaminated water from the outside of the base (assuming you have a liquid pump to bring it in) to a pre-built room to handle exterior water(s) and the contaminated water you will produce from a shower and lavatory. This contaminated water is brought to another room to a water filter and then the clean water is available in a separate reservoir via a pump for your electrolyzers, shower, lavatory and other clean water purposes. Water filtration is the key reason sand is so very important as it is the only filtration material used at the moment. Power - Sadly the mouse wheels are really the only 'good' way to go super late into the game. Yes Coal is amazing but finite. Do keep an eye for it and grab it when you can but by cycle 150 I think most of mine was virtually gone. Hydrogen is technically 'good' but you can produce enough on purpose from electrolyzers to sustain a base long term without destroying your water supply. In my top most image you can see a Hydrogen pump and generator used at the top of my base as hydrogen naturally rises to the top to harness a bit of power off the hydrogen. Those are really there to filter the hydrogen out of the breathing space of the base though - not as a long term means of power. Research - Don't charge down the tech tree(s) without regards to what your base needs. Personally I found no need for any of the techs in the third tier. This might have been because of my base layout that kept in mind the gases properties so I didn't need any of the odd things at the end of the tree. Liquid and Gase pumps, Air locks, water filtration, and the basic techs were about all I needed. You can keep doing techs you don't need BUT they will destroy the amount of water in your base. The third tier of techs require boat loads of water - just don't do it you are trying to be efficient. Suggestions for the game and fun bugs - 1) For gods sake, add an 'auto harvest' function to the planter. I just spent 250 cycles mindlessly clicking on these to be harvested. 2) Bottled contaminated water can't be removed in your base when you 'sweep' it. I have bottles from disassembled machines here and there in my base and my ocd for a clean base is killing me with these bottles just sitting there 3) If you reload a game - the gas pumps particularly connected to a hydrogen generator perform the animation of pumping but the pipe(s) to the hydrogen generator are 'empty'. If you break down and rebuild the gas pump after a re-load it works properly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope this gives you ideas if you are shooting to be 'efficient' - for myself my water is enough that I might make it to cycle 300 but I think I'll dig for the edge and hope to send my dupes out to space. Next colony I will shot to add a Dup every time they are available and see if I can manage a giant circus of colony without euthanizing poor Dupes like Neil above. Thanks Klei, this has been a great game so far with alot of potential for fun times in the future.
  8. Another method of stress reduction: use the apothecary station to whip up medications that reduce stress. Each chill pill reduces stress by a few percent. Requires ice as an ingredient
  9. So new to the ONI forums, but been a long time Klei fan. But anyway, here's my idea: Beds (yup, just beds). Next step up from cots, it lowers stress while they sleep, or possibly just gives a positive stress modifier "slept well." Cost: more resources, including more difficult to get resources, like fabric/cotton, higher technology. Benefit: better sleeping conditions, and thus stress relief. This is a pretty basic idea, so sorry if it's already been suggested, but yeah, lemme know what you think.
  10. As you well know, or dont..there are only 2 stress responses currently. I had an idea for more so here they are : 1) Stress eater, when dupe gets stressed it starts eating massive amounts of food."Stress eating". 2) Stress striking, dupe refuses to do certain tasks, preferably tasks they are good at. "Duplicate is on strike".The higher the stress level the more tasks they refuse to do starting at 70%. When it reaches 100% dupe starts running around like a crazy person holding up a red sign "on strike". 3) Stress exhaustion, dupe randomly stops doing what its doing and bows down to breathe heavily (somewhat like when they are out of oxygen). Furthermore dupe is unable to carry resources and its movement speed is slightly reduced. if you have any more ideas post them down below.