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  1. Been a long time since I actually settled down to play this game for a respectable amount of time and I just hit summer on day 56 (I think.) Hounds are looming and I have yet to re enter my game because I had to stop playing about when I heard barking. Curious as to see what your guys' strategies are when fighting hound attacks that are too numerous to kite? Also, the possibility of overheating is there as well. I could wear my Eyebrella but then I would be missing out on some juicy damage absorption from my football helmet.
  2. Please share your thoughts on how do you see this game after you master it, how to build it to keep people interested and doing something new with the old skill. My personal opinion is to make the gameplay depending on the map and on the style: 1) Biome specific maps, all cold / all slime / no slime, etc. - logic here is: we have a random generated map, but once you start the game you have to be able to adapt to the map, instead of using the same strategy all the time. What if i did not have sleet wheat ? etc. or 2) Manually generate maps by players, share them, make a random map TOPs, ranks. Something like top 10 player created maps every month are added to a rotation of bucket of 20 or 30 random generated maps, to motivate players Intorduce WC3 style map bulilding and modding. 3) Ability to choose strategy you want to use - Eco friendly colony, poluted colony, high tech colony (For this one we need oil / radioactive biome) - in this case we would pick some parts of the tech tree and leave some out, or use everything, but have a choice.
  3. This is a guide talking about the perks of each character and the best way to use them. There are some characters that I may not know fully since I have a few that I main. Feel free to add your own strategies to the mix. Wilson: my sister and I call characters like him, "the Mario." It stemmed from our time playing Mario Kart as kids. It's basically characters that are just average all around and balanced. This statement is true for Wilson since he has balanced stats, and his only perk is a beard. Though his beard has some nice perks. First of all, don't shave his beard until after Winter. His beard provides more warmth than a winter hat, so you can save resources there. You only need a long beard and thermal stone to get by. After winter ends and it warms up, shave that monstrosity and use the beard hairs for meat effigies, or give them to Willow so she can make Bernie. Willow: She has a lighter, and man is it great. Not only does it provide light that lasts longer than a torch, but it also gives her sanity and can be used as a weapon. Use a top hat and lighter for no sanity drop in darkness/caves. Her lighter can also be used to burn things, which can harm mobs. She also has Bernie, which can be used to distract shadow creatures when you're insane. Wolfgang: His perk is his strength, though it can also be a weakness. You have to eat a lot with Wolfgang to avoid being wimpy. Being wimpy is bad because he's super hungry, he's extremely weak, and he's slower. Though you don't want to be in constant mighty form either since his hunger drain is so heavy. The best strategy for him would be to maintain his weight around the normal form (100-225), and then become mighty when fighting hounds and bosses. Wendy: The best thing she has going for herself is Abigail. You can use Abigail, her ghostly sister, to fight mobs, fight pigs, destroy beehives, and kill spiders. Wendy is lucky to have her since she has weak punches, and would be below average without her sister. Though just to warn you, she won't be able to take out a boss, so don't even try it. Fight things at dusk or night for higher damage. Since she's friends with a ghost, she doesn't suffer much sanity loss from darkness, and she also has a higher sanity pool. WX-78: His greatest perk is his ability to upgrade. If you don't like running all over the map, then this isn't the character for you. You need to run all over the map in search of a lot of gears. Camping out in the desert for gears or going to the ancient ruins will be a great idea for you. Try to make 2 iceboxes minimum (one on land and one underground), and then upgrade with the remainder. You'll need 15 gears to fully upgrade. Also, don't be afraid of lightening. Lightening can have a harmful affect on other characters and hurt them, though he gains health and a speed boost when hit by lightening. Wickerbottom: She has her books, and she's a portable science machine. As a portable science machine, she's very easy to start the game with. You can start the game with a backpack, rope, cutting boards, cut stone, etc., with her. Not only that, but she also has her books. Her books: can grow crops (Applied Horticulture), summon a group of birds (Birds of the World), put enemies to sleep (Sleepytime Stories), summon lightening (The End is Nigh), and summon tentacles (On Tentacles). She can be a deadly force when you use her fullest potential. Though sanity is a problem that plagues her. She can't go to sleep, which means she can't use: tent, straw roll, fur roll, etc. This gives her a disadvantage since those are easy sources of sanity and/or health. Though a great strategy to combat that would be eating cooked green and cooked blue mushrooms for sanity and raw blue for health. Woodie: His perk is his ax and beaver form. You don't have to waste time looking for flint early on, since you have an ax as soon as you enter. You don't even have to make an ax or pickax if you get in beaver form and break down trees and boulders. Study the full moon cycles in order to know when you will transform and prepare. Make sure to keep the log meter above 25 if you want to be human, and cut down a lot of trees when you want to be a beaver. Chop trees and planet pine cones for sanity gain. Wes: He's basically a character used as a challenge, though he does have a perk. His perk is his pile of balloons that you can make. They give 5 damage and require 5 sanity. You can use that to go insane very easily and farm nightmare fuel, or you can use them against mobs. 100 balloons causes 500 damage overall, which can be a deadly weapon against various enemies in the game. Maxwell: Sanity, weapons, and his book are his perks. Maxwell has a sanity pool of 200 and it increases over time; he also has no sanity drain in the dark/caves. This makes sanity an almost nonexistent issue when using him. Not only that, but he enters the game with a dark sword (the most power melee weapon) and night armor. Though you will need to counteract the sanity buff to farm nightmare fuel. Maxwell needs nightmare fuel to make his book, Codex Umbra, and he needs it to make various shadow puppets. Try eating raw green mushrooms for easy loss of sanity. Wigfrid: her perk is her armor, spear, and strength. Wigfrid is a very strong character like Wolfgang, only she never loses her strength and she comes with armor and a weapon. Her health and sanity gain from fighting enemies encourages a more aggressive way of fighting. Though unfortunately, unlike Wolfgang, she has a meat only diet. It's recommended to immediately set out working to make a crock pot, in order to have a good source of filling meat dishes. You can't eat mushrooms or non-meat items for sanity and health, so you have to gain those by fighting, sleeping in tent/rolls, and eating meals such as: jerky for sanity and crock pot meals for health (pierogi, turkey dinner, spicy chili, unagi, honey nuggets, honey ham, guacamole, froggie bunwich, fish sticks, fish tacos, and bacon and eggs). Webber: his perk is his egg, beard, and spiders. Webber starts off with an egg that can be planted into the ground as a spider den. This gives easy access to spiders early on, and will continue to grow. You don't even have to discover another spider den since you have one already. As a spider yourself, other spiders will leave you alone for the most part, and will even defend you against mobs. You are able to grow a silk beard, which yields 6 silk after 9 days. This means you can literally just sit around camp and eat all day for 18 days, and you'll have a tent and prestihatitator (top hat). His beard also provides warmth, but not as much as a winter hat. Though it's not all great. Webber looks like a spider, so pigs, bunnymen, and cats, will attack him on sight. You have to avoid them or fight them in order to live, while other characters don't have to worry about that.
  4. So I read on the wiki that the Dragonfly makes a good, albeit dangerous way to deal with the other giants. Well, they got it right on the "Dangerous" part. I tried to get the Deerclops and Dragonfly to infight. It failed explosively, and everybody except myself and the giants in question died. How exactly are you supposed to make this work?
  5. Link to the episode in question (13, I should have known). (20 min long) Link to the playlist with all 13 episodes if you're crazy bored and have time to kill. So as you'll notice, things start to happen around the halfway point. What do you think my next priorities should be? Meat effigy? New clothing? Do you think it's safe to get my stuff back?Thanks for checking it out, post any and all feedback in this thread!
  6. I decided to use the oft mentioned but rarely applied forum search feature to create a compilation of previous threads dedicated to various strategies and tips in the game. Hopefully this can be a resource for both new and veteran players. I will try to add to this as new threads are posted. And don't forget to check the wiki. Newbie Threads Ask a pro: Share a tip: Random tip thread: Early game guide: Short guide: Start-up guide: Strategy discussion:! General tips: Chester facts:! Rule guide: Comprehensive Guides Miaou's Ultimate Guide to Don't Starve: Survival guide: Spider-free, fully explored world in 40 days: Guide to creating a self sustaining settlement: Character guide: Food Crockpot simulator, recipe/food list: Crockpot recipes:! Hunger guide: Easy rabbits: General tips: Exploration Scouting a base: Night safety: Travelling across swamps:!-Surrounded-by-swamp Escape device: Winter Surviving on monster meat: Adventure Mode On-the-go guide: Levels 1-5:! Bases Spider farming: Living with pigs: Tree farm: Combat Spider queens: Treeguards: Basic hunting guide: Spider dens: Hounds: Video Series Rodrigo's video tutorials: Skull's video how-tos: Help Lines Your question not answered in any of these threads? Don't feel like making a new one? Just PM one of these people and they will do their best to answer your question. (Availability not guaranteed) Silvi Sunday - Friday 10:00PM - 6:00AM PST Palpetinus Sunday - Saturday 9:30PM - 8:00AM and 9:00AM-2:00PM PST fear_town Sunday - Saturday 9:00PM - 3:00AM PST Toaster Fu Monday - Saturday 3:00PM - 1:00AM PST helointernet Sunday - Saturday 1:00PM - 11:00PM PST
  7. Here is a map tip that might help people have a more stable start to their games. One thing I do is I always start a game with a cartographer run. I only collect enough materials and food to survive and spend most nights running with the torch, following every road. (It appears that when a road ends, it marks the end of the land. An end of the road seems to mark a dead end on the map). If I find points of interest, I will reveal more of that map (beefalo, wormholes, wooden thing, reed swamps, pig towns (especially if there are bush farms), pig king, graveyards, spider biomes, bee biomes, etc). After I am content with what I find, I go to my map, zoom out and screencap. I then promptly kill myself and retry (when you retry it uses the same map) for a serious run. Example of my cartographer run (+ photoshop): This way, I know where everything is, and I can beeline straight for the resources I want first to have a stable base as soon as possible. Fortunately on this map. The graveyard had a wormhole that went fairly close to the Pig King. I was able to dig a ton of graves and then run to the wormhole and cash out for about 2 stacks of gold in one go. also, if you are looking in a position that you might die, quickly open your map, zoom out, and screenshot. If you have photoshop, you can then layer your new map over your old one and erase the fog of war from one or the other to combine both maps.
  8. I don't think there are any structures that are made upon world creation(igloo is generated during winter i think and ice gem too).
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number - Issue title Metal Potato Thingy is in the Ocean... Help! Steps to reproduce Use Hammer on Chest items fly out items fall into ocean. Describe your issue Hi, I had collected all the parts to make the Portal to another world. While I was attempting to free some bag space I accidentally dropped the Metal Potato thingy and it went into the Ocean. I have no way of getting it out, and it doesn't seem to despawn. Does the Map spawn more than one of the ' Metal Potato thingy ' or am I screwed?
  10. Hey, i was wondering if i could get a beta code for don't starve, i'm really wanting to do a mini advertisement on my youtube channel and a let's play and review. If you would like to get in touch, my Steam username is: Savezombie1, and if that doesn't work, try savezombie11. It would be great if you gave me one!
  11. Hey guys! I just posted a thread in the Video Section, but read in another thread there to feel free to post it here as well! I have started a Don't Starve Guide series on Youtube, and I also stream the game on Twitch Let me know what you think of the guides! I would love feedback! Would just like to drop a link to the thread:!-%28and-a-link-to-my-DS-livestream-w-giveaways%29 Cheers! Shannon <3
  12. If there is anything to squeeze I say squeeze it out! I say lets find any hints what's in the next update, type Don't Starve:Long Live The Queen and begin analyzing. I suck at finding things like flashes though D:
  13. Id like to see everyones ideas. I have been playing this nonstop for the past 3 days but now Im seeing some problems. my advice- make the game get constantly harder, perhaps even enable an in-game leveling system to make your character stronger like an rpg. More like how the binding of isaac does it by floors. allowing for an eventual completion of the game, or if not completion, a minecraft type homebase thing. otherwise the game just gets boring, too easy, and repetitive past day 50.