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  1. So all the cool kids on the block are making their fanart threads. @Arlesienne is neither cool nor a kid, but apparently has just tried. People browsing this, well... to quote Różewicz, they came to see a poet and that's rather boring for the great populace, but Minespatch asked and just how do you refuse MINESPATCH so I oblige and... Well, introductions aren't my strength. So just take a look at this if you want, starring OCs by @minespatch, @ScienceMachine and @DragonMage156 as well as @GiddyGuy (as himself based on this) and my own kiddie. It's quite inspired by the excellent players: @Fortie as Webber Slapy as Wigfrid (on hiatus) Sugarcombo as Ruri FuzzyIggyPoyo as Demo Daniel as Soldier In a nutshell: a dark little story about a girl and her toys. Consider it tagged mature for one instance of strong language (dependent on your side of the pond), the dark setting, mental issues, shtuff... Oh, and for elfeminate puns! * * * Whoever needs a bit more of an introduction, here you go. This is also the blurb of our roleplaying campaign Project Rosebud. Otherwise just skip to this fat post.
  2. I've started slowing down on art, so in order to try and kick start it back up again I decided to make a Don't Starve art thread, and work on Don't Starve art! I'm not the greatest, and I tend to stick to traditional, but that's no matter! I'll probably do digital every once and a while, but dang, I am not fond of it. Anyway! Voila. First Don't Starve piece done during the Art Stream draw-along. First piece drawn on my own. Gotta touch up on the style. Second piece. I'm very happy with it. No surprise. I can go more geometric with robots. Third piece. Fur could use some work. I'd like to make them more child-like. Didn't actually plan on this piece. The head is off, and it's driving me nuts. See no evil. Speak no evil. ...and uh... improvise. Yes, I do ocs too. First time drawing them too. They're meant to be marble, but it came out more like Thulecite. That's all I got for the moment. Dunno how often I'll be making more, but I wanna try to be at least a bit active.
  3. //UNDER MAINTENANCE// Currently, all art is spread throughout the thread.