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  1. Is there a way to make the overworld have a different seasonal event than the caves world? (have the overworld on the christmas event, and the caves world on the halloween event) By the way, this actually happened to one of my worlds due to a bug, but I don't know how to reproduce it.
  2. 1. Download and install SteamCMD: Click here to download 2. Create three data folders for your servers: \\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer \\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer\Master \\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer\Caves 3. Start Don't Starve Together from Steam and click on the "Play!" button. 4. Click on the "Acct Info" button. 5. Click on the "Generate Server Token" button, and copy the token into a text editor. 6. Save the token file to: \\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer\cluster_token.txt 7. Copy and save the following text to: \\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer\cluster.ini 8. Copy and save the following text to: \\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer\Master\server.ini 9. Copy and save the following text to: \\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer\Caves\server.ini 10. Copy and save the following text to: \\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer\Caves\worldgenoverride.lua 11. Copy and save the following text to: \\Documents\Klei\StartDSTServers.bat 12. Checklist of all the files you should have now: 13. Double-click StartDSTServers.bat to start your dedicated servers!
  3. Version 1.10


    Shard configuration mod Shard configuration mod allows server admins to make migration links between their individual servers/worlds/shards. This mod is made for dedicated servers and has no use in standart Don't Starve Together worlds created in client. This mod is also not needed if your dedicated servers run only two worlds/shards in one cluster (default connections works fine for 2 worlds/shards). If you are server admin and you want more than 2 connected worlds this is mod for you! After all servers are set up and online and simulation on them is paused, when first player connects to any server and simulation is unpaused the mod will set up portals in the world to be linked to other worlds. This mod uses standart 10 sinkholes generated in the world. If you manually create more, they will be used after server restart. If you want more than 10 connections from/to one world you have to create new sinkholes/stairs. Sinkholes not used are turned off and plugged. Steam workshop Mod is available on steam workshop How to setup this mod I will explain how to set up this world. I will be connecting 4 server to each other. All setting files won't be shown, but they are pretty similar. I want the shards to be linked like this (two lines between 1 and 12 mean i want two portals to be active between these worlds): Formating here doesn't allow enough indentation so actual tutorial is on Github. (mostly functional, unidirectional connections aren't covered by this tutorial) Since mod version 1.10 it is also possible to create single directional connections. New mod setting called "OneWayConnections" was created which contains world that should be connected unidirectionally. Example mod overrride settings below: ["workshop-595764362"] = { enabled = true, configuration_options = { ["Connections"] = { ["1"] = { "11", "12" }, -- bidiractional between 1-11 and 1-12 ["11"] = { "12" } -- bidirectional between 11-12 }, ["OneWayConnections"] = { ["1"] = { "12", "12" } -- two unidirectional connections from 1 to 12 } } } Worldgen and shard config util I created an util to create worldgenoverride.lua using GUI. Choose a preset, change what you want and save it. There you have easily generated worldgenoverride.lua! There is also second tab where you can create modoverrides.lua that configures this mod. Create shards, set their shard_id. Create connections between shards and set connection count. Save it and you have modoverrides.lua which will work with this mod. You still have to include other mods you want to use. This util is running in .NET 4.5 and won't start without it! The util is available for download from these forums by "Download this file" on the right. Need help of other modders This mod needs to have shard_id to properly connect worlds. For now shard_id of this world is taken from mod configuration. If anyone have idea how to get this shard_id directly from game core I could remove one mod setting, which would be great. (TheShard:GetShardId() didn't work for me, but maybe I'm just bad at lua scripting) Already fixed it. Also setting Connections is pain in the *** to copy to every shard. So if anyone have idea how to load Connection table in some clean and don't-copy-something-to-every-shard way I would probably implement it. Thank you
  4. Hello, I have a group chat in Instagram we all play Dont Starve Together but we have no server to play on, and we can't host it ourselves, is there any friendly dedicated server with caves(hopefully endless or not) that we can join? Public servers also scares us... I have around 600 hours, just needing a server to play with friends, we dislike rude people, and we're not greifers.
  5. The root admin of the server (the one who can run "sudo" commands on the computer, the one who can touch the actual keyboards of the computer with fingers, or over SSH with root powers) should be able to login into his/her own server as any previous visitor. This would be very useful to check some griefers who come, steal some valuable items, then log off never to come back. While arguably you could just spawn in "for the loss", you can't really know for sure if someone stole it (no one sits in their base all day really) then logged off, unless you can check their inventory. The root admin has full access to any files in the server. The server has all the info related to any visitor, so it should be able to let the root simulate any visitor. Is that something possible to do? I am really not concerned about any technical difficulties in implementing that.
  6. This guide will help you set up a dedicated server on an Ubuntu machine (32 or 64-bit) 1. Install dependencies: 2. Install steamcmd. 3. Create your dedicated server folders: 4. Create your cluster_token.txt 5. Create your cluster.ini file. 6. Edit your cluster.ini file. 7. Create your Master server.ini 8. Create your Caves server.ini 9. Create your Caves worldgenoverride.lua 10. Create the script that will run the servers. 11. Give the script executable permissions 12. Run the script to start the dedicated servers:
  7. Hey everyone! I've created recently a hardcore server that is dedicated, and I'm really looking for some more don't starve together players who have some, mode rate to high levels of experience in don't starve in general. That could mean, ROG, Don't Starve Together etc. Either way, this world I've created is NOT easy, and it'd be preferable to have some others to join in and help me survive in the world... because let me tell you, it's not easy to do it by yourself. So, below just say if you're in and ready for the challenge or feel free to ask questions about the server if you want to know more about it, or to learn how difficult it really is and why. Thanks to everyone who might be able to help out, and as always, don't starve. Server Name: Deathstarve: Hardcore Survival Server (6 SLOTS)
  8. Okay, so I've been thinking... creating my own dedicated server without getting anyone's perspective here was perhaps a bad idea. So, this is why I'm doing a VERY basic poll here to see what type of server you guys would like to see in don't starve together. I've got the resources to make really any type of server that's dedicated (Meaning anyone can play without the admin on) and I would love to hear some ideas... like I said, you come up with the idea, and I'll make it! Whichever server idea seems to be the most popular, I will create and notify everyone when it's ready to play. So... LET'S GET BRAINSTORMIN FOLKS.
  9. Summer is over... now what? There's no possible way all of the players that are on the server will die for a while, especially with a base that is loaded with stuff to keep you alive for an eternity. That's what I've been having trouble with, along with a few others I've spoke to online. Once you're good at DST, you really can survive with ease. I know, there are still some people who have trouble getting past winter, but I'm talking about people who are pretty good at don't starve (You can call them pros, veterans or whatever you'd like) and really have no issue blazing past all 4 seasons in DST. So, to get to the point I've decided to throw away the competitive PVP DST server idea, and create a new dedicated server for those who are looking for a much harder survival experience. The dedicated server I've created, called "DEATHSTARVE" is the ultimate don't starve together hardcore survival experience for those who are too good at regular survival, are looking for a challenge, or are just plain in the mood for something different to do in DST. Wait a sec bush, what's so hard about this server? How's it going to be so hard? Well... Food is more scarce. No wild carrots, less berry bushes, less animals that drop meat (Sorry Wigfrid) the beef will also be much more aggressive if you find them. Resources are limited as well... less grass, less flint, less trees, less rocks/boulders... AND there are no saplings. You can only get twigs from spiky marsh bushes which cause minor damage each time you pick them (But don't worry, they're all over the world :D). Seasons are different now, autumn ends quicker meaning you only have so much time to prepare for winter. Not to mention, winter and summer are longer too. (Heh heh >:D) Also, the danger will be, well... deadly. Not only are overworld monsters more common now, but cave monsters now spawn in the overworld, making it 2x more difficult. Well, what else is to be said? Anyways, just letting you know, it's not going to be easy and the more players there are, the better chance of surviving the extremely harsh world... (Otherwise you MAY die somewhat quick unless your pretty good at survival in DST) Note: I don't recommend this server for beginners, anyone in the intermediate to expert skill level in the game I salute you... good luck! NAME: Deathstarve: Hardcore Survival Server An Image to show it's awesomeness!
  10. Hi all, Firstly I'm running a dedicated server, playing solo. I guess the information I'm looking for is: -has anyone used the c_select():Remove() command to delete a Goose/Goose spawn point? -does it maintain, or is it aesthetic and can the M/G just spawn in that same spot anyway? So, I'd found a perfect spot to set up. And I'm even trying to get a megabase going... I don't know how I overlooked a Goose/Goose spawn point. It's 01:30 so I wasn't interested in dealing with its shenanigans. I killed it and its kind and remembered (as lightning struck) that it would spawn another nest. I found the c_select():Remove() command and thought I'd try it out. -Try 1: It was dark and I had a lantern. I tried the command in "Remote"; nothing. I tried it again (in local; thinking it may have been that) in daylight. It worked. Then I deleted the other nest and it promptly crashed my game and said DST was out of memory and there are too many mods running... this has never happened and I recently whittled down my number of mods. I backed up my data. The servers themselves did not crash. I just reloaded DST and jumped back on the server.... oooooh. I'm just realising that it was a client side command and the client crashed. That makes sense. Sorry I'm tired. -Try 2: (just to clear that up) I got back in, the nests were still there (again, must have been because it was local) and reran the command in "remote" while it was daylight. Boom, boom, they evaporated, with no error. Then I figured "why not?" and deleted the... straw looking, nest-spawn zone. No error. Thanks in advance. Meiyer
  11. I'm hosting a server until ~11PM called "Starving For Your Love". Be sure to join and try out all the cool new emotes!
  12. -persistent_storage_root Change the directory that your configuration directory resides in. This must be an absolute path. The full path to your files will be <persistent_storage_root>/<conf_dir>/ where <conf_dir> is the value set by -conf_dir. The default for this option depends on the platform: Windows: <Your documents folder>/Klei Mac OSX: <Your home folder>/Documents/Klei Linux: ~/.klei -conf_dir Change the name of your configuration directory. This name should not contain any slashes. The full path to your files will be <persistent_storage_root>/<conf_dir> where <persistent_storage_root> is the value set by the -persistent_storage_root option. The default is: "DoNotStarveTogether". -cluster Set the name of the cluster directory that this server will use. The server will expect to find the cluster.ini file in the following location: <persistent_storage_root>/<conf_dir>/<cluster>/cluster.ini, where <persistent_storage_root> and <conf_dir> are the values set by the -persistent_storage_root and -conf_dir options. The default is "Cluster_1". -shard Set the name of the shard directory that this server will use. The server will expect to find the server.ini file in the following location:<persistent_storage_root>/<conf_dir>/<cluster>/<shard>/server.ini, where <persistent_storage_root>, <conf_dir>, and <cluster> are the values set by the -persistent_storage_root, -conf_dir, and -cluster options. The default is "Master". -offline Start the server in offline mode. In offline mode, the server will not be listed publicly, only players on the local network will be able to join, and any steam-related functionality will not work. -bind_ip <bind_ip> Change the address that the server binds to when listening for player connections. This is an advanced feature that most people will not need to use. -port <port_number> Valid values: 1..65535 The UDP port that this server will listen for connections on. This option overrides the [NETWORK] / server_port setting in server.ini. If you are running a multi-level cluster, this port must be different for each server. This port must be between 10998 and 11018 inclusive in order for players on the same LAN to see it in their server listing. Ports below 1024 are restricted to privileged users on some operating systems. -players <max_players> Valid values: 1..64 Set the maximum number of players that will be allowed to join the game. This option overrides the [GAMEPLAY] / max_players setting in cluster.ini. -steam_master_server_port <port_number> Valid values: 1..65535 Internal port used by steam. This option overrides the [STEAM] / master_server_port setting in server.ini. Make sure that this is different for each server you run on the same machine. -steam_authentication_port <port_number> Valid values: 1..65535 Internal port used by steam. This option overrides the [STEAM] / authentication_port setting in server.ini. Make sure that this is different for each server you run on the same machine. -backup_logs Create a backup of the previous log files each time the server is run. The backups will be stored in a directory called "backup" in the same directory as server.ini. -tick <tick_rate> Valid values: 15 .. 60 This is the number of times per-second that the server sends updates to clients. Increasing this may improve precision, but will result in more network traffic. This option overrides the [NETWORK] / tick_rate setting in cluster.ini. It is recommended to leave this at the default value of 15. If you do change this option, it is recommended that you do so only for LAN games, and use a number evenly divisible into 60 (15, 20, 30). Examples: The recommended way to run a two level server is with the following commands: dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -console -cluster MyClusterName -shard Master dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -console -cluster MyClusterName -shard Caves These two commands will run two dedicated servers using the following configuration files: <Your Klei Folder>/MyClusterName/cluster.ini <Your Klei Folder>/MyClusterName/Master/server.ini <Your Klei Folder>/MyClusterName/Caves/server.ini For the location of <Your Klei Folder>, see the explanation of the -persistent_storage_root and -conf_dir options above. For information on setting up a dedicated server, see one of the following guides: Dedicated Server Quick Setup Guide: Windows Dedicated Server Quick Setup Guide: Linux Dedicated Server Quick Setup Guide: Mac OS X
  13. This guide will help you set up a dedicated server on Mac OS X. This commands in this guide must be entered in the "Terminal" application. The "~" at the beginning of directories and filenames is shorthand in the terminal for your home directory. 1. Install steamcmd. 2. Create your dedicated server folders: 3. Create your cluster_token.txt 4. Create your cluster.ini file. 5. Edit your cluster.ini file. 6. Create your Master server.ini 7. Create your Caves server.ini 8. Create your Caves worldgenoverride.lua 9. Create the script that will run the servers. 10. Give the script executable permissions 11. Run the script to start the dedicated servers: