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  1. Method No.1: Placing files in respective folders within your mod doesn't change whatever you have changed in the files when activating the mod in-game! So, lets say I change total_day_time (total amount of segments) from 16 to 24 (and subsequently change day_segs, night_segs and dusk_segs to correspond to this amount) in a copied tuning.lua file, which I place in [my mod]/scripts folder. Why are no changes applied to my hosted server when I host with the said mod enabled? Is there any code I need to apply in modmain.lua or elsewhere so that the tuning.lua from my mod directly replaces tuning.lua while the mod is enabled? And yes, I know, I've heard it multiple times that file-replacement method isn't optimal for modding, but quite frankly, that's quite fine for the kind of mod that I'm making here. Although, not replacing files via modding and getting it done with a different method is preferable. Method No.2: So, aparently this mod was able to achieve the unachievable; changing local variables (or SOMETHING, somehow) to global. And it flipping works! From my understanding, this is what it in modmain to do so (this isn't the exact code of course, I just took the bits that were relevant): seg_dtime = GetModConfigData("dspeed") * 30 / 8 --Timer segment local total_day_time = seg_dtime * 16 local day_segs = 10 local dusk_segs = 4 local night_segs = 2 GLOBAL.TUNING.SEG_TIME = seg_dtime GLOBAL.TUNING.TOTAL_DAY_TIME = total_day_time GLOBAL.TUNING.DAY_SEGS_DEFAULT = day_segs GLOBAL.TUNING.DUSK_SEGS_DEFAULT = dusk_segs GLOBAL.TUNING.NIGHT_SEGS_DEFAULT = night_segs However, when I put the same code, with just the seg_dtime change to seg_time (and declaring seg_time to what I want, i.e. 60) like this: local seg_time = 60--30 local total_day_time = seg_time*24--16 local day_segs = 12--10 local dusk_segs = 6--4 local night_segs = 6--2 GLOBAL.TUNING.SEG_TIME = seg_time GLOBAL.TUNING.TOTAL_DAY_TIME = total_day_time GLOBAL.TUNING.DAY_SEGS_DEFAULT = day_segs GLOBAL.TUNING.DUSK_SEGS_DEFAULT = dusk_segs GLOBAL.TUNING.NIGHT_SEGS_DEFAULT = night_segs NOTHING changes within the game when I enable my mod. Why? And as a result, how do I achieve this result? I believe there was another mod that changed day time. However, strangely, segment time has not been touched by any mods and I really wonder why, considering segment time, just like total day time (amount of segments) are both local variables declared in tuning.lua.