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  1. Hello there! I have seen quite the countless number of those Hydrogen generators being highly inefficient and all, so I decided to perform a test and do a little bit of math for the sake of science and exploration! yay. The devices used and their outputs and inputs are listed below: Electrolyzer: 112g/s of Hydrogen generated. 888g/s of Oxygen generated. 120W of Power consumed. 1kg/s of Water consumed. Hydrogen Generator: 100g/s of Hydrogen consumed. 800W of Power generated. Gas Filter: 120W of Power consumed. Gas Pump: 240W of Power consumed. 500g/s of Gas pumped. Sum of components: Power Generated: 320W Oxygen Generated: 888g/s Hydrogen Generated: 12g/s Gas left in chamber: 500g/s Water consumed: 1kg/s With that list out of the way, we can finally talk about the findings. We have a net power generation of 320W, which is 80% of the power generation of a dupe wheel. Though smaller, it's a passive amount of power created. In terms of water consumption, it is consuming the same water as would 3.33 Algae Terrarium. It's pretty damn efficient! What's more, you ask? It provides your colony with 888g/s of oxygen generated. That's enough to feed 8 dupes at most (or, approximately 4 if you have 3 mealwood plants for each dupe -don't quote me on this one though). However, that's under ideal conditions. How do you imitate that? With the set-up shown below. Additionally, you can simply place a single gas permeable tile at the bottom pannel to allow pressure to diffuse the oxygen outwards into your base. Doing so ensures you get the full capacity of the 888g/s of oxygen generated. Hydrogen floats to the top of the tiny room, which then almost guarantees your hydrogen generator to recieve the 112g/s of hydrogen generated. In this case, the hydrogen generator will always be topped off at all times. Have two of them, and you can generate twice as much oxygen, and twice as much power for only the net loss of the same water consumption as 6.66 algae terrarium. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug where the hydrogen generator does not produce any power, even when completely filled with the hydrogen it so requires.