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  1. As I've hinted from before, I'll be posting a large list, a consistent one, don't worry, of various problems that I and I know some other player have about the game. This list will be posted after ANR is finished. However, during the updates, there are a few things that really bother me and some, or perhaps many others that should really be addressed now since devs still have a focus on ANR and the ruins content. That said, here are these few things: Tl;dr: didn't think I'd need one, but anyway: * lazy forager needs nm fuel refuelability * bee queen crown needs repairing via beeswax as a possibility as well as bee hives (and perhaps killer bee hives too, for continued challenge!) re-spawning for it to be reliable as an armour * ruins loot from ornate chests, large ornate chest needs to be better (more ancient gems with higher RNG, thulecite armoury and weaponry instead of crappy football helmets, log suits and spears) * ruins clockworks should have at least 1 gear guaranteed for loot; * earthquakes should drop ancient gems in ruins sometimes, if not thulecite fragments as well; * dragonfly should spawn only in Summer, drop more gem loot (x2), drop extra scales only if beaten enough when enraged with lavae losing health instead of having a counter for being killed * there should be an armour that requires a shroom skin to craft but rots over time instead of losing durab when hit (perhaps 70% protection with it rotting in 10 days or so). Man... Even the tl;dr turned out to be quite long :~ * The lazy forager... * Bee queen crown, Bee queen herself and Bee hives (killer bee hives too?) * Ruins loot... * Dragonfly and lavae * Craftables that toadstool enables you to obtain If you thought this was long... The upcoming list will be even longer This list tried to include things that would be relatively easy to do via code, or at least in theory, so as not to keep the devs away from finishing ANR too much, so I didn't include things like overhauling how Bee Queen gets triggered, making her more like a spider queen and tree guard type of a boss and so forth, for now. These might technically be suggestions, although the suggestions section won't get as much attention and this is kind of pushing more things that have already been mentioned and that I know for most quite a few people here and elsewhere would tend to agree on. I'd like to hear what the community has to say as well. Agree, disagree with points layed out here? If you disagree, how would you like the points of focus to be different instead?
  2. A subjective thread I'm going to post some quotes so far of the new update from Together but this applies to the earlier game as well. So despite the characters saying "bugs", they could be other forms of Arachnid or Crustacean. I'd say cockroach or crab(which would bring a connection to the crabbits in Shipwrecked/possible reference to South Park's Crab people) but I want to hear your guys theories.
  3. Por fin terminé mi video de la última actualizacion... Qué tal me quedó?
  4. Tesla trees might be a great thing added for the atrium areas, if the portal gonna teleport us in deeper atrium, one of the biomes should be Tesla gardens, as like (prolly could be ancient lore) a charging area, for the clockworks to come in and get charged. The trees would periodically give a little health back to one of the clockworks, or if attacks player (not WX) would do a small amount of damage if hit. WX would gain small amount of charge in a cost of some sanity and a little health, because lightning is powered by nightmare fuel. They would get a bit more active if there is a nightmare phase, gradually slowing down when phase is going calmer. Breaking Tesla trees would make players get struck by lightning, any insulation clothing would help, yet tesla trees would need 10 or 15 hits with a hammer to be broken. While Tesla trees are still there, they would light structure that's like lightbulbs on the ground, when there is no Tesla tree in range, the bulbs will go out (and might change into clockwork pawns who will only attack with electricity). These biomes could act like mini arenas, that protect ornate chests as a reward, the chests would appear when the Tesla trees are broken (as a mini trap for that, as I said, there would be pawns to attack with lightning). Tell me what you think
  5. What is this hole? Is it new? Maybe it was always in the ruins, but I just missed it?
  6. edit: A little side note the first time I tried recording the deerclops died in two hits
  7. I really like the sense of isolation in Don't Starve's atmosphere. Why not add an extra layer by adding abandoned structures such as run-down forts, chared campsites, some kind of statues, and others on the map to give the impression just how long ago the last person may have been on this island?