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  1. Hey everyone, Im starting a brand new dont starve community, Im looking for some members, anyone invited! this is my steam account (don't mind my private profile or steam ban), add me so I can invite you to our discord. ( ) our steam group. Server Info I host the server myself, I only use a few mods which don't really affect gameplay. (No thermal stone durability, health display, global positions, global pause). Caves on Endless / Cooperative Hosted in West Europe Our discord is to announce whenever i host the server or chat with other members. Anyone is invited, if you're pro or just recently bought the game, we can all learn from each other, my only request is to follow some rules. Be friendly and respect everyone No greifing Don't be annoying Enjoy and Have fun! Now a little about me I consider myself a experienced player with over 700+ hours currently, Im from Portugal(portuguese), and I am 18 years old. I spent most of my DST hours alone, looking for people to play, and I finally can host a server myself so why not starting a community.
  2. I am now currently recruiting players for a small, 6-player server (with one extra). This server will have simple, quality-of-life mods (and one weird), with the goal of surviving as long as we possibly can. Please post your experience and special skills below, along with a reason why you would make a great addition to the party. Unfortunately, I ask that no duplicates are chosen, unless you're applying as an extra character. If you're new to the game, then this server wouldn't be for you, as we're only seeking experienced players for this. You will be sent a direct message if accepted, which at this point, is now just a first-come, first-serve, as I've been dying to get this going already! Discord is optional, but would allow better communication amongst us. The ingame chat is nice, but you always have to stop what you're doing to use it. Server Name: Up for suggestions! Server location: Texas, USA, United States Central Time Zone Times active: 6PM-6AM USC, Not the other way around! This host is a night owl! =Mods that will be used= -Extra Equip Slots by xVars (Will be discussing if this is overpowered or not for the server) -Long Pig by rezecib -No Thermal Stone Durability by tekture -Other mods are being discussed =Current Members= -Thieverpedia (Wickerbottom) -Castera (Wigfrid) -inzkbi (Extra, any) -Kenami (Extra, any) -Ghast (Wolfgang) =In Rotation= -Currently none that have responded =Currently Needed= -Webber With this thread done, you are now free to post stuff! Edit 6/13/2017: Currently, I'm on library internet, so this server of mine is being postponed until I can get home internet. Feel free to join still, but games will likely be with the others on their servers or on a public server. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  3. Hello we are a steam and discord group for forum members anyone can join as long as they have a 50 post and like count if you don't but are an active player that's fine to it just means your be checked first apart from normal servers we also host challenge servers like a world only caves and lights out so everyone has A server right for them Pm me or post here if your interested
  4. Hello, I have a group chat in Instagram we all play Dont Starve Together but we have no server to play on, and we can't host it ourselves, is there any friendly dedicated server with caves(hopefully endless or not) that we can join? Public servers also scares us... I have around 600 hours, just needing a server to play with friends, we dislike rude people, and we're not greifers.
  5. its SO frustrating to play for 40 days and die. starting over takes HOURS. really, you all know what i'm talking about. I love a lot of things about this game but I am not a 13 year old kid who can skip school and play all day. i have a job and a family and i want to play this thing but give a guy a break. let me at least build up a little spot in my world and save it so i can restart from there.
  6. I was browsing the wiki when I saw a post about recruiting a pig army, how can you get pigs, if you can, to follow you?