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  1. items it will take hours to get the color you want(i got the curse of always getting green items) and there is a cap of 4 items each week (raise the cap PC players have a advantage) so i have a idea, they should add a painting station, you put the item you want to paint and you sacrifice a item with the color you want and done the other item is destroyed but you got the item with the color you wanted (Kiel make this exclusive to console in till we can merge it with our Kiel accounts)
  2. hey i think there should be a way the kiel id of the ps4 account with your kiel account like the steam klei id so i think there should be a page for xbox and ps4 and there should be a box with kiel id and a button that says link and then after you put in the id and enter that go on ps4 there should be a new button that says approve link or decline link and after you approve you can share you inventory across different versions of the game so I CAN FINALLY GET MY TIMELESS TRAGIC TORCH
  3. I was told that main updates (no beta stuff) with new content will be implemented to pc and PS4 at the same time and yesterday the full a new reign content for pc was released. My question is when the PS4 version when going to get the a new reign part2 content ?
  4. Greetings! I play DS/DST on every available platform and enjoy success on streaming DST with viewers on Twitch. Though in my down time I still enjoy DS/DST on PS4 because my chair is more comfortable upstairs. Plus that's how I got my start. So to the point: Is it a possibility to take recent code changes from DST (PC) that shows the blue aoe of a flingo when placing an item at your base available for PS4 Don't Starve due to the lack of having mods due to Sony's control of their platform? It would seriously assist a lot of players and make a huge difference for me. Thanks!
  5. DST has an exclusive PS4 subforum, and even one devoted to its update history. Why is this not a thing for DS:SW? The last mention I can find is in the game update on 10/20/16 (Game Update 193934), where Klei specifies that the last few updates were submitted to Sony, who would release it after reviewing them. Currently, the status of the game on the PS4 (I assume, since I cannot confirm with any source outside of my own PS4) is at Update 1.07 (based on the Update History), which happened on 10/16/16 (based on my PS4's notification history), and included 2 of the fixes listed in the update Klei released on 9/20/16 (Game Update 190713). This feels wrong, since that means that Sony has now had 3 months to review this last submission, and has still not approved it for release, even when these include game-breaking bug fixes. Please give us a subforum specifically for DS:SW PS4 updates. I want to know when I can go back to playing my game.
  6. So this is the latest video of my 100+ day stream. I actually rapped on stream for this episode! Happens at around 1:35:00. Also below is a link to the entire playlist of livestream and my youtube page:
  7. Hello everyone! I'm trying to be your one stop shop for everything don't starve. The new don't starve shipwrecked ps4 console edition has now been released! Come check it out and have some fun! All my info can be found down below! YT page: Twitch: Twitter:
  8. Hello Don't Starve Community, I've got a new Don't Starve Challenge Series. I'll leave the link to my page and the video stop by, check it out, and leave comments I'd really love your input on how I can better my content as well as any new ideas for more Don't Starve series! My page: Challenge Episode 1 Challenge Episode 2
  9. When I press spacebar while next to a finished crockpot, it does not harvest said crockpot. During combat, my character often starts to pick a bush or sapling instead of swinging my spear at the spider RIGHT BEHIND ME. I don't know how my girlfriend can play the game on her laptop. All these problems AND MORE!!! can be yours if you don't fix the buggy unintuitive control scheme you've established. How in the HECK did Wilson know that GOSH DARN tentacle was there ANYWAY?? HUH? HUH CLAY INTERACTIVE?? TELL ME THAT DANG IT!!Anywayz, Please do not rush into some separate control system for the ps4 right off the bat, fix the PC version's control scheme first so the mouse is more optional and spacebar acts smarter (I don;t care how you figure out ranged target selection without a mouse JUST DO IT). I know I'm not gonna get an overhaul to the control system, but if the interface/controls are better on ps4 I will try to return my game. Not because I plan to switch to the ps4 version, but because pc gamers are always getting the short end of the developer after paying him. We made you the success you are, don't hand a better game to someone who payed you a lot less money just because you've already tapped out the PC market. Don't do my like that klei, don't do me like that.