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  1. A little something I noticed recently, while their production of polluted oxygen is probably quite low, their threshold for making it is infinite. not only do they produce infinite amounts of oxygen, they also disregard the surrounding area's pressure, causing insane pressure buildups over time in more outlying areas of the map. I'm currently in a game around cycle 300 or so, and I have pockets of poluted air where the average amoung of air per square is over 60 KILOGRAMS of polluted oxygen. And we're not talking about small little pockets, no I mean huge caverns full of oxygen. Right now, I cannot expand because all this extra air will utterly ruin my base's conditions and there's nothing I can do about it. Even if I were to use pressure doors and whatnot anything I build will bust because of pressure damage. I set up a natural gas geyser power plant, but I cannot fill the resevoir of water to scrub the Co2 due to insane pressure levels in the upper areas, so if I pump any water into the resevoir, it will overpressurise and explode.
  2. Before I begin, I gave an initial search of the forums but could not find a pre-existing thread about this. Now, I think it would be really helpful towards liquid/gas efficiency if we could either have a pressure switch for pipes or add additional functionality to the pre-existing valves so that they stop all incoming liquid/gas on the input once the user specified pressure is reached in the entirety of the output system. Problem example: I always place my Co2 scrubbers on Atmo switches. However once they auto turn off, all the 1000g liquid "chunks" coming in from the valve begin to stack on each other. In only a few minutes the output pipes of my loops are suddenly packed with 10kg "chunks" of water. Every time the Co2 scrubbers reactive from ambient Atmosphere, they eat the 10kg chunks and only consume 1kg and the other 9kg is just gone. I found this to happen in all pipe/loop systems using valves. They do a great job at limiting incoming pressure but don't do anything for preventing over-pressure on the output. At this point using valves is completely useless if you do not have a system that is constantly consuming the specified input. You can't even have your Co2 scrubbers consuming all their water because they turn off when not in Co2 causing the stacking effect. This makes you have to manually disable your pumps and micro-manage your pressure levels in your pipes. Has this already been suggested/looked at?
  3. Hello, I am trying to create my usual natural gas system set up and one problem I have is my natural gas generators cannot pump CO2 into a room because its already high pressure in there. In fact most if not all areas outside/ inside my base are high pressure areas. I tried to pump it out of my designated carbon dioxide room but the pump has the same issue vents are over pressure. The room itself is mostly filled with polluted oxygen. Anything I can do? P. S. I dont want to just create oxygen with a deodorizer. It will still be high pressure in that room .
  4. I find it extremely difficult to set up a farm that constantly maintains ideal air pressure and temperature. It took me several days to figure something out that just sort of works and i still need to resort to using tools to avoid ruining my crops and running out of seeds. The biggest problem: The sliders It is so incredibly difficult to set your pressure and temperature checking devices to the exact number you want with the sliders. You should have the option to manually type in the number you want or use arrows to the left and right side to change single digits with a simple click. Preserved food spoils as fast as regular food? It perplexes me how pickled meal lice rot just as fast as everything else when the note clearly states they are preserved in vinegar. Preserved food should have a much, much longer shelf life than normal food, even if it might come at the cost of quality. But I do like the idea. Like in Don't Starve, I suggest adding more methods of preserving food, like freeze drying. But where does the vinegar come from? This is another point I find rather strange. Vinegar is created out of thin air at a cooking station. My suggestion? A spoilage converter! The idea is simple: use food that is just on the verge of becoming rot piles to liquify them. The bactera that already migrated to the food will serve as a means of fermentation, letting them turn the liquid until it becomes so sour that it gets antibacterial. Or flat out call it alcohol! Disgusting, yet efficient! I also would suggest that you give the option to choose at which percentage the spoiled food should be added into the fermenting maschine to avoid burning your entire food. There should also be a benefit that encourages you to do so. I say, the closer the food is to spoiling (ideally 1% left), the better it is for converting vinegar.
  5. I'm having a really hard time figuring out what "stifled" actually means. I have plants that are at the right temperature AND pressure and they still constantly "stifle". I even tried spacing them further apart and it had no effect. So far as I can tell, the plants don't care what gas they are in, but maybe they do? Any help is greatly appreciated.