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  1. Update: See linked posts below for an example build The First Law Mk2 design: The First Law Mk1 design: Hi all, for a while now I've been thinking about attempting to use Thermo Regulators to boil polluted water. I understand the "easiest" method is using the liquid tepidizer but it creates a lot of heat that has to be shed from your base via other methods. So polluted water's vaporization point is 119.4 C while thermo regulators made of Gold Amalgam will overheat at 125C... Not a wide temperature margin to play with. I've seen screenshots of people using water dripping methods over thermo regulators (and other machines) in order to greatly accelerate heat transfer between the machine and the liquid. I was thinking of a setup like this: Polluted water dripping over 6 thermo regulators, hopefully keeping them from overheating. Any liquid that makes it to the end is pumped up and put back into the system. Any steam created would be sent through those 6 thermo regulators, cooling it from 120 degrees to a much more comfortable 30 degrees for use inside the base and providing the heat to create more steam. Has anyone tried this before, can it work?
  2. I have this one geyser that has polluted water. Then I noticed that at some point, when that geyser produces water, the water will float at the top of the polluted water then given sometime it will eventually mix with the polluted water.
  3. I'm trying to figure out what to do with all my water. First, the clean water: I have tapped one geyser which is continually pumping water into a pool. The pool feeds two electrolysis devices that are running nearly continually to provide oxygen for 13 dupes. Though lately they've been stopping due to gas backup, which means I need more dupes. I'm also feeding into 8 hydroponic farms, 5 air scrubbers, and 11 algae terrariums, 5 showers, and 7 toilets. So, I'm not running out of clean water, nor am I overflowing. Its balanced. Second, the polluted water: This is where I'm running into troubles. Currently I've tapped two natural gas geysers that are currently providing fuel for 9 generators. Strangely, I can't get ahead of the power drain, but that's a topic for another post. Anyway, the 9 generators create 607.5g/s of polluted water. This is added to by the outputs from the oxygen scrubbers, toilets, and showers. Additionally, to help cut down on sublimation, I've crunched all my slime through distillers. I ran out of sand about 100 cycles ago, so at the moment the only way I have to get rid of polluted water is hydroponic farm tiles growing mealwood or pincha pepperplants. This is not nearly enough. Even if I could purify the water, it would simply make me overflow with clean water instead of polluted. I still have plenty of map space left, but if I continue to scale up, I'm going to run out of places to put water. Does anyone have any suggestions? TL;DR: At 340 cycles, running into a surplus of water. Don't know how to get rid of it.
  4. Okay, after reading reports of polluted water turning water into more polluted water, I was very skeptical but curious. I've built many reservoirs where I stored both liquids together without ill effects. Indeed, I exploit the fact that polluted water is heavier than water to safely store it under a fully oxygenated base under a film of water as a gas barrier. The polluted water stored this way can be siphoned off through u-bends safely without the need for liquid filters. Anyways, I've setup many different experiments to try and get polluted water to transform water. This setup does not work The two liquids will stay like that forever. They don't mix and nothing happened. The same happens if you started with a horizontal partition. This setup exposes water to two instances of polluted water. Nothing happened as well. So maybe three sides with polluted water will cause something special to occur? Well as it happened, something naturally can produce such a thing. Here a geyser is submerged under lots of polluted water. It over-pressurized then burped up some 180kg of water. This water is surrounded on three sides with polluted water and very shortly after it turned into polluted water! So polluted water can turn water into more polluted water if and only if the water is surrounded on three sides by polluted water. This neatly explained what was happening in these two threads, @Smartbird @heckubis Now the reverse is not true . Sadly, you can not surround polluted water with water to "clean" it. However, this finding brings a rather interesting use. But the use of this fact needs a little detour about geysers. I observed geysers over a period of time and did some experiments of them. Essentially, geysers are special vents. Geysers appear to work simultaneously all over the map. They do not care if they are over-pressurized. They do not care if you build tiles on them (they will punch a hole in your tiles to vent). Geysers operate in a sequence of "pressure-rising"->"venting"->"pressure-rising." During venting, if there is nothing blocking the steam or water, then it will produce steam at 666.2/3 g/s at 120 C, follow by water at 60 kg/s at 95 C, follow by steam at 500 g/s at 120 C. If you measure the water they make per cycle, here I surrounded it with ice, then it is roughly 1500 kg/cycle and they vent 4 times per cycle. This is quite a lot of water! So what to do with all of that water? Well that is enough water to support the oxygen needs of 29 "Diver's Lungs" dupes or 22 normal dupes. Or that is a lot of polluted water...which if used the right way can turn into food! So the idea is to pollute all of that fresh water and then erm...tepidize it into dirt. The ratio of polluted water -> steam + dirt is 1:1:0.01. 1000g of polluted water turns into 1000g of steam + 10g of dirt. Now, if you can steam all of that polluted water (1500 kg/cycle), you will end up with 15kg of dirt/cycle. Alternatively, you can turn the polluted water into fertilizer and bake the fertilizer into dirt. This is 1200 kg of dirt/cycle at the 5:4 ratio of the fertilizer maker. This is a lot of dirt and enough to make 16 mush bars per cycle. Now there are two ways to make polluted water (aside from the dupes of course). The natural way is to flood the geyser with polluted water. You want to cover it entirely with this liquid. As the geyser vent, it will "over pressure" then burp out 300 kg of water that will turn into polluted water. You design your tank such that it will over flow into a trough. Here you can pump it to the fertilizer maker and then bake the fertilizer to get it to turn into dirt after 125 C. The second way is to make this contraption. Magic happens at the U catchment. The water input should be no more than 1.6kg/s. It is safer at 1kg/s. The flow rate for polluted water should be something small but 1kg/s is fine. The overflow area is where you pump the polluted water to the fertilizer maker. I hope you found this useful...The implication is nauseating though. Dupes eating their excrement. I know poop burger is a thing but I never knew you can make it in this game.