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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm quite perplexed by certain characteristics of water flow in ONI. Summary: Why is it that situation 1 works, and situation 2 causes the shower to turn on for a few seconds before shutting off? Details: Ok so originally I dismissed it as a bug when replicants would hop in a shower, turn it on for a few seconds, then hop out. I googled ONI shower bug to see if I can find out how to avoid it. The first answer I found from people was that some people believed that shower works more often if water is pumped downwards because there is more water pressure. However after doing some experimentation, water does not seem to flow down wards on it's own at all. It doesn't seem to care which direction it goes.Water just follows a pipe until it finds a split then switches back and forth between the two. Then I thought perhaps the toilet is causing backflow and blocking the shower. However in situation 1, more backflow happens but it doesn't seem to matter as long as there's still somewhere for the water to go. Then my final assumption currently is that perhaps the pipe being destroyed deactivates the toilet, which is causing the problem. Somehow with both the toilet and the shower attached, only 1 of them will work. Even if the pipes are empty. So does that mean they try to reserve a free path before actually moving? That's a bit strange... I've had both pipes be completely empty with a viable vent built on top. The vent is not yet built here because I've replayed this day many times over to experiment with different situations. As long as both of them are connected it doesn't seem to work any longer.
  2. Is there any reason why I cannot connect these pipes to the main line? Every time I do, the water stops pumping. Seems like any point where there is a pipe going in 3 directions its not working but there is one other place in my base it works just fine. I'm not trying to attach both, was just trying to make at least one of them work but both have the same result.. the water stops. Can't have that because its feeding my oxidizers. Please see attached.
  3. These insulated pipes have been set up for over a week and have not reached similar temps. Anyone know why not?
  4. As it is when I'm changing wire/pipe networks I have to switch to wire/pipe view, remember where they're laid, switch to deconstruct mode, drag over an area and repeat. It would be solved by overlays being worked into the different deconstruct mode filters.