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  1. This thing manages to purify a whopping 910 g/s of Oxygen using 4 Pumps and 3 "thermal regulators"!! It has been running stable for over an hour! Please give your thoughts about it, all criticism is welcome!
  2. Hi, this is my first post. I heard about the concept of air purification by turning it into liquid and using it later. While I viewed a few examples I found many inefficiencies that I removed. This one consumes 100.6 g/s of hydrogen and produces about 1000* g/s liquid oxygen. Are there any tips for making this better?
  3. Someone's probably asked this but I'm too lazy to look for it -_- Is ONI gonna have trading cards, badges and what not once it's completed? (Much like DST).
  4. Hi, Why arent 5 electrolyzers not satisfying 15 Duplicants? This comes with 6 electrolyzers and two pumps and a power generator. It has one gas pipe to transfer excess oxygen to the base.
  5. Since water is abundant with the Thermal Update I'm only using Electrolyzers but I'm wondering if I should build them around the base and put a pump at the top for hydrogen or make an oxygen room and ventilate the whole base. I read a while ago some players doing the later. While gas pumping seems slightly better it still isn't efficient at least with a single room in a mid size base for 12 Dupes : often the Electrolyzers stop operating (max gas pressure) and pumps pause (no gas?)... How do you guys manage this ?