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  1. I would like to see high throughput fluids system. It could include: Fluid Intake-Grabs fluid if higher pressure exists. Fluid Pump-Input acts like output in vaccum Output acts like highly pressurized intake. Allows to set suction and pressurization, balanced with power usage and heat generation.(Input and output systems must be separated for sake of computational complexity) Fluid Pipe-Connects intakes pumps and vents Fluid Output Vent-spits out whatever is in connected pipe as long as pressure in pipe is greater than outside. Fluid Valve-Limits throughput based on pressure gradient Advanced Fluid Valve-Limits throughput like current valves and takes power Fluid Filter-fluid filter for this system (Knock-off Pot)Splits liquid and gas packets (Only if fluid system is used instead of liquid and gas separated) Regulator-Limits output pressure This is my proposal for new piping system. It bases flow on pressure difference between nodes (pipe with more than 2 connections or connected to producer or consumer). It should use graphs to hold all valid connections and then attempt to equalize all nodes within given graph Pipes length would cause drag, constant movement could cause momentum for given edge. I think electronics simulation could be use for this.
  2. All gasses in the game should be evenly distributed throughout all tiles (except vacuum), with trace amounts not displayed to the player. I'm not sure how this would be done from a coding perspective, but maybe have each tile "layered" with gasses at different concentrations? I'm assuming it's set up the way it is right now because of simplicity and performance reasons. For example, with a room with equal amounts of O2 and CO2 and with 3 rows of tiles: Row 1: 23% O, 5% C Row 2: 12% O, 12% C Row 3: 5% O, 23% C ^^ this is just a rough example. Exact amounts would probably be some kind of physics equation with molecular weight involved. Basically, there shouldn't be a square of Gas 1 completely separate from an adjacent square of Gas 2. Instead of suffocating the way dupes currently do, they would always be breathing in whatever gas they're in. You would have to look up actual medical data as to the effects, but breathing in different concentrations of gas would have different stress and health effects on the Dupes. 100% oxygen would actually be deadly, I believe. Dupes will eventually fall unconscious in high CO2 concentration and then die sometime later (based on Athletics maybe?). Stuff like Chlorine gas would continuously deal damage based on concentration. This would also open up more research opportunities such as personal respirators that filter out toxic gasses, and also the opportunity to make gas tanks to store gas for breathing. Pollutants is a bit more confusing because of how vague it is. Pollutants should be independent of gas/liquid and float around as modifiers to whatever it's in. Water moisture could also be implemented in a similar way in how pollutants behave. As a resource to developers, NASA has some data that might be helpful for equations/calculations in regard to breathing in different gas concentrations.