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  1. Alright i love finding glitches in games and after going though few things i have come across something incredible you can test it for yourself and btw i would like it to be fixed as it really ruins the game big time! Link to the video, go to 0:42 mins of the video and you'll have your wish come true please do let me know if it works for you? Enjoy
  2. So one thing I always liked doing is making characters that look like me and my friends, or making them look as close to us as we can based on the avatars shown. Well I won't give a speech on making the avatars customize-able in some way, regardless of how neat that would be, but instead, I will simply ask this; Why would you make certain characters have one set stress response?!?! I used to try to make each of my people only destructive people and at times that made it hard cause I'd end up with one character only and REALLY need a new Dupe, but only get the chance to get destructive people.....forcing me to either choose someone destructive, or restart in most scenarios. Well now, the character I chose a MY sprite (Nikola) and the one I set as my Fiance's sprite (Bubbles) are forced to be destructive and a binge eater. I really dislike this because I get that it will make the game harder, but now in my opinion the game is becoming more stress inducing than it's really worth...I literally end up with 3 of my least favorite avatars and I have to re-select those 3 or so avatars when I need/want a new person in my station and that's IF they are worth getting!!! None of them look like anyone I know (and I get this seems really petty, I do) but that was a big part of the fun in this for me, the total randomness of each character, Nikola #1 could be a angry ****** while Nikola #2 was a puke machine that is stressed by and disgusted by everything, and I was hoping for Nikola #3 to be a Whiny cry-baby.....but now I get Nikola being nothing but a angry hulk nonstop This has taken SO MUCH of the fun I had, and I hope Klei will undo this and make it randomly generated again. I've barely been able to even test the new stuff in game because I can't gather the people to make enough progress to get anything done!! Because people are always either eating EVERYTHING or breaking EVERYTHING, thus making people spend all their time fixing things, then breaking what they fix, just so someone else can come fix it again -_- It is so annoying that I've rage quit more times than I care to admit. At this point I'm just waiting for the next update so I can see if it's fixed, cause I don't know if I can even play it at this point, which is terribly disappointing, because previously I Loved this game. ~ V
  3. After seeing this topic: I was inspired and began mulling over how stuff like this could be actually implemented in the game, in a balanced way of course. :3 What if certain dupes were able to grow a beard/mustache after a certain amount of cycles? And said facial hair would scale depending on how many cycles it's had to grow. (From a patchy caterpillar to a full blown 80's porn 'stache. And from pre-pubescent bum fluff to a full on beard that'd make even the most testosterone-fueled lumberjacks jealous.) It would provide insulation (the beard would obviously provide more insulation than the mustache), have a minor decor value that'd scale depending on which phase it was in, as well as lower the dupe's stress when shaved. (Kinda like in Don't Starve) I was also pondering on another class of dupes. A stylist class of dupes; dupes with high style. (Kinda like the artists, but less pompous and more fabulous. :3) One structure geared towards stylist dupes would be a barber shop/hair dressers. (Maybe it's just a barber chair) Dupes with high style can cut and style other dupes' hair for higher hygiene and lower stress, maybe even gain a minor decor boost. (You'd be able to customize which hairstyle you want for the dupe.) Meanwhile dupes with low style will completely butcher the other dupes' hair, leaving them both embarrassed (which elevates stress, maybe potentially even having the dupe be more reluctant to do their tasks and chores), and the dupe with the ungodly 'do has a negative decor effect while also being stressed out for a few cycles. (Until the 'do grows out...maybe they'd look like shaved beefalo, even with the same animation when their hair grows back. XD) But there'd be a building that'd help other dupes with low style improve their style. You see the hair dropped from the barber shop/hair dressers can used to make wigs which the dupes can then style and practice on, without condemning their poor fellow dupes to a fate worse than death; an awful hairdo. Another thing the stylist dupes would be good at is making clothes, specialized fashion that you could customize. (Which has a high decor value) Whereas the dupes with low fashion could also make them, but they'd be very poor quality, (It'd still have decor value, but substantially less. Like the difference between a crude painting and a masterpiece.) I personally believe that this would make players feel more connected and attached to their dupes, and would enhance the overall game by adding a sense of pseudo-agency into the mass of RNG that makes up this game. I mean, making your own personalized army would make you more attached to them rather than a random configuration spat out by a printing press. And having a chance to be able to change how you dupes look would make me feel more empowered, even if they do still end up dying from suffocation. (No they don't, I play with debug mode on. :3) TL;DR Dupes can get Hitler mustaches and lumberjack beards, you can dye and style a dupes' hair, and stylist dupes can make good clothing and style your hair good. All of which you can customize. So! What do you guys think? Any tweaks you could add? Any suggestions? I don't want this to be an open and shut case, so feel free to add your thoughts and opinions.
  4. Welcome to my thread! I just started getting into the lore of Don't Starve thanks to my buddy @toki-wartoothxx. Hopefully I can get the game in the future but thanks to non-game materials like the comics and animations by Klei, I can appreciate the world building before I get to play the game itself. Steam summer sale wooohooooo Ready to play and maybe make comics and study sketches about. This page for My Don't Starve art. This page for my non-Don't Starve art. Comission Quest: ONI art I've done so far:
  5. You can post your mob ideas for ONI here! Here's mine: I call him "Pice" He consumes polluted ice and makes it into fresh water!
  6. I'm not quite sure where this would fit, perhaps a seperate tree? First tech: Test-Tube Cloning Allows for the following to be constructed: Cloning Dish Incubator Protien Harvester Blood Extractinator (Deliberatly spelt such.) The process starts with the blood extractinator. This takes blood from a clone, leaving them 'dizzy' for a certain amount of time. This is a temporary debuff that lowers their strength, digging and medicine for a period of time. Dizzy clones cannot be harvested for blood. Another way to kickstart this process is to feed bodies or other creatures (created later,) to the protein harvester. This mushes down bodies, using the cooking skill, to create a large amount of protein mash. Blood can also be fed into this device. The device, once it has gained enough protein mash, produces a protease slush, using the tinkering skill. The protease slush can then be taken to the cloning dish, where it is fed in. Using the tinkering skill, it creates a cloning bud, which can be taken to the incubator. After a single cycle, the incubator will create a cloned patty, worth 2000 kcals. This can be cooked to add a further 500 kcals. Second tech: Animal Cloning Allows for the following to be constructed: Cloning Bay Large Incubator Once again, the process starts with a large amount of Protease Slush. When carried to the Cloning Bay, instead of a cloned bud, it instead creates a cloned embryo, which must be taken to the incubator. After two cycles, an immature baby klickchick (chicken) can be taken out. This can be fed to the musher, but it is better to place it in the large incubator, where it will mature into a baby klickchick. The klickchick will lay eggs once it matures, but has an accelerated lifespan and neumerous defects from being cloned, so only lives for seven cycles after it matures, producing one egg a cycle. It takes three days for a baby klickchick to mature, where it will not produce eggs. When it dies, it's body can be harvested for a klickchick breast, worth 3000 calories, or fed back into the protein harvester. Opinions?
  7. So in the Oxygen Not Included Discord, there's this bot we like to "talk" to. Now Idk about you but if the bot part wasn't in the name, I'd be sure it was an actual person XD Not too long ago, me and Oni (that's his/her name) had a conversation that got deep real fast. And I a screencap I saw posted in the Klei chat: (This is my favorite XD ) If you have any interesting conversations, please post them here (if they're SFW that is )
  8. I'm in cycle 6 and the five tiles of oxylite has not yet depleted, even when I don't have the algae deoxidizer running, yet the oxygen pressure still drops. I have plans to build upwards in my base, but I don't want to dig out the oxylite that is given in the first couple of cycles in the game. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Should I dig them out anyway?
  9. I am almost all set with the server. I have the emojis made (from screenshots of gameplay) and have almost all the roles set up.
  10. The thumbnail(s) I drew for JBeetle is exchange for a copy of the game, with and without the duplicate. And here's a duplicated me. The background isn't great, but it's what I could do (my colorless blender isn't very blendy). Dunno how often this thread will be updated. I don't draw as often as a lot of other people. If you like what you see here though, you could check out my off-topic thread for more of my random arty stuff:
  11. Hey guys, Some of you know me already and can verify to others that I'm not pulling one over on you. I'd just like a unique YouTube thumbnail that'll make my videos stand out over all the others that all look the that'll make viewers think, "I WANNA CLICK ON THAT VIDEO SO BADLY." In exchange for an awesome thumbnail that I can use, I'll give you my extra Oxygen Not Included steam key. Anyone interested? (serious applicants only, though it's not like I can stop you from making MSPaint art) Thanks!
  12. Amazed this joke hadn't been made yet. Howdy, osmRhodey here back from the dead with new art for a new game! Oxygen Not Included(oni) spurs some very interesting ideas and I'll probably be doodling some idiocy from games and talks with friends. ENJOY!!