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  1. So, I'm writing a storyline for the prelude of ONI (Before the portal ended up in the terrestrial body) to a few episodes after. Each episode will probably be 3-5 pages long, but we shall see. I hope I can gather some intrigue from you guys. Let me know if you're interested in reading. Here is an excerpt: Anyway, the reason I'm writing this is hopefully to gather some help. I am not experienced enough to make pleasing artwork, so I'd like it if a few courageous souls could draw up a minor amount of artwork for me to include in the key scenes of the story. I have the first sketch in mind, and it is attached. Anyone can attach their pieces and the one or more that I choose will be included in the story and given credit to the author. I'll be updating this thread with future artwork that is needed, so follow if you'd like to contribute. The attached photo is that of Telemail (Holographic mail). The object in the hand is a disc "projector" of sorts, which gives off a blue holographic screen which you can't read because the words are scribbles. I'll have what should be on the screen written into the story. You can put your alias on it or let me give you credit outside the photo. Please, go wild and put your own style into it. EDIT: By the way, this is the beginning of the story. You can put the title ("The Collected Colonies") in styled font anywhere on the art if you'd like. I'd like to publish this part of the story by April 1st, so submissions should be given by that day.