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  1. All Roleplay Information and out-of-character chat is kept here ~A Roleplay~ A vortex opens in the middle of an open field in between suburban houses. It spits out thirteen people, all of them landing on each other, for all of them to deal with themselves. The vortex closes behind them, sick laughter coming from it prior. A blimp flies by with a big screen on it. It's a Plot Convenience Inc. blimp. The screen turns on, showing a rather chipper red-headed anchorman. "Hello, I am Anachronism, the anchorman. Welcome to the wonderful town of Demood. But the welcome must wait for now, we have breaking news. A new type of tree has been discovered in the local forests of Demood." The screen shows a large, strong, thick wooded tree with huge wavy branches, and a giant head of orange leaves and hot pink blossoms. "Scientists are calling it the everorange. They desperately warn everyone to not... ehm... touch it. Hoo boy is this different. Well, anyway, that uh, concludes our broadcast day." Naturally it is compelling to to touch the tree. The suburbs lay close to the nearby town, but not too close, yet not too far. You can say the clocktower sticking up above the buildings proudly. The world is vast and full of opportunity. Begin.
  2. I swear I tried to post this in my kakariko thread, but it kept just pushing me back to the beginning of the thread and not posting it (perhaps an anti-multipost measure?). I'm making a new gmod map that is very ambitious. It will have pretty much all content made by me and it will be its own world, I won't steal ideas from Nintendo. All textures, models, sounds will be from me and even the idea isn't based on anything in particular. Here's a preview of the first model. I'm pretty psyched. Its working title is Adorable Town. (also, JoeW, a lowercase IMG tag isn't allowed but uppercase is.)