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  1. Heyo! I'm trying to make some custom items to go along with characters I made for myself and a friend. They are very simple items, but I'm having one heck of a time coding them none the less. I've made several attempts, and tried to reverse-engineer some of the existing game items to do what I want, but every result is buggy or just straight up crashes. I'm sure I'm just doing something completely wrong here. I'm horribly dyslexic, and code does not agree with my brain. I can do all artwork myself, I just need coding for it. What I need is: A hat. It will be based off of the winter hat, but I'd like it to have the same warm benefit as the beefalo hat, and that's pretty much it. A star, held in the character's hand. Basically a reskin of Willow's lighter, with a light radius similar to a medium-fueled fire pit (Can also be set on the ground as a light source). Otherwise, exactly the same function as the lighter. A mask. I'd like a slight strength bonus to it, but that's it. The artwork has tall horns, so if there's a way to make the item dimensions taller so they don't get cut off, that would be super awesome. If not, the horns can be excluded. All these items need to spawn with the characters and not decay. Pretty simple stuff, since I'd really like the items for cosmetic purposes more than anything else. I'm willing to pay for it, of course! I've never asked for anything like this before, so I might need a quote, but rest assured you will not go unrewarded!
  2. So, I am trying to implement the favorite pastime of first-time DST modders and am making a custom character. The short story is that the character is meant to be able to see in the dark and gains a minor amount of sanity in it, but consequently its sanity plummets in any light source, in addition to outright burning in sunlight (without protection). I've gotten the sanity calculation for this down on my own and will be working on the sun-burning thing in the future, but I'm having an issue with the night vision. To be specific, night vision is working too well. Everything seems to essentially be rendered in full brightness, which is a problem as I cannot discern light sources with night vision on, which makes the sanity drops from light sources seem borderline arbitrary. I've tried messing with color cubes and while I've noticed ghost vision color cubes do in fact make light sources barely discernible, it's not enough to really work out from a gameplay standpoint. Not to mention that the light needs to be really intense to be visible. One part of this topic is essentially me asking if making custom color cubes is the way forward for making night vision work as I intend. I don't have any idea if it will work out as-is so for all I know I could be wasting my time, which is why I thought I'd inquire first. Failing that, is there some sort of way to configure it that I've missed? Anyway, that's one avenue to finding a solution for this. I have also tried the classic method of simply applying grue immunity via the grue component (which works) and having a light source like so attached to my character: local function common_postinit(inst) -- <Insert snipped irrelevant code here> --if not TheWorld.ismastersim then inst.entity:AddLight() inst.Light:Enable(true) inst.Light:SetRadius(32) inst.Light:SetFalloff(0.9) inst.Light:SetIntensity(0.4) inst.Light:SetColour(255/255,0/255,0/255) --end end But the problem here is that the light is server-side, which of course makes everyone able to see it and gain protection from Charlie - not to mention the fact that it also lowers my character's sanity, being a light source. As you can see by the comments, I've tried making the light client side... but it doesn't seem to do anything with the check enabled. The light doesn't show up. Am I doing something wrong? And finally, if both of these options don't work out, I've simply considered drawing a ring around the effective radius of a light source, which would be ugly but would at least allow me to tell where they begin and end. That is assuming that I can do this. I'd look into that on my own if need be. I'm hoping that one of the solutions above could work before I resort to that, though. In closing, is it possible to 'fix' night vision with color cubes, or to make a client-side light so I can at least fake it and still see (brighter) lights?
  3. Confirmed working on: AU-219035 Last updated: 2017-03-26 IMPORTANT!!! OnionPatcher went under a big UPDATE, (2017-03-26) and does not require RE-PATCHING every time you want to change a value, just change the onion.json file (with a text-editor) located in the root folder of ONI. A restart of the game is however needed for the changes to be taken in place. I urge anyone that uses OnionPatcher to RE-READ the How do I use it? part of this post. What is OnionPatcher? OnionPatcher is a little IL (Intermediate Language) Patcher I wrote during my free-time that enables one to access features that aren't immediately accessible in-game. Remember to check this thread for updates to the patcher as it is in development! It doesn't currently support a lot, and most of the features will probably be obsolet in a near future. Currently you can: Enable Debug Mode (Always On), which allows you to use the Debug-commands, such as super-speed, Deplicant-spawning and turning off the entire HUD (makes for some great screen-dumps). There is a lot more, but unfortunately not all of them works as intended, some WILL crash your game, you have been warned. Every available debug-command can be found under the Control-menu in-game. Enable Free Camera Mode, this will allow you to zoom out quite a bit more and isn't accessible normally. It can flicker sometimes due to fast scrolling but will allow you really get a sense of your accomplishments, capturing all of your work in a single screen. Force World Generation Size - Klei is definitively planning on bringing us a choice in how big we want to make our world, until then, this will suffice. The standard size of the world (in tiles) is 256x384. Note that will REQUIRE you making a new world if you want your new sizes to be applied. A fair warning is that too small or large of a size WILL either crash or soft-lock your computer. I tried 512x512 and it worked well, 1024x1024 allocated 16 GIG of RAM and another additional 16GB of Pagefiles. Use this with moderation, or if you got some of them 64GB RAM builds, go nuts! Minimum size I have personally been successful without crashing the game with as small as 128x128. Force World Generation Seed - Generate the same world over and over, compete against others and see who can survive the longest, try figure out an optimal strategy for a specific world, the possibilities are limited! A seed of -1 will default back to the games random seed. Is it safe to use? Yes and no! Going bananas with OnionPatcher will put strain on the game-engine. Crashing the game might result in save-data loss, so please be careful. When patched, a backup will be stored in the data-folder of OnionPatcher-root directory, if you wish to restore this backup, press the restore button. Here is a TotalVirus scan-result: How do I use it? Download OnionPatch here Unzip it Start it up Click the Browse-button, and navigate to your common/OxygenNotIncluded folder and press OK. Press the Patch-button, and if everything went well you will be prompted that it was successful. A backup of the Assembly-CSharp.dll will be made (which can be restored by the Restore-button). At the root-folder of ONI, there is a file called onion.json, open this with a text-editor and change the settings to your liking. DONE Start the game, enjoy your changes! Requirements and Issues .NET 4 and Windows OS (Sorry Linux-fams <3) Ethical This does not use or re-distribute any of Klei or Unity's work, it is all coded by me. If Klei has a issue with this, I will respect that choice and pull it down, if it comes to that, please respect their wishes and do not re-distribute OnionPatch. Thank you! Why is development slow? There are a couple of reasons for this. I'm currently developing this all on my own, which means that the development process is at the mercy of my free time. I'm also doing my masters which involves a lot of studying (unfortunately) so there are stretches of time where I might be able to work on ONI-tools at all, it's not ideal but it is what it is. There is also the fact that patchers have to scan/inject IL which is a very low-level language (think assembly/asm). On my end, editing and modifying the game is quite fast and effortless because I can use C#, but that only works for modifying the assembly directly. I can't distribute the modified assembly, as that is distributing of IP I do not own. This ties heavily in with the Ethics above. Having to package these modifications in a dynamic patcher requires a lot more effort, which is why it's a lot slower.
  4. Version 1.4.1


    These are some super simple tools I made for Don't Starve years ago, recently updated and re-uploaded myself seeing how popular they were. I still believe you should use the official tools for texture creation, but for simply viewing and exploring assets this tool should work great for you. Source code and latest releases are always available on GitHub.
  5. General advices Need help? Be helpful! Add as much info and code as possible: too often do people omit modmain.lua and modinfo.lua or reduce the crash log to the last line. Upload the files you're working with. Link the guides and tools you're using whenever possible. Detail the steps you're following. Don't make people guess what you're doing. Be specific! Is it a crash? A new feature you want? Porting from DS? Trouble with animation? State it in the title so people who know about it can see it right away. "Help with my character" means essentially nothing since characters can do pretty much anything. Don't be a jerk. Being nice is usually a good way to get people to help you. Search the log for error. One of the first step when you have a problem with a mod is to take a look at the log. When a crash occurs, the log could provide you useful informations about what is wrong. You could find the log in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta (If you are in the beta branch) Or C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether (classic branch) Usually, informations will be in the "client_log.txt" Sometimes, a crash will happen server-side, so you must look at the server log. Search in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta\Cluster_1\Master With "DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta" your current branch, "Cluster_1" your current save, "Master" if the crash happen on surface, and "Caves" if the crash happen on caves. Look at the "server_log.txt" Now you have an error log. If you can, try to understand what the error log says. Some errors could easily be fixed by yourself. You could also try a search to see if someone encountered the same problem. If it's not the case, you could create a topic. Title. The first thing people will see is the title. There is a lot of topic asking for help, so "help pls with a mod", "I need help" "[URGENT] Need help" isn't a good title, because it doesn't give a clue about what the problem is. Since people helping here are doing this in their free time, and since every modder have his strong point and weak point, your best option is to have a clear title, with informations about what you are searching. This way, people able to help you could see what help you need even before opening the topic. For example "How to create a perk for my character" "My character mod is crashing (Mod and Error log in topic)", "How to make an aura healing others players ?". You will gain a lot of time with a clear title, and people will be more likely to help. Content of your topic. Your topic must contain a clear explanation about what you need. If you are asking for help because of a crash, provide the error log (you've seen before how to obtain it), and attach your mod, so people could take a look at it. You must zip your mod first, then you can see an option "drag files here to attach, or choose files". Attach the zip file. This way, everyone could download your file and see what is wrong. When searching the cause of a crash, looking at the code is often mandatory, so you'll gain a lot of time by attaching mod in your first post. Usefuls links and tools. [TOOL] Texture and atlas packer : a tool allowing you to easily pack or unpack texture. Great for inventory image containing multiple items images. [TOOL] HandsomeMatt's Tools : one tool allowing you to converting .png file into .tex, another one allowing you to open .tex file and save them as .png [TOOL] Build renamer : one tool allowing you to rename builds. [TOOL] ktools : allow to decompile animations in a spriter file. Useful, but you need some knowledge to make it works. [RESOURCE] DST Speech Mod Template : All the speech line in one file, useful for custom character. Tutorials : [TUTORIAL] Custom recipe/food visible in crockpot/farm [TUTORIAL] How to add, not replace stuff in worldgeneration [TUTORIAL] Basics : what to use to open .lua files and why [TUTORIAL] How to create a Set Piece
  6. Hey, I'm Spookers The Spoo (AKA: Thunder Volts on Steam), and I'm responsible for the original Weston the Wandering Cactus mod on the workshop, plus I helped with the Don't Starve Together port, and made all the updated art. I'm here because I've got a character planned for release that's nearly done, but I don't want to spoil it just yet. I've nearly completed everything, but I just need a few lines of code. Unfortunately, I am no coder. The most I am able to accomplish is messing around with tags and components. If anyone would like to help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Okay, so here's what I'm trying to do: I'd like to make my character enter the "groggy" state when they're over a certain temperature (about the temperature a character starts to show signs of getting hot, e.g. panting), and I have no idea how to set that up. I've got some fairly decent perks for this character, so I figured something like this would help to bring them down a little. I'd also want them to stop being groggy when they cool back down, of course. That's really the most I'm concerned about at the moment, but if anyone wants to help with one more thing, I'd appreciate it: I'd also like to make it so this character can use an unoccupied igloo (winter only) as a tent. Again, I have no idea how to begin to set that up, but that's why I figured I'd come here. Can't get an answer if I don't ask, right? I will gladly credit anyone for their help with the code on the mod's Steam Workshop page when it is released. Nearly all of the art is finished, custom sounds have been added, and examination quotes are being worked on. These final two things are pretty much the only thing missing from the mod. Any and all help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! - Spookers
  7. I have been making a character mod and my character is a type of fire elemental. I have been looking in all the fire type prefabs for don't starve together but I cannot find a code to make my character have the effect of fire. The effect I am looking for is my character to give off a heat that can set trees on fire like a level 4 campfire. Thank you.
  8. [DST] ForceLAN

    Version 2.2


    This mod forces Don't Starve Together to run in offline mode. When clicking on the Play button on the mainscreen, no popup is shown and the game goes right into the main menu under offline mode, that is, only being able to see, join and host LAN servers. The is primarily meant as a tool for other modders, wishing to reduce iteration times when mod testing.
  9. One of the trademarks of the spy is the witty one liner. So, we should try and mod every character's dialog to be a lot punnier, and maybe even display new dialogue when taking out guards and other events, if we can manage it. Imagine Xu saying "That was shocking" when his shock trap goes off, or Shalem saying "He got his just deserts" when shooting someone with his special rifle. Granted, my puns are not the best. But I believe that together, we can come up with better ones. Any ideas?
  10. As a continuation of the HYPENING 2014, I decided to make some videos. This thread will be a bunch of videos pertaining to making mods. Making a Ghost for Your Character in Don't Starve Together. Making a Character for Your Character in Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together. Making Custom Sounds for Your Character in Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together
  11. Just a note: This is, in now way, shape or form, tehMugwump. Serious forum glitch that says I started this thread, but I dinn't... Hey you starving children! It doesn't seem like there's a big masterpost for cosplay yet so I FEEL THE DESIRE TO START ONE... MAINLY BECAUSE I JUST TOOK SOME PICS OF MY COSPLAY BUT HEY. SO! If you've ever cosplayed from the great canon that is Don't Starve FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS HERE!! It'd be great to have a gallery of photos here don't you think??? 8) I also think it'd be cool to have discussion on how to make certain props, work in progress pieces, etc! I'd really just love to see this fandom take off and have a few cosplayers at cons to REPRESENT B) holla I've seen a few cosplays out there already and have compiled some photos SO I'LL POST THEM HERE and leave credit where credit is due, of course On that note~ there's mine! BUT PLEASE POST SOME OF YOUR OWN! And ask questions and work on things and be beautiful!!! uvu i may post some work in progress shots of mine later BUT YEAH!!
  12. Hey guys, thought you might wanna check out my Let's Play that I'm doing. I created my own character and I'm just SUPER excited to play with a Character that I made xD Other notes:I have an artist that's currently working on a new character for me, And I will be putting a lot of work into balancing that character making custom sounds etc. etc. I plan to put this future character up for download so others can play as him as-well.The character I'm currently playing with, probably won't be up for download, unless there's a huge demand for it.